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There really is no worse fate for Jerusalem than this: the fertile land, the grand architecture, and the temple to God will become a desert haunt for varmints and scavengers.

But in the last hopeful days that are coming,
    the temple mountain of the Eternal One will tower over all other mountains.
It will be raised above the hills, and people will flow up it like rivers.
The nations of the world will say, “Come, let’s go up, everyone,
    to the mountain of the Eternal One, to the house of the God of Jacob,
So He can teach us His way and we can follow in His footsteps.”
    For God’s law will march out of Zion—the Eternal’s word from Jerusalem.
He will judge between many people and arbitrate disputes between strong faraway nations;
    they will hammer their swords into plow blades, their spears into pruning hooks.
One nation will not attack another,
    and they will give up war training and maneuvers.
But they will each sit under their own vines and fig trees,
    and no one will make them afraid again
Because the Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, has ordered it so.
All people move ahead in the name of their own gods, whatever they are,
    but we move ahead in the name of the Eternal,
Our True God, forever and ever.

In the New Testament Jesus speaks of a kingdom where love, respect, and peace are the norms. It is clear that Micah, too, looks toward a future when there will be no war and neighbors will share their shade trees with no fear. A time without war and hostility between nations and neighbors can only be realized under the rule of the Prince of Peace.

Eternal One: In that day of hope, I will gather the lame,
        bring together all those who have been driven away and those whom I have injured.
    From those who were lame I will create a remnant,
        and from those who were cast off I will create a strong nation;
    And the Eternal will reign over them in Mount Zion
        now and forevermore.
    And to you, the tower of the flock, the hill of the daughter of Zion,
        your former authority will return to you, the royal authority of the daughter of Jerusalem.

Now, why do you cry aloud?
    Don’t you have a king in your midst?
Has your counselor vanished,
    allowing pain to paralyze you as it does a woman in labor?
10 Writhe in pain and groan, daughter of Zion,
    like a woman about to give birth,
For now you must leave your city to wander in the fields
    on your way back to slavery, this time in Babylon.
And from there the Eternal One will pay your ransom and pluck you
    from the hands of your enemies.
11 Many nations have gathered to fight you, saying,
    “Let her be laid waste before us;
    let’s feast our eyes on Mount Zion!”
12 But they don’t know what the Eternal One is thinking,
    are not privy to His plans:
He has gathered them like sheaves on the floor of a threshing house.

13 Eternal One: Come on in, and start threshing this grain, daughter of Zion;
        I will make your horn like iron, your hooves like bronze,
    So that you will stomp many people beneath them.

And they will dedicate what they have stolen to the Eternal,
    their wealth to the Lord of the entire earth.

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