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Mark 6:14-29 Expanded Bible (EXB)

How John the Baptist Was Killed

14 King Herod [C Antipas; a son of Herod the Great; Luke 3:1] heard about Jesus, because he was now well known. Some people said,[a] “He is John the Baptist, who has risen from the dead. That is why ·he can work these miracles [L miraculous powers are at work in him].”

15 Others said, “He is Elijah [C a great OT prophet (1 Kin. 17), who was expected to return in the end times (Mal. 4:5)].”

Other people said, “Jesus is a prophet, like the prophets who lived long ago.”

16 When Herod heard this, he said, “I killed John by cutting off his head. Now he has risen from the dead!”

17 Herod himself had ·ordered [sent] his soldiers to arrest John and ·put [bound; chained] him in prison ·in order to please [L because of] his wife, Herodias. She had been the wife of Philip, Herod’s brother, but then Herod had married her. 18 John had been telling Herod, “It is not lawful for you to ·be married to [have] your brother’s wife.” 19 So Herodias ·hated [had a grudge against] John and wanted to kill him. But she couldn’t, 20 because Herod was afraid of John and protected him. He knew John was a ·good [righteous] and holy man. Also, though John’s preaching always ·bothered [disturbed; puzzled; perplexed] him, he enjoyed listening to John.

21 Then the ·perfect [opportune] time came for Herodias to cause John’s death. On Herod’s birthday, he gave a ·dinner party [banquet] for ·the most important government leaders [his nobles/high officials], the commanders of his army, and ·the most important people [leaders] in Galilee. 22 When the daughter of Herodias[b] came in and danced, she pleased Herod and the people eating with him.

So King Herod said to the girl, “Ask me for anything you want, and I will give it to you.” 23 He ·promised [swore/vowed to] her, “Anything you ask for I will give to you—up to half of my kingdom.”

24 The girl went [out] to her mother and asked, “What should I ask for?”

Her mother answered, “Ask for the head of John the Baptist.”

25 At once the girl ·went back [hurried back in] to the king and said to him, “I want [you to give me] the head of John the Baptist right now on a platter.”

26 Although the king was very ·sad [sorry; grieved; distressed], he had made a promise, and his dinner guests had heard it. So he did not want to refuse what she asked. 27 Immediately the king sent ·a soldier [an executioner] to bring John’s head. The ·soldier [executioner] went and cut off John’s head in the prison 28 and brought it back on a platter. He gave it to the girl, and the girl gave it to her mother. 29 When John’s ·followers [disciples] heard this, they came and got John’s ·body [corpse] and put it in a tomb.


  1. Mark 6:14 Some people said Some Greek copies read “He said.”
  2. Mark 6:22 When … Herodias Some Greek copies read “When his daughter Herodias.”
Expanded Bible (EXB)

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