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24 · kai When Jesus Iēsous had left exerchomai · ho the ho temple hieron and was walking poreuō away , · kai his autos disciples mathētēs came proserchomai · ho up to call epideiknymi his autos attention to the ho buildings oikodomē of the ho temple hieron. And de he ho responded apokrinomai to them autos, saying legō, “ You see blepō all pas these houtos things , do you not ou? I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, not even one ou stone lithos will be left aphiēmi here hōde upon epi another lithos that hos will not ou be thrown katalyō down .” And de when he autos was seated kathēmai on epi the ho Mount oros of ho Olives elaia, the ho disciples mathētēs came proserchomai to him autos privately kata idios, saying legō, “ Tell legō us hēmeis, when pote are these houtos things to take place eimi, and kai what tis will be the ho sign sēmeion of ho your sos coming parousia and kai the consummation synteleia of the ho age aiōn?”

And kai Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai · ho them autos, saying legō, “ Take blepō care that no one tis leads you hymeis astray planaō. For gar many polys will come erchomai in epi · ho my egō name onoma, saying legō, ‘ I egō am eimi the ho Christ Christos,’ and kai they will lead many polys astray planaō. And de you will mellō hear akouō of wars polemos and kai rumors akoē of wars polemos. See horaō that you are not alarmed throeō, for gar this must dei take ginomai place but alla the ho end telos is eimi not oupō yet . For gar nation ethnos will rise egeirō up against epi nation ethnos and kai kingdom basileia against epi kingdom basileia, and kai there will be eimi famines limos and kai earthquakes seismos in kata various places topos. But de all pas these houtos things are only the beginning archē of birth ōdin pangs . Then tote they will hand paradidōmi you hymeis over to eis be persecuted thlipsis and kai will kill apokteinō you hymeis, and kai you will be eimi hated miseō by hypo all pas · ho nations ethnos because dia of · ho my egō name onoma. 10 · kai At tote that time many polys will fall skandalizō away and kai will betray paradidōmi one another allēlōn and kai hate miseō one another allēlōn. 11 And kai many polys false pseudoprophētēs prophets will arise egeirō and kai lead planaō many polys astray; 12 and kai because dia lawlessness anomia will be increased plēthunō, · ho the ho love agapē of ho many polys will grow cold psychō. 13 But de the ho one who endures hypomenō to eis the end telos will be saved sōzō. 14 And kai this houtos · ho gospel euangelion of the ho kingdom basileia will be proclaimed kēryssō in en all holos the ho world oikoumenē as eis a testimony martyrion to every pas · ho nation ethnos, and kai then tote the ho end telos will come hēkō.

15  Therefore oun when hotan you see the ho abomination bdelygma of ho desolation erēmōsis · ho spoken legō of by dia the ho prophet prophētēs Daniel Daniēl, standing histēmi in en the holy hagios place topos ( let the ho reader anaginōskō understand noeō), 16 then tote those ho who are in en · ho Judea Ioudaia must flee pheugō to eis the ho mountains oros, 17 the ho one on epi the ho housetop dōma must not go katabainō down to gather airō up what ho is in ek · ho his autos house oikia, 18 and kai the ho one in en the ho field agros must not go epistrephō back opisō to pick airō up · ho his autos coat himation. 19 But de woe ouai to ho women who are echō pregnant en gastēr and kai to ho mothers who are nursing thēlazō babies in en those ekeinos · ho days hēmera! 20 And de pray proseuchomai that hina your hymeis flight phygē will not be ginomai · ho in winter cheimōn or mēde on a Sabbath sabbaton. 21 For gar then tote there will be eimi great megas suffering thlipsis, such hoios as has not ou been ginomai from apo the beginning archē of the world kosmos until heōs · ho now nyn, and oude will never ou mē be ginomai again. 22 And kai unless ei mē those ekeinos days hēmera were shortened koloboō, · ho no ou human being sarx would an survive sōzō. But de for dia the sake of the ho elect eklektos those ekeinos days hēmera will be shortened koloboō. · ho 23 Then tote if ean anyone tis says legō to you hymeis, ‘ Look idou, here hōde is the ho Christ Christos!’ or ē, ‘ There hōde he is!’ Do not believe pisteuō him. 24 For gar false pseudochristos messiahs and kai false pseudoprophētēs prophets will appear egeirō, and kai they will perform didōmi great megas signs sēmeion and kai wonders teras so hōste as to lead planaō astray , if ei that were possible dynatos, even kai the ho elect eklektos. 25 Mark idou well , I have warned you hymeis in advance. 26 So oun, if ean they say legō to you hymeis, ‘ There idou he is eimi, out in en the ho wilderness erēmos!’ do not go exerchomai out ; or, ‘ Here idou he is, in en the ho inner tameion rooms !’ do not believe pisteuō it. 27 For gar as hōsper the ho lightning astrapē comes exerchomai from apo the east anatolē and kai flashes phainō to heōs the west dysmē, so houtōs will eimi the ho coming parousia of the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos be. 28 Wherever hopou ean the ho corpse ptōma is eimi, there ekei the ho vultures aetos will gather synagō.

