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29 As well to men born in the land, as to comelings, one law shall be of all that sin unwittingly. (Yea, for men born in the land, as well as for newcomers, one law shall be for all who sin unwittingly, or unintentionally.)

30 Forsooth a man that doeth any sin by pride, shall perish from the people, whether he be a citizen, either a pilgrim, for he was rebel against the Lord; (But anyone who doeth any sin by pride, shall be cut off from the people/shall be put to death, whether he is a citizen, or a foreigner, for he rebelled against the Lord;)

31 for he despised the word of the Lord, and made void his commandment; therefore he shall be done away (and so he shall be cut off/and so he shall be put to death), and shall bear his own wickedness.

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