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The People Pray

You alone are the Lord,
Creator of the heavens
    and all the stars,
Creator of the earth
    and those who live on it,
Creator of the ocean
    and all its creatures.
You are the source of life,
praised by the stars
    that fill the heavens.
(A) You are the Lord our God,
    the one who chose Abram—
you brought him from Ur
in Babylonia
    and named him Abraham.
(B) Because he was faithful,
    you made an agreement
to give his descendants
the land of the Canaanites
    and Hittites,
of the Amorites and Perizzites,
and of the Jebusites
    and Girgashites.
Now you have kept your promise,
    just as you always do.

(C) When our ancestors
were in Egypt,
    you saw their suffering;
when they were at the Red Sea,[a]
    you heard their cry for help.
10 (D) You knew that the King of Egypt
and his officials and his nation
    had mistreated your people.
So you worked fearsome miracles
    against the Egyptians
and earned a reputation
    that still remains.
11 (E) You divided the deep sea,
and your people walked through
    on dry land.
But you tossed their enemies in,
and they sank down
    like a heavy stone.
12 (F) Each day you led your people
    with a thick cloud,
and at night you showed the way
    with a flaming fire.
13 (G) At Sinai you came down
    from heaven,
and you gave your people
good laws and teachings
    that are fair and honest.
14 You commanded them to respect
    your holy Sabbath,
and you instructed
your servant Moses
    to teach them your laws.
15 (H) When they were hungry,
    you sent bread from heaven,
and when they were thirsty,
you let water flow
    from a rock.
Then you commanded them
    to capture the land
that you had solemnly promised.


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  1. 9.9 Red Sea: Hebrew yam suph, “Sea of Reeds,” one of the marshes of fresh water lakes near the eastern part of the Nile Delta. This identification is based on Exodus 13.17—14.9, which lists the towns on the route of the Israelites before crossing the sea. In the Greek translation of the Scriptures made about 200 b.c., the “Sea of Reeds” was named “Red Sea.”

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