Builders of the Wall

Eliashib(A) the high priest and his fellow priests went to work and rebuilt(B) the Sheep Gate.(C) They dedicated it and set its doors in place, building as far as the Tower of the Hundred, which they dedicated, and as far as the Tower of Hananel.(D)

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39 over the Gate of Ephraim,(A) the Jeshanah[a] Gate,(B) the Fish Gate,(C) the Tower of Hananel(D) and the Tower of the Hundred,(E) as far as the Sheep Gate.(F) At the Gate of the Guard they stopped.

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  1. Nehemiah 12:39 Or Old

10 The whole land, from Geba(A) to Rimmon,(B) south of Jerusalem, will become like the Arabah. But Jerusalem will be raised up(C) high from the Benjamin Gate(D) to the site of the First Gate, to the Corner Gate,(E) and from the Tower of Hananel(F) to the royal winepresses, and will remain in its place.(G)

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