29  Immediately eutheōs · de after meta the ho suffering thlipsis of ho those ekeinos days hēmera, the ho sun hēlios will be darkened and kai the ho moon selēnē will not ou give didōmi · ho its autos light phengos, and kai the ho stars astēr will fall piptō from apo the ho sky ouranos and kai the ho powers dynamis of the ho heavens ouranos will be shaken saleuō. 30 And kai then tote the ho sign sēmeion of the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos will appear phainō in en the sky ouranos, and kai then tote all pas the ho tribes phylē of the ho earth will mourn koptō, and kai they will see horaō the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos coming erchomai on epi the ho clouds nephelē of the ho sky ouranos with meta power dynamis and kai great polys glory doxa. 31 And kai he will send apostellō · ho his autos angels angelos with meta a loud megas trumpet salpinx call , and kai they will gather episynagō · ho his autos elect eklektos from ek the ho four tessares winds anemos, from apo one end akron of the heavens ouranos to heōs the ho other akron.

32  Learn manthanō this ho parable parabolē from apo · de the ho fig sykē tree : as soon as hotan · ho its autos branch klados becomes ginomai tender hapalos and kai puts out ekphyō its ho leaves phyllon, you know ginōskō that hoti summer theros is near engys. · ho 33 So houtōs also kai, when hotan you hymeis see all pas these houtos things , you know ginōskō that hoti it is eimi near engys, at epi the very door thura. 34 I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, this houtos generation genea will not ou mē pass parerchomai away · ho until heōs an all pas these houtos things take ginomai place . 35 · ho Heaven ouranos and kai · ho earth will pass parerchomai away , · ho but de my egō words logos will never ou mē pass parerchomai away .

36  But de concerning peri · ho that ekeinos day hēmera and kai hour hōra, no oudeis one knows oida, neither oude the ho angels angelos of ho heaven ouranos nor oude the ho Son hyios, but ei mē the ho Father patēr only monos. 37 For gar as hōsper were the ho days hēmera of ho Noah Nōe, so houtōs will be eimi the ho coming parousia of the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos. 38 For gar as hōs in en the ho days hēmera · ho before pro the ho flood kataklysmos people were eimi eating trōgō and kai drinking pinō, marrying gameō and kai giving gamizō in marriage , until achri the hos day hēmera Noah Nōe entered eiserchomai the ho ark kibōtos, 39 and kai they knew ginōskō nothing ou until heōs the ho flood kataklysmos came erchomai and kai took airō them all hapas away, so houtōs will eimi · kai the ho coming parousia of the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos be. 40 At that time tote two dyo men will be eimi in en the ho field agros; one heis will be taken paralambanō and kai the other heis left aphiēmi. 41 Two dyo women will be grinding alēthō at en the ho mill mylos; one heis will be taken paralambanō and kai the other heis left aphiēmi. 42 Therefore oun be alert grēgoreō, because hoti you do not ou know oida on what poios day hēmera · ho your hymeis Lord kyrios will come erchomai. 43 But de understand ginōskō this ekeinos: if ei the ho owner of the house oikodespotēs had known oida at what time poios of night phylakē the ho thief kleptēs was coming erchomai, he would an have been on the alert grēgoreō and kai would an not ou have allowed eaō his autos house oikia to be broken dioryssō into . · ho 44 For dia this houtos reason you hymeis also kai must be ginomai ready hetoimos, because hoti the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos will come erchomai at hos an hour hōra you do not ou expect dokeō.

45  Who tis then ara is eimi the ho faithful pistos and kai wise phronimos servant whom hos his ho master kyrios has put kathistēmi in charge of epi · ho his autos household oiketeia to ho give didōmi other autos servants their ho food trophē at en the proper kairos time ? 46 Blessed makarios is · ho that ekeinos servant whom hos · ho his autos master kyrios will find heuriskō so houtōs doing poieō when he returns erchomai. 47 I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, he will put kathistēmi that servant autos in charge kathistēmi of epi all pas · ho his autos possessions hyparchō. 48 But de suppose ean that ekeinos servant is wicked kakos and says legō · ho in en · ho his autos heart kardia, ‘ My egō master kyrios is slow chronizō to return ,’ · ho 49 and kai begins archō to beat typtō · ho his autos fellow syndoulos servants , and de eats esthiō and kai drinks pinō with meta · ho drunkards methyō; 50 the ho master kyrios of ho that ekeinos servant will come hēkō on en a day hēmera when hos he does not ou expect prosdokaō and kai at en an hour hōra that hos he does not ou know ginōskō, 51 and kai will cut dichotomeō him autos in pieces and kai assign tithēmi him autos a ho place meros with meta the ho hypocrites hypokritēs, where there ekei will be eimi · ho weeping klauthmos and kai · ho gnashing brygmos of ho teeth odous.

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