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The burden of Nineveh; the book of (the) vision of Nahum (the) Elkoshite.

The Lord is a punisher, and the Lord is venging; the Lord is venging, and having strong vengeance; the Lord is venging against his adversaries, and he is wrathing to his enemies (and he is raging at his enemies).

The Lord is patient, and great in strength, and he cleansing shall not make (the wicked) innocent. The Lord cometh in tempest, and the ways of him be in whirlwind, and clouds be the dust of his feet; (The Lord is patient, and great in strength, and in cleansing, he shall not make the wicked innocent, or let them go unpunished. The Lord cometh in the tempest, and his ways be in the whirlwind, and the clouds be the dust of his feet;)

he blameth the sea, and drieth it, and bringeth all floods into desert (he rebuketh the sea, and it drieth up, and maketh all the rivers into deserts, or into dry riverbeds). Bashan is made sick, and (also) Carmel, and the flower(s) of Lebanon languished.

Mountains be moved together of him, and little hills be desolate. And [the] earth trembled together from the face of him, and the roundness of earth, and all dwelling therein. (The mountains be altogether moved, or shaken, before him, and the little hills be made desolate. And the earth altogether trembled, or shook, before his face, yea, the whole earth, and all those who live upon it.)

Who shall stand before the face of his indignation? and who shall against-stand in the wrath of his strong vengeance? His indignation is shed out as fire, and stones be dissolved, either broken, of him. (Who can stand before his anger? yea, who can stand against the anger of his strong vengeance? His indignation is poured out like fire, and the stones be dissolved, or broken, by him.)

The Lord is good, and strengthening in the day of tribulation, and knowing them that hope in him. (The Lord is good, and a stronghold, or a fortress, in the day of tribulation, and he knoweth those who trust in him.)

And in great flood passing forth, he shall make end of his place; and darknesses shall pursue his enemies. (And like a great river flowing forth, he shall make an end of the place of his enemies; and darkness shall pursue his enemies.)

What think ye against the Lord? He shall make end; double tribulation shall not rise together. (What do ye plan, or plot, against the Lord? He shall make an end; and tribulation shall not rise up a second time.)

10 For as thorns embrace themselves together, so the feast of them drinking together shall be wasted, as stubble full of dryness. (For as tangled thorns, like very dry stubble, be quickly destroyed, or burned up, so shall be the feasts of those of you drinking together.)

11 Of thee shall go out a man thinking malice against the Lord, and treat trespassing in soul. (Out of thee came a man plotting malice against the Lord, and treating, or pondering, trespassing in his soul.)

12 The Lord saith these things, If they shall be perfect, and so many, and thus they shall be clipped, and it shall pass by. I tormented thee, and I shall no more torment thee. (The Lord saith these things, Though they be perfect, and so many, still they shall be cut down, or destroyed, and they shall pass away from thee. I have tormented thee, but I shall torment thee no more.)

13 And now I shall all-break the rod of him from (off) thy back, and I shall break thy bonds.

14 And the Lord shall command on thee, it shall no more be sown of thy name. Of the house of thy god I shall slay; I shall set thy sepulchre a graven image, and an image welled together, either molten, for thou art unworshipped. (And the Lord hath commanded about thee, that thy name shall no more be sown. In the temples of thy gods I shall destroy the carved figures and the figures welded together, or cast. And I shall build thy sepulchre, or thy tomb, for thou art dishonourable.)

15 Lo! on hills the feet of the (one) evangelizing and telling peace. Judah, hallow thou thy feast days, and yield thy vows, for why Belial shall no more put to, that he pass forth in thee; all he is perished. (Lo! upon the hills the feet of the messenger bringing good news and telling peace. Judah, consecrate thou thy feast days, and pay thy vows, for the wicked shall no more pass through thee; they have altogether perished.)