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14 It was eimi now de two dyo days hēmera before meta the ho Passover pascha and kai · ho Festival azymos of Unleavened Bread . And kai the ho ruling priests archiereus and kai the ho scribes grammateus were seeking zēteō how pōs to seize krateō him autos by en treachery dolos and put apokteinō him to death , but gar they were saying legō, “ Not during en the ho festival heortē, lest mēpote there be eimi an uproar thorybos among the ho people laos.”

And kai while he autos was eimi in en Bethany Bēthania in en the ho house oikia of Simon Simōn the ho leper lepros, as he autos reclined katakeimai at table , there came erchomai a woman gynē with echō an alabaster alabastros flask of very costly polytelēs anointment myron of pure pistikos nard nardos; and breaking syntribō the ho flask alabastros, she poured katacheō it over his autos · ho head kephalē. But de some tis were eimi indignant aganakteō, and began saying to pros themselves heautou, “ For eis what tis purpose was ginomai · ho this houtos waste apōleia of ho ointment myron? For gar this houtos ointment myron could dynamai · ho have been sold pipraskō for epanō more than three hundred triakosioi denarii dēnarion and kai given didōmi to the ho poor ptōchos.” And kai they rebuked embrimaomai her autos harshly . · ho But de Jesus Iēsous said legō, “ Leave aphiēmi her autos alone. Why tis are you causing parechō her autos trouble kopos? She has done ergazomai a beautiful kalos thing ergon to en me egō. For gar you will echō always pantote have echō the ho poor ptōchos with meta you heautou, and kai whenever hotan you want thelō you can dynamai do poieō something good for them autos, but de you will echō not ou always pantote have echō me egō. She has done poieō what hos she could echō; she has anointed prolambanō · ho my egō body sōma beforehand for eis · ho burial entaphiasmos. I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, · de wherever hopou ean the ho gospel euangelion is preached kēryssō in eis the ho whole holos world kosmos, what hos this woman houtos has done poieō will also kai be told laleō in eis memory mnēmosynon of her autos.”

10 Then kai Judas Ioudas Iscariot Iskariōth, · ho one heis of the ho twelve dōdeka, went aperchomai to pros the ho ruling archiereus priests so hina he might hand Jesus autos over paradidōmi to them autos. 11 And de when they ho heard akouō it, they were pleased chairō and kai promised epangellomai to give didōmi him autos money argyrion. So kai Judas was seeking zēteō how pōs he might hand paradidōmi him autos over paradidōmi at a convenient moment eukairōs.

12 And kai on the ho first prōtos day hēmera of ho Unleavened azymos Bread , when hote people were slaughtering thuō the ