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So kai Jesus got embainō into eis a boat ploion, crossed diaperaō to the other side , and kai went erchomai to eis · ho his idios own town polis. And kai some people brought prospherō to him autos a paralyzed paralytikos man lying ballō on epi a stretcher klinē. · kai When Jesus Iēsous saw · ho · ho their autos faith pistis, he said legō to the ho paralytic paralytikos, “ Take courage tharseō, my son teknon; your sy sins hamartia are forgiven aphiēmi.” · ho At this kai, some tis of the ho scribes grammateus said legō to en themselves heautou, “ This houtos man is blaspheming blasphēmeō.” And kai Jesus Iēsous, knowing · ho · ho their autos thoughts enthumēsis, said legō, “ Why hinati are you harboring enthumeomai evil ponēros thoughts in en · ho your hymeis hearts kardia? For gar which tis is eimi easier eukopos; to say legō, ‘ Your sy sins hamartia are forgiven aphiēmi,’ · ho or ē to say legō, ‘ Stand egeirō up and kai walk peripateō’? But de so hina you may know oida that hoti the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos has echō authority exousia on epi the ho earth to forgive aphiēmi sins hamartia”— he then tote said legō to the ho paralytic paralytikos, “ Get egeirō up , pick airō up your sy · ho stretcher klinē, and kai go hypagō to eis · ho your sy home oikos.” So kai he got egeirō up and went aperchomai to eis · ho his autos home oikos. When the ho crowds ochlos saw · de it, they were struck phobeomai with awe and kai glorified doxazō · ho God theos who ho had given didōmi such toioutos authority exousia to ho men anthrōpos.

· kai As Jesus Iēsous went paragō on · ho from there ekeithen, he saw a man anthrōpos named legō Matthew sitting kathēmai at epi the ho tax telōnion booth , and kai he said legō to him autos, “ Follow akoloutheō me egō.” So kai Matthew got anistēmi up and followed akoloutheō him autos.

10 And kai as Jesus autos sat anakeimai at table in en the ho house oikia, · kai many polys tax telōnēs collectors and kai sinners hamartōlos came erchomai and were eating synanakeimai with ho Jesus Iēsous and kai · ho his autos disciples mathētēs. 11 · kai When the ho Pharisees Pharisaios saw this, they said legō to ho his autos disciples mathētēs, “ Why dia tis does esthiō your hymeis teacher didaskalos eat esthiō with meta · ho tax telōnēs collectors and kai sinners hamartōlos?” · ho 12 But de when Jesus ho heard akouō it, he said legō, “ Those ho who are well ischuō have echō no ou need chreia of a doctor iatros, but alla those ho who are echō sick kakōs. 13 Go poreuō · de and learn manthanō what tis this means eimi, ‘ I desire thelō mercy eleos, · kai not ou sacrifice thusia.’ For gar I did not ou come erchomai to call kaleō the pious dikaios, but alla sinners hamartōlos, to repentance.”

14 Then tote the ho disciples mathētēs of John Iōannēs came proserchomai to him autos and asked legō, “ Why dia tis do we hēmeis and kai the ho Pharisees Pharisaios fast nēsteuō regularly polys, · ho but de your sy disciples mathētēs do not ou fast nēsteuō?” 15 And kai Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho “Certainly the ho wedding nymphōn guests hyios · ho can’ t mourn pentheō as long as epi the ho bridegroom nymphios is eimi still with meta them autos? The days hēmera will come erchomai · de when hotan the ho bridegroom nymphios is taken apairō away from apo them autos, and kai then tote they will fast nēsteuō! 16 No oudeis one · de sews epiballō a piece epiblēma of unshrunk agnaphos cloth rhakos on epi an old palaios garment himation, because gar the ho patch plērōma will pull airō away from apo the ho garment himation, and kai the tear schisma will be ginomai worse cheirōn. 17 Neither oude is new neos wine oinos poured ballō into eis old palaios wineskins askos. If that happens ei, · de the ho wineskins askos split rhēgnymi, · kai the ho wine oinos pours ekcheō out , and kai the ho wineskins askos are ruined apollymi. Instead alla, new neos wine oinos is put ballō into eis fresh kainos wineskins askos, and kai so both amphoteroi are preserved syntēreō.”

