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15 Then tote Pharisees Pharisaios and kai scribes grammateus came proserchomai to ho Jesus Iēsous from apo Jerusalem Hierosolyma, saying legō, Why dia tis do · ho your sy disciples mathētēs break parabainō the ho tradition paradosis of the ho elders presbyteros? For gar they do not ou wash niptō · ho their autos hands cheir when hotan they eat esthiō bread artos.” But de he ho answered apokrinomai them autos, saying legō, “ And kai why dia tis do you hymeis break parabainō the ho commandment entolē of ho God theos for dia the sake of · ho your hymeis tradition paradosis? · ho For gar God theos said legō, ‘ Honor timaō your ho father patēr and kai your ho mother mētēr,’ and kai, ‘ Whoever ho speaks kakologeō evil of his father patēr or ē mother mētēr must be put teleutaō to death thanatos.’ But de you hymeis say legō, ‘ Whoever hos an says legō to his ho father patēr or ē his ho mother mētēr, “ Whatever hos benefit you might have received ōpheleō from ek me egō is a gift dōron to God,” he need not ou mē honor timaō · ho his autos father patēr.’ So kai you have nullified akyroō the ho word logos of ho God theos for dia the sake of · ho your hymeis tradition paradosis. You hypocrites hypokritēs! Well kalōs did Isaiah ēsaias prophesy prophēteuō about peri you hymeis, when he said legō: · ho This houtos people laos honors timaō me egō with their ho lips cheilos, · ho but de their autos hearts kardia are apechō far porrō from apo me egō. And de in vain matēn do they worship sebō me egō, teaching didaskō as doctrines didaskalia the commandments entalma of men anthrōpos.’”

10 And kai he called proskaleō the ho crowd ochlos to him and said legō to them autos, “ Hear akouō and kai understand syniēmi: 11 It is not ou what ho goes eiserchomai into eis the ho mouth stoma that defiles koinoō a ho person anthrōpos, but alla what ho comes ekporeuomai out of ek the ho mouth stoma; this houtos defiles koinoō a ho person anthrōpos.”

12 Then tote the ho disciples mathētēs came proserchomai and said legō to him autos, “ Do you know oida that hoti the ho Pharisees Pharisaios were offended skandalizō when they heard akouō what ho you said logos?” 13 And de he ho answered apokrinomai, saying legō, “ Every pas plant phyteia that hos my egō heavenly ouranios Father patēr did not ou plant phyteuō · ho · ho will be rooted ekrizoō up . 14 Leave aphiēmi them autos be! They are eimi blind typhlos guides hodēgos. And de if ean a blind typhlos man guides hodēgeō a blind typhlos man , both amphoteroi will fall piptō into eis a pit bothunos.”

15 Then de Peter Petros answered apokrinomai · ho him autos, saying legō, “ Explain phrazō this houtos parable parabolē to us hēmeis.” · ho 16 And de he ho said legō, “ Are eimi you hymeis without understanding asynetos even kai now akmēn? 17 Do you not ou understand noeō that hoti everything pas that ho goes eisporeuomai into eis the ho mouth stoma passes chōreō through eis the ho stomach koilia and kai is expelled ekballō into eis the latrine aphedrōn? 18 But de the ho things that go ekporeuomai out of ek the ho mouth stoma come exerchomai from ek the ho heart kardia, and these kakeinos defile koinoō the ho person anthrōpos. 19 For gar out ek of the ho heart kardia come exerchomai evil ponēros thoughts dialogismos, murder phonos, adultery moicheia, sexual porneia immorality , theft klopē, false pseudomartyria witness , slander blasphēmia. 20 These houtos are eimi the ho things that defile koinoō a ho person anthrōpos, · ho but de to eat esthiō with unwashed aniptos hands cheir does not ou defile koinoō a ho person anthrōpos.”

