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39 (A)And when the centurion, who stood facing him, saw that in this way he[a] breathed his last, he said, (B)“Truly this man was the Son[b] of God!”

40 There were also (C)women looking on (D)from a distance, among whom were (E)Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the younger and of Joses, and (F)Salome. 41 When he was in Galilee, they followed him and (G)ministered to him, and there were also many other women who (H)came up with him to Jerusalem.

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  1. Mark 15:39 Some manuscripts insert cried out and
  2. Mark 15:39 Or a son

47 Now (A)when the centurion saw what had taken place, (B)he praised God, saying, “Certainly this man was innocent!”

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49 And all (A)his acquaintances and (B)the women who had followed him from Galilee (C)stood at a distance watching these things.

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