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27 What hos I say legō to you hymeis in en the ho darkness skotia, speak legō in en the ho light phōs; and kai what hos you hear akouō in eis the ho ear ous proclaim kēryssō from epi the ho housetops dōma. 28 · kai Do not be afraid phobeomai of apo those ho who can kill apokteinō the ho body sōma but de cannot kill apokteinō the ho soul psychē. Rather de mallon, fear phobeomai the ho one who can dynamai destroy apollymi both kai soul psychē and kai body sōma in en hell geenna. 29 Are pōleō not ouchi two dyo sparrows strouthion sold pōleō for a penny assarion? Yet kai not ou one heis of ek them autos will fall piptō to epi the ho ground apart aneu from · ho your hymeis Father patēr.

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