21 And kai leaving exerchomai there ekeithen, · ho Jesus Iēsous withdrew anachōreō into eis the ho region meros of Tyre Tyros and kai Sidon Sidōn. 22 And kai a Canaanite Chananaios woman gynē from apo · ho that ekeinos region horion came exerchomai out and began to shout krazō, saying legō, “ Have mercy eleeō on me egō, O Lord kyrios, Son hyios of David Dauid; · ho my egō daughter thugatēr is horribly kakōs demon-possessed daimonizomai.” 23 But de he ho answered apokrinomai her autos not ou a word logos. And kai his autos disciples mathētēs came proserchomai · ho and urged erōtaō him autos, saying legō, “ Send apolyō her autos away, because hoti she keeps shouting krazō after opisthen us hēmeis.” 24 But de he ho answered apokrinomai, saying legō, “ I was not ou sent apostellō except ei mē to eis the ho lost apollymi sheep probaton · ho of the house oikos of Israel Israēl.” 25 Then de she ho came erchomai and knelt proskyneō before him autos, saying legō, “ Lord kyrios, help boētheō me egō!” 26 And de he ho answered apokrinomai, “ It is eimi not ou right kalos to take lambanō · ho bread artos from the ho children teknon and kai toss ballō it to the ho dogs kynarion.” 27  Yes nai, Lord kyrios,” she ho · de said legō, “ but gar even kai the ho dogs kynarion feed esthiō on apo the ho crumbs psichion that ho fall piptō from apo · ho their autos masters’ kyrios table trapeza.” · ho 28 Then tote Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai, · ho saying legō to her autos, “ O ō woman gynē, great megas is your sy · ho faith pistis! What hōs you desire thelō will be done ginomai for you sy.” And kai her autos daughter thugatēr was healed iaomai · ho from apo · ho that ekeinos hour hōra.

29 · kai After Jesus Iēsous left metabainō from there ekeithen, · ho he passed erchomai by para the ho Sea thalassa of ho Galilee Galilaia and kai went anabainō up on eis the ho mountain oros where ekei he sat kathēmai down . 30 And kai great polys crowds ochlos came proserchomai to him autos, bringing echō with meta them heautou those who were lame chōlos, blind typhlos, crippled kyllos, mute kōphos, and kai many polys others heteros; and kai they put rhiptō them autos down at para · ho his autos feet pous and kai he healed therapeuō them autos. 31 So hōste the ho crowd ochlos was astonished thaumazō when they saw blepō the mute kōphos speaking laleō, the crippled kyllos restored hygiēs, · kai the lame chōlos walking peripateō, and kai the blind typhlos seeing blepō, and kai they praised doxazō the ho God theos of Israel Israēl.

32 · ho Then de Jesus Iēsous called proskaleō · ho his autos disciples mathētēs to him and said legō, “ I have compassion splanchnizomai on epi the ho crowd ochlos because hoti they have prosmenō already ēdē been with prosmenō me egō three treis days hēmera and kai have echō nothing ou to eat esthiō; and kai I do thelō not ou want thelō to send apolyō them autos away hungry nēstis, lest mēpote they faint eklyō from exhaustion on en the ho way hodos.” 33 And kai the disciples mathētēs said legō to him autos, · ho Where pothen in en such a desolate place erēmia could we hēmeis find enough tosoutos bread artos to hōste feed chortazō so great tosoutos a crowd ochlos?” 34 And kai Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho How posos many loaves artos do you have echō?” And de they ho said legō, “ Seven hepta, and kai a few oligos little ichthudion fish .” 35 And kai instructing parangellō the ho crowd ochlos to sit anapiptō down on epi the ho ground , 36 he took lambanō the ho seven hepta loaves artos and kai the ho fish ichthus: and kai when he had given thanks eucharisteō, he broke klaō them and kai began distributing didōmi them to the ho disciples mathētēs, and de the ho disciples mathētēs to the ho crowds ochlos. 37 And kai they all pas ate esthiō and kai were filled chortazō; and kai they picked up airō what ho was left perisseuō over of the ho broken klasma pieces , seven hepta large baskets spyris full plērēs. 38 Not counting chōris women gynē and kai children paidion, there ho · de were eimi four thousand tetrakischilioi men anēr who had eaten esthiō. 39 And kai when he had sent apolyō the ho crowds ochlos away , he got embainō into eis the ho boat ploion and kai went erchomai to eis the ho region horion of Magadan Magadan.

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