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21 Now kai when hote they drew engizō near to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma and kai came erchomai to eis Bethphage Bēthphagē, to eis the ho Mount oros of ho Olives elaia, then tote Jesus Iēsous sent apostellō two dyo disciples mathētēs, saying legō to them autos, “ Go poreuō into eis the ho village kōmē · ho ahead katenanti of you hymeis, and kai right eutheōs away you will find heuriskō a donkey onos tethered deō, and kai a colt pōlos with meta her autos. Untie lyō them and bring agō them to me egō. · kai If ean anyone tis says legō anything tis to you hymeis, you are to say legō, ‘ The ho Lord kyrios has echō need chreia of them autos.’ And de he will send apostellō them autos at once.” This houtos · de took ginomai place in hina order that what ho had been spoken legō by dia the ho prophet prophētēs might be fulfilled plēroō, saying legō, Say legō to the ho daughter thugatēr of Zion Siōn, ‘ Behold idou, · ho your sy king basileus is coming erchomai to you sy, humble praus and kai mounted epibainō on epi a donkey onos, and kai on epi a colt pōlos, the foal hyios of a beast hypozygion of burden .’”

So de the ho disciples mathētēs went poreuō and kai did poieō as kathōs Jesus Iēsous had instructed syntassō them autos. · ho They brought agō the ho donkey onos and kai the ho colt pōlos, and kai placed epitithēmi their ho cloaks himation on epi them autos; and kai he sat epikathizō on epanō them autos. · ho · de A very large polys crowd ochlos spread strōnnyō their heautou · ho cloaks himation on en the ho road hodos, while de others allos cut koptō branches klados from apo · ho trees dendron and kai spread strōnnyō them on en the ho road hodos. The ho · de crowds ochlos that ho went proagō before him autos and kai those ho that followed akoloutheō were shouting krazō, “ Hosanna hōsanna to the ho Son hyios of David Dauid! Blessed eulogeō is he ho who comes erchomai in en the name onoma of the Lord kyrios! Hosanna hōsanna in en the ho highest hypsistos!” 10 And kai when he autos entered eiserchomai Jerusalem Hierosolyma, the ho whole pas city polis was seiō in turmoil , asking legō, “ Who tis is eimi this houtos?” 11 And de the ho crowds ochlos said legō, “ This houtos is eimi the ho prophet prophētēs, Jesus Iēsous · ho from apo Nazareth Nazareth of ho Galilee Galilaia.”

12 And kai Jesus Iēsous entered eiserchomai the ho temple hieron and kai drove ekballō out all pas who ho were selling pōleō and kai buying agorazō in en the ho temple hieron, and kai he overturned katastrephō the ho tables trapeza of the ho moneychangers kollybistēs and kai the ho chairs kathedra of those ho who were selling pōleō · ho doves peristera. 13 And kai he said legō to them autos, “ It stands written graphō, · ho My egō house oikos will be called kaleō a house oikos of prayer proseuchē,’ but de you hymeis are making poieō it autos a den spēlaion of thieves lēstēs.”

14 Then kai the blind typhlos and kai the lame chōlos came proserchomai to him autos in en the ho temple hieron and kai he healed therapeuō them autos. 15 But de when the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho scribes grammateus saw the ho wonderful thaumasios things that hos he did poieō, and kai the ho children pais who ho were crying krazō out in en the ho temple hieron, · kai Hosanna hōsanna to the ho Son hyios of David Dauid!” they were indignant aganakteō, 16 and kai they said legō to him autos, “ Do you hear akouō what tis they houtos are saying legō?” “ Yes nai,” replied legō · ho · de Jesus Iēsous, “ but oudepote have you never read anaginōskō, ‘ Out ek of the mouth stoma of infants nēpios and kai nursing thēlazō babies you have brought katartizō forth praise ainos’?” 17 And kai leaving kataleipō them autos, he went exerchomai out exō of the ho city polis to eis Bethany Bēthania and kai spent aulizomai the night there ekei.

18 In the morning prōi, · de as he was returning epanagō to eis the ho city polis, he became hungry peinaō. 19 And kai seeing a heis fig sykē tree by epi the ho road hodos, he went erchomai over to epi it autos and kai found heuriskō nothing oudeis on en it autos except ei mē leaves phyllon only monon. And kai he said legō to it autos, “ May ginomai no mēketi fruit karpos ever come ginomai from ek you sy for eis all ho time aiōn!” And kai at once parachrēma the ho fig sykē tree withered away xērainō. 20 · kai When the ho disciples mathētēs saw this, they were astonished thaumazō and said legō, “ How pōs did xērainō the ho fig tree sykē wither away xērainō so quickly parachrēma?” 21 And de Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai · ho them autos, “ I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, if ean you have echō faith pistis and kai do not doubt diakrinō, not ou only monon will you do poieō what ho was done to the ho fig sykē tree , but alla even kan if you say legō to ho this houtos mountain oros, ‘ Be lifted airō up and kai thrown ballō into eis the ho sea thalassa,’ it will happen ginomai. 22 And kai whatever pas hosos you ask aiteō in en · ho prayer proseuchē, if you believe pisteuō, you will receive lambanō.”

