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Matthew 14:35-15:11 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

35 And when the men of that place had knowledge of him, they sent into all that country, and brought to him all that were diseased.

36 And they besought him that they might touch but the hem of his garment. And as many as touched, were made whole.

15 Then came to him from Jerusalem scribes and Pharisees, saying:

Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the ancients? For they wash not their hands when they eat bread.

But he answering, said to them: Why do you also transgress the commandment of God for your tradition? For God said:

Honour thy father and mother: And: He that shall curse father or mother, let him die the death.

But you say: Whosoever shall say to father or mother, The gift whatsoever proceedeth from me, shall profit thee.

And he shall not honour his father or his mother: and you have made void the commandment of God for your tradition.

Hypocrites, well hath Isaias prophesied of you, saying:

This people honoureth me with their lips: but their heart is far from me.

And in vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines and commandments of men.

10 And having called together the multitudes unto him, he said to them: Hear ye and understand.

11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man: but what cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.


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