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Population of the City Increased

11 Now the leaders of the people lived in Jerusalem; and the rest of the people cast lots to bring one out of ten to live in Jerusalem the holy city, while nine tenths remained in the other towns. And the people blessed all the men who willingly offered to live in Jerusalem.

These are the chiefs of the province who lived in Jerusalem; but in the towns of Judah every one lived on his property in their towns: Israel, the priests, the Levites, the temple servants, and the descendants of Solomon’s servants. And in Jerusalem lived certain of the sons of Judah and of the sons of Benjamin. Of the sons of Judah: Athai′ah the son of Uzzi′ah, son of Zechari′ah, son of Amari′ah, son of Shephati′ah, son of Mahal′alel, of the sons of Perez; and Ma-asei′ah the son of Baruch, son of Col-ho′zeh, son of Hazai′ah, son of Adai′ah, son of Joi′arib, son of Zechari′ah, son of the Shi′lonite. All the sons of Perez who lived in Jerusalem were four hundred and sixty-eight valiant men.

And these are the sons of Benjamin: Sallu the son of Meshul′lam, son of Jo′ed, son of Pedai′ah, son of Kolai′ah, son of Ma-asei′ah, son of Ith′i-el, son of Jeshai′ah. And after him Gab′bai, Sal′lai, nine hundred and twenty-eight. Jo′el the son of Zichri was their overseer; and Judah the son of Hassen′uah was second over the city.

10 Of the priests: Jedai′ah the son of Joi′arib, Jachin, 11 Serai′ah the son of Hilki′ah, son of Meshul′lam, son of Zadok, son of Merai′oth, son of Ahi′tub, ruler of the house of God, 12 and their brethren who did the work of the house, eight hundred and twenty-two; and Adai′ah the son of Jero′ham, son of Pelali′ah, son of Amzi, son of Zechari′ah, son of Pashhur, son of Malchi′jah, 13 and his brethren, heads of fathers’ houses, two hundred and forty-two; and Amash′sai, the son of Az′arel, son of Ah′zai, son of Meshil′lemoth, son of Immer, 14 and their brethren, mighty men of valor, a hundred and twenty-eight; their overseer was Zab′diel the son of Haggedo′lim.

15 And of the Levites: Shemai′ah the son of Hasshub, son of Azri′kam, son of Hashabi′ah, son of Bunni; 16 and Shab′bethai and Jo′zabad, of the chiefs of the Levites, who were over the outside work of the house of God; 17 and Mattani′ah the son of Mica, son of Zabdi, son of Asaph, who was the leader to begin the thanksgiving in prayer, and Bakbuki′ah, the second among his brethren; and Abda the son of Sham′mua, son of Galal, son of Jedu′thun. 18 All the Levites in the holy city were two hundred and eighty-four.

19 The gatekeepers, Akkub, Talmon and their brethren, who kept watch at the gates, were a hundred and seventy-two. 20 And the rest of Israel, and of the priests and the Levites, were in all the towns of Judah, every one in his inheritance. 21 But the temple servants lived on Ophel; and Ziha and Gishpa were over the temple servants.

22 The overseer of the Levites in Jerusalem was Uzzi the son of Bani, son of Hashabi′ah, son of Mattani′ah, son of Mica, of the sons of Asaph, the singers, over the work of the house of God. 23 For there was a command from the king concerning them, and a settled provision for the singers, as every day required. 24 And Pethahi′ah the son of Meshez′abel, of the sons of Zerah the son of Judah, was at the king’s hand in all matters concerning the people.

Villages outside Jerusalem

25 And as for the villages, with their fields, some of the people of Judah lived in Kir′iath-ar′ba and its villages, and in Dibon and its villages, and in Jekab′zeel and its villages, 26 and in Jeshua and in Mola′dah and Beth-pe′let, 27 in Ha′zar-shu′al, in Beer-sheba and its villages, 28 in Ziklag, in Meco′nah and its villages, 29 in En-rim′mon, in Zorah, in Jarmuth, 30 Zano′ah, Adullam, and their villages, Lachish and its fields, and Aze′kah and its villages. So they encamped from Beer-sheba to the valley of Hinnom. 31 The people of Benjamin also lived from Geba onward, at Michmash, Ai′ja, Bethel and its villages, 32 An′athoth, Nob, Anani′ah, 33 Hazor, Ramah, Git′taim, 34 Hadid, Zebo′im, Nebal′lat, 35 Lod, and Ono, the valley of craftsmen. 36 And certain divisions of the Levites in Judah were joined to Benjamin.

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