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Matthew 27:3-10 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Judas Kills Himself

Judas, the one who had ·given [betrayed] Jesus to his enemies, saw that ·they had decided to kill Jesus [Jesus had been condemned]. Then he was ·very sorry [filled with remorse] for what he had done. So he took the thirty silver coins back to the leading [T chief] priests and the elders, saying, “I sinned; I ·handed over to you [betrayed] ·an innocent man [L innocent blood].”

The leaders answered, “What ·is that to us [do we care]? That’s your ·problem, not ours [responsibility; concern].”

So Judas threw the ·money [silver coins] into the ·Temple [sanctuary]. Then he went off and hanged himself.

The ·leading [T chief] priests picked up the silver coins in the Temple and said, “·Our law does not allow us [or It is not right] to ·keep [put] this money ·with the Temple money [in the Temple treasury], because it ·has paid for a man’s death [is blood money; L is the price of blood].” So they decided to use the coins to buy ·Potter’s Field [or the potter’s field] as a place to bury ·strangers [or foreigners]. That is why that field is still called the Field of Blood. So what Jeremiah the prophet had said ·came true [was fulfilled]: “They took thirty ·silver coins [T pieces of silver]. That is ·how little the Israelites thought he was worth [or the price at which he was valued by the Israelites; or the value of a man with a price on his head among the Israelites; Jer. 18:2–3; 19:1–13; 32:5–15; Zech. 11:12–13]. 10 They used those thirty silver coins to buy ·Potter’s Field [or the potter’s field], as the Lord commanded me.”

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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