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16 (A) Our stubborn ancestors
    refused to obey—
they forgot about the miracles
    you had worked for them,
and they were determined
to return to Egypt
    and become slaves again.
17 (B) But, our God, you are merciful
    and quick to forgive;
you are loving, kind,
    and very patient.
So you never turned away
    from them—
18 (C) not even when they made
    an idol shaped like a calf
and insulted you by claiming,
“This is the god who rescued us
    from Egypt.”

19 (D) Because of your great mercy,
you never abandoned them
    in the desert.
And you always guided them
with a cloud by day
    and a fire at night.
20 Your gentle Spirit
    instructed them,[a]
and you gave them manna[b] to eat
    and water to drink.

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  1. 9.20 Your gentle Spirit instructed them: Or “You gently instructed them.”
  2. 9.20 manna: This was something like a thin wafer (see Exodus 16.1-36).

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