21 But when His (A)own people heard about this, they went out to lay hold of Him, (B)for they said, “He is out of His mind.”

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Concern for Their Faithfulness

11 Oh, that you would bear with me in a little (A)folly—and indeed you do bear with me.

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Reluctant Boasting

16 I say again, let no one think me a fool. If otherwise, at least receive me as a fool, that I also may boast a little.

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Signs of an Apostle

11 I have become (A)a fool [a]in boasting; you have compelled me. For I ought to have been commended by you; for (B)in nothing was I behind the most eminent apostles, though (C)I am nothing.

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  1. 2 Corinthians 12:11 NU omits in boasting

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