23 And kai when he autos had entered erchomai the ho temple hieron, the ho ruling priests archiereus and kai the ho elders presbyteros of the ho people laos approached proserchomai him autos while he was teaching didaskō and said legō, “ By en what poios authority exousia are you doing poieō these houtos things , and kai who tis gave didōmi you sy · ho this houtos authority exousia?” 24 Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai · de · ho them autos, saying legō, “ I also kagō will ask erōtaō you hymeis one heis question logos, and if ean you give legō me egō an answer , then I kagō will tell legō you hymeis by en what poios authority exousia I do poieō these houtos things . 25 The ho baptism baptisma of ho John Iōannēs, where pothen did eimi it come from? From ek heaven ouranos or ē from ek man anthrōpos?” They ho · de reasoned dialogizomai among en themselves heautou, saying legō, “ If ean we say legō, ‘ From ek heaven ouranos,’ he will say legō to us hēmeis, ‘ Why dia tis then oun did you not ou believe pisteuō him autos?’ 26 But de if ean we say legō, ‘ From ek man anthrōpos,’ we are afraid phobeomai of the ho crowd ochlos, for gar they pas hold echō that hōs John Iōannēs was a prophet prophētēs.” · ho 27 So kai they answered apokrinomai · ho Jesus Iēsous, saying legō, “ We do not ou know oida.” And he autos said phēmi to them autos, · kai Neither oude will I egō tell legō you hymeis by en what poios authority exousia I do poieō these houtos things .

28  What tis · de do you hymeis think dokeō? A man anthrōpos had echō two dyo sons teknon, and kai he went proserchomai to the ho first prōtos and said legō, ‘ Son teknon, go hypagō and work ergazomai today sēmeron in en the ho vineyard ampelōn.’ 29 And de he ho answered apokrinomai, saying legō, ‘ I will thelō not ou,’ but de later hysteros he changed metamelomai his mind and went aperchomai. 30 Then de the man went proserchomai to the ho second heteros son and said legō the same hōsautōs thing . And de he ho answered apokrinomai, saying legō, ‘ I egō will, sir kyrios,’ but kai he did not ou go aperchomai. 31 Which tis of ek the ho two dyo did poieō the ho will thelēma of his ho father patēr?” They said legō, “ The ho first prōtos.” Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, · ho tax telōnēs collectors and kai · ho prostitutes pornē will enter proagō the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos before you hymeis! 32 For gar John Iōannēs came erchomai to pros show you hymeis the way hodos of righteousness dikaiosynē, and kai you did not ou believe pisteuō him autos; · ho but de tax telōnēs collectors and kai · ho prostitutes pornē did believe pisteuō. And de even when you hymeis saw it, you did not oude change metamelomai your minds afterward hysteros · ho and believe pisteuō him autos.

33  Listen to akouō another allos parable parabolē: There was eimi a landowner oikodespotēs who hostis planted phyteuō a vineyard ampelōn. · kai He put peritithēmi a fence phragmos around peritithēmi it autos, · kai dug oryssō a winepress lēnos in en it autos, and kai built oikodomeō a watchtower pyrgos. Then kai he leased ekdidōmi it autos to tenants geōrgos and kai went away apodēmeō on a journey . 34 When hote · de the ho harvest karpos time kairos drew engizō near , · ho he sent apostellō · ho his autos servants to pros the ho tenants geōrgos to collect lambanō his autos share of the ho crop karpos. 35 But kai the ho tenants geōrgos seized lambanō · ho his autos servants; one hos men they severely beat derō, another hos de they killed apokteinō, and de still another hos de they stoned lithoboleō. 36 Then palin he sent apostellō other allos servants, more polys than the ho first prōtos time, and kai they did poieō the same hōsautōs to them autos. 37 Finally hysteros · de he sent apostellō his autos son hyios to pros them autos, · ho saying legō, ‘ They will respect entrepō · ho my egō son hyios.’ 38 But de when the ho tenants geōrgos saw the ho son hyios, they said legō to en one another heautou, ‘ This houtos is eimi the ho heir klēronomos; come deute on , let us kill apokteinō him autos and kai take echō · ho his autos inheritance klēronomia.’ 39 So kai they seized lambanō him autos and threw ekballō him out exō of the ho vineyard ampelōn and kai killed apokteinō him. 40 Now oun when hotan the ho owner kyrios of the ho vineyard ampelōn returns erchomai, what tis will he do poieō to ho those ekeinos tenants geōrgos?” 41 They said legō to him autos, “ He will bring those autos wretches kakos to a wretched kakōs end apollymi and kai lease ekdidōmi the ho vineyard ampelōn to other allos tenants geōrgos who hostis will give apodidōmi him autos his ho share karpos at en · ho their autos harvest kairos.” 42 Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho Have you never oudepote read anaginōskō in en the ho Scriptures graphē: ‘A stone lithos that hos the ho builders oikodomeō rejected apodokimazō has become ginomai the cornerstone kephalē gōnia; this houtos was the Lord’ s kyrios doing ginomai, and kai it is eimi amazing thaumastos in en our hēmeis eyes ophthalmos’? 43 Therefore dia houtos I tell legō you hymeis that hoti the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos will be taken airō away from apo you hymeis and kai given didōmi to a people ethnos who will produce poieō · ho its autos fruit karpos.” 44 and kai the ho one who falls piptō on epi this houtos · ho stone lithos will be broken synthlaō to pieces ; and de upon epi whomever hos it falls piptō, it will crush likmaō him autos 45 · kai When akouō the ho ruling priests archiereus and kai the ho Pharisees Pharisaios heard akouō · ho his autos parables parabolē, they perceived ginōskō that hoti he was speaking legō about peri them autos. 46 And kai although they wanted zēteō to arrest krateō him autos, they were afraid phobeomai of the ho crowds ochlos because epei they held echō him autos to eis be a prophet prophētēs.

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