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14 About en that ekeinos · ho time kairos Herod hērōdēs the ho tetrarch tetraarchēs heard akouō the ho report akoē about Jesus Iēsous. And kai he said legō to ho his autos servants pais, “ This houtos is eimi John Iōannēs the ho Baptist baptistēs; he autos has risen egeirō from apo the ho dead nekros; and kai that is why dia · ho miraculous dynamis powers are at work energeō in en him autos.” · ho For gar Herod hērōdēs had arrested krateō · ho John Iōannēs, bound deō him autos, and kai put him apotithēmi in en prison phylakē because dia of Herodias hērōidias, the ho wife gynē of ho his autos brother adelphos Philip Philippos; because gar John Iōannēs had been telling legō · ho him autos, “It is not ou lawful for you sy to have echō her autos.” And kai though Herod wanted thelō to put him autos to death apokteinō, he feared phobeomai the ho people ochlos because hoti they considered echō him autos to be hōs a prophet prophētēs.

But de when Herod’ s hērōdēs birthday genesia came ginomai, · ho the ho daughter thugatēr of ho Herodias hērōidias danced orcheomai before en · ho them mesos and kai pleased areskō · ho Herod hērōdēs. So hothen he promised homologeō with meta an oath horkos to give didōmi her autos whatever hos ean she asked aiteō. · ho · de Prompted probibazō by hypo · ho her autos mother mētēr, she said phēmi, “ Give didōmi me egō the ho head kephalē of John Iōannēs the ho Baptist baptistēs here hōde on epi a platter pinax.” And kai although the ho king basileus was distressed lypeō, because dia of his ho oaths horkos and kai his ho dinner synanakeimai guests , he commanded keleuō it to be given didōmi to her. 10 So kai he sent pempō and had John Iōannēs beheaded apokephalizō · ho in en the ho prison phylakē. 11 And kai his autos head kephalē was brought pherō · ho on epi a platter pinax and kai given didōmi to the ho girl korasion, and kai she brought pherō it to ho her autos mother mētēr. 12 · kai John’ s autos disciples mathētēs came proserchomai · ho and took airō the ho corpse ptōma and kai buried thaptō it autos; then kai they went erchomai and told apangellō · ho Jesus Iēsous.

13 Now de when Jesus Iēsous heard akouō about · ho John, he left anachōreō there ekeithen by en boat ploion to eis a deserted erēmos place topos to be alone kata idios; but kai when the ho crowds ochlos heard akouō about it, they followed akoloutheō him autos on foot pezē from apo the ho towns polis. 14 And kai when he came exerchomai ashore , he saw a great polys crowd ochlos; and kai he had compassion splanchnizomai on epi them autos and kai healed therapeuō · ho their autos sick arrōstos.

15 When evening opsia · de came ginomai, the ho disciples mathētēs approached proserchomai him autos, saying legō, “ This is eimi a deserted erēmos place topos · ho and kai the ho hour hōra is now ēdē late parerchomai; send apolyō the ho crowds ochlos away so hina they can go aperchomai into eis the ho villages kōmē and buy agorazō food brōma for themselves heautou.” 16 · ho But de Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, “ They have echō no ou need chreia to go aperchomai away ; you hymeis give didōmi them autos something to eat esthiō.” 17 And de they ho said legō to him autos, “ We have echō nothing ou here hōde but ei mē five pente loaves artos and kai two dyo fish ichthus.” 18 And de he ho said legō, “ Bring pherō them autos here hōde to me egō.” 19 Then kai he ordered keleuō the ho crowds ochlos to sit anaklinō down on epi the ho grass chortos, and taking lambanō the ho five pente loaves artos and kai the ho two dyo fish ichthus, he looked anablepō up to eis · ho heaven ouranos, said eulogeō a blessing , and kai broke klaō the loaves. He gave didōmi the ho loaves artos to the ho disciples mathētēs, and de the ho disciples mathētēs gave them to the ho crowds ochlos. 20 And kai they all pas ate esthiō and kai were filled chortazō; and kai they picked airō up what ho remained perisseuō of the ho broken klasma pieces , twelve dōdeka baskets kophinos full plērēs. 21 Not counting chōris women gynē and kai children paidion, there ho · de were eimi about hōsei five thousand pentakischilioi men anēr who had eaten esthiō.

22 · kai Immediately eutheōs Jesus made anankazō his ho disciples mathētēs get embainō into eis the ho boat ploion and kai go proagō on ahead of him autos to eis the ho opposite peran shore , until heōs hos he had dismissed apolyō the ho crowds ochlos. 23 And kai after sending apolyō the ho crowds ochlos away , he went anabainō up on eis the ho mountainside oros by kata himself idios to pray proseuchomai; and de when evening opsia came ginomai, he was eimi there ekei alone monos. 24 Meanwhile de the ho boat ploion, already ēdē far stadion polys from apo · ho land , was being apechō tossed basanizō by hypo the ho waves kyma, for gar the ho wind anemos was eimi against enantios it. 25 And de in the fourth tetartos watch phylakē of the ho night nyx he came erchomai to pros them autos, walking peripateō on epi the ho sea thalassa. 26 When the ho · de disciples mathētēs saw him autos walking peripateō on epi the ho sea thalassa, they were frightened tarassō and said legō, “ It is eimi a ghost phantasma!” And kai they cried out krazō in apo · ho fear phobos. 27 But de right away Jesus Iēsous spoke laleō · ho to them autos, saying legō, “ Take tharseō courage , it is eimi I egō! Do not be afraid phobeomai.” 28 And de Peter Petros answered apokrinomai him autos, · ho saying legō, “ Lord kyrios, if ei it is eimi you sy, tell keleuō me egō to come erchomai to pros you sy on epi the ho water hydōr.” 29 And de he ho said legō, “ Come erchomai!” So kai Peter Petros got katabainō out of apo the ho boat ploion, · ho stepped peripateō out on epi the ho water hydōr and kai headed erchomai toward pros · ho Jesus Iēsous. 30 But de when he realized blepō that the ho wind anemos was blustery ischuros, he became afraid phobeomai; and kai starting archō to sink katapontizō, he cried krazō out , “ Lord kyrios, save sōzō me egō!” 31 And de immediately eutheōs · ho Jesus Iēsous reached ekteinō out his ho hand cheir, took epilambanomai hold of him autos, and kai said legō to him autos, “O you of little faith oligopistos, why eis tis did you doubt distazō?” 32 And kai when they autos got anabainō into eis the ho boat ploion, the ho wind anemos died kopazō down . 33 And de those ho in en the ho boat ploion worshiped proskyneō him autos, saying legō, “ Truly alēthōs you are eimi the Son hyios of God theos.”

34 And kai when they had crossed diaperaō over , they came erchomai to epi · ho land at eis Gennesaret Gennēsaret. 35 · kai When the ho men anēr of ho that ekeinos place topos recognized epiginōskō him autos, they sent apostellō word into eis all holos · ho that ekeinos surrounding perichōros area and kai brought prospherō to him autos all pas who ho were echō sick kakōs. 36 And kai they begged parakaleō him autos that hina they might just monon touch haptō the ho fringe kraspedon of ho his autos cloak himation; and kai as hosos many as touched haptō it were healed diasōzō.

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