18 As laleō he autos was saying laleō these houtos things to them autos, a heis ruler archōn came erchomai and bowed proskyneō down before him autos, saying legō, · ho My egō daughter thugatēr has just arti died teleutaō; but alla come erchomai, lay epitithēmi · ho your sy hand cheir on epi her autos and kai she will live zaō again.” 19 So kai Jesus Iēsous got egeirō up · ho and followed akoloutheō him autos, and kai so did · ho his autos disciples mathētēs. 20 Just then kai a woman gynē who had suffered haimorroeō from severe bleeding for twelve dōdeka years etos came proserchomai up behind opisthen him and touched haptō the ho fringe kraspedon of ho his autos cloak himation, 21 for gar she was saying legō to en herself heautou, “ If ean I can only monon touch haptō · ho his autos garment himation, I will be healed sōzō.” 22 · ho And de when Jesus Iēsous turned strephō and kai saw her autos, he said legō, “ Take tharseō courage , my daughter thugatēr; · ho your sy faith pistis has made sōzō you sy well .” And kai the ho woman gynē was healed sōzō from apo · ho that ekeinos hour hōra. 23 · kai When Jesus Iēsous arrived erchomai · ho at eis the ho ruler’ s archōn house oikia · ho and kai saw the ho flute aulētēs players and kai the ho noisy thorybeō crowd ochlos, 24 he said legō, “ Leave anachōreō now , for gar the ho girl korasion is not ou dead apothnēskō but alla only sleeping katheudō.” And kai they began to ridicule katagelaō him autos. 25 But de when hote the ho crowd ochlos had been removed ekballō, Jesus went eiserchomai in and took krateō her autos by the ho hand cheir, and kai the ho girl korasion arose egeirō. 26 And kai the ho report phēmē of this houtos spread exerchomai through eis all holos · ho that ekeinos region .

27 And kai as Jesus Iēsous went paragō on from there ekeithen, · ho two dyo blind men typhlos followed akoloutheō him autos, calling krazō out , · kai Have mercy eleeō on us hēmeis, Son hyios of David Dauid!” 28 When he had gone erchomai · de into eis the ho house oikia, the ho blind men typhlos came proserchomai to him autos; and kai Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho Do you believe pisteuō that hoti I am able dynamai to do poieō this houtos?” They said legō to him autos, “ Yes nai, Lord kyrios.” 29 Then tote he touched haptō · ho their autos eyes ophthalmos and said legō, “ According kata to · ho your hymeis faith pistis may it be done ginomai to you hymeis.” 30 And kai their autos eyes ophthalmos were opened anoigō. · ho Then kai Jesus Iēsous sternly charged embrimaomai them autos, · ho See horaō that no mēdeis one knows ginōskō about this.” 31 But de they ho went exerchomai out and spread diaphēmizō the news about him autos throughout en that ekeinos entire holos · ho region .

32 As they autos · de were going exerchomai away , others brought prospherō to him autos a man anthrōpos who could not speak kōphos and was demon-possessed daimonizomai. 33 And kai when the ho demon daimonion had been driven ekballō out , the ho man kōphos who had been mute began to speak laleō. · kai The ho crowds ochlos were amazed thaumazō and said legō, “ Never oudepote has anything like this houtōs been seen phainō in en · ho Israel Israēl.” 34 But de the ho Pharisees Pharisaios kept saying legō, “It is by en the ho ruler archōn of ho demons daimonion that he drives ekballō out · ho demons daimonion.”

35 And kai Jesus Iēsous went periagō throughout · ho all pas their ho cities polis and kai · ho towns kōmē, teaching didaskō in en · ho their autos synagogues synagōgē, · kai preaching kēryssō the ho gospel euangelion of the ho kingdom basileia, and kai healing therapeuō every pas disease nosos and kai every pas sickness malakia. 36 And de when he saw the ho crowds ochlos, he had compassion splanchnizomai on peri them autos, because hoti they were eimi distressed skyllō and kai dejected rhiptō, like hōsei sheep probaton without mē echō a shepherd poimēn. 37 Then tote he said legō to ho his autos disciples mathētēs, “ The ho harvest therismos is great polys but de the ho workers ergatēs are few oligos; 38 so oun pray deomai to the ho Lord kyrios of the ho harvest therismos to hopōs send out ekballō workers ergatēs into eis · ho his autos harvest therismos.”

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