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28 Now de after opse the Sabbath sabbaton, toward ho daybreak epiphōskō of eis the first heis day of the week sabbaton, Mary Mariam · ho Magdalene Magdalēnē and kai the ho other allos Mary Maria went erchomai to see theōreō the ho tomb taphos. And kai behold idou, there was ginomai a great megas earthquake seismos; for gar an angel angelos of the Lord kyrios descended katabainō from ek heaven ouranos and kai, going proserchomai to the tomb, rolled apokyliō away the ho stone lithos and kai sat kathēmai on epanō it autos. His autos appearance eidea was eimi · de · ho like hōs lightning astrapē and kai · ho his autos clothing endyma white leukos as hōs snow chiōn. And de for apo · ho fear phobos of him autos the ho guards tēreō trembled seiō and kai became ginomai like hōs dead nekros men . But de the ho angel angelos said legō to the ho women gynē, “ Do not be afraid phobeomai, for gar I know oida that hoti you are looking for zēteō Jesus Iēsous, who ho was crucified stauroō. He is eimi not ou here hōde, for gar he has been raised egeirō, just kathōs as he said legō. Come deute, see the ho place topos where hopou he was lying keimai. · kai Go poreuō quickly tachus and tell legō · ho his autos disciples mathētēs that hoti he has been raised egeirō from apo the ho dead nekros and kai is going proagō ahead of you hymeis to eis · ho Galilee Galilaia. You will see horaō him autos there ekei. Remember idou, I have told legō you hymeis.”

So kai they left aperchomai the ho tomb mnēmeion at once tachus, with meta fear phobos and kai great megas joy chara, and ran trechō to break apangellō the news to ho his autos disciples mathētēs. Suddenly kai idou Jesus Iēsous met hypantaō them autos and said legō, “ Good chairō morning !” And de they ho came proserchomai to him, took krateō hold of his autos · ho feet pous, and kai worshipped proskyneō him autos. 10 Then tote Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho Do not be afraid phobeomai. Go hypagō, tell apangellō · ho my egō brothers adelphos to hina depart aperchomai for eis · ho Galilee Galilaia, and kakei they will see horaō me egō there.”

11 While they autos were on their way poreuō, · de some tis of the ho guard koustōdia went erchomai into eis the ho city polis and reported apangellō to the ho ruling archiereus priests everything hapas that ho had taken ginomai place . 12 And kai when the priests had met synagō with meta the ho elders presbyteros and te worked out lambanō a plan symboulion, they gave didōmi a considerable sum hikanos of money argyrion to the ho soldiers stratiōtēs 13 and told legō them, “ You are to say legō, · ho His autos disciples mathētēs came erchomai by night nyx and stole kleptō his autos body while we hēmeis were sleeping koimaō.’ 14 And kai if ean this houtos should come akouō to epi the ho governor’ s hēgemōn ears akouō, we hēmeis will bribe peithō him autos and kai keep poieō you hymeis out amerimnos of trouble .” 15 So de they ho took lambanō the ho money argyrion and did poieō as hōs they were directed didaskō. And kai this houtos story logos has been circulated diaphēmizō · ho among para Jews Ioudaios to mechri this ho very day sēmeron.

16 So de the ho eleven hendeka disciples mathētēs went poreuō to eis · ho Galilee Galilaia to eis the ho mountain oros where hou Jesus Iēsous had told tassō them autos · ho to go. 17 And kai when they saw him autos, they worshiped proskyneō him, but de some ho hesitated distazō. 18 And kai Jesus Iēsous came proserchomai · ho and spoke laleō to them autos, saying legō, “ All pas authority exousia in en heaven ouranos and kai on epi · ho earth has been given didōmi to me egō. 19 Therefore oun go poreuō and make mathēteuō disciples of all pas · ho nations ethnos, baptizing baptizō them autos in eis the ho name onoma of the ho Father patēr and kai of the ho Son hyios and kai of the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, 20 teaching didaskō them autos to observe tēreō everything pas that hosos I have commanded entellō you hymeis. And kai remember idou, I egō am eimi with meta you hymeis all pas the ho days hēmera, to heōs the ho end synteleia of the ho age aiōn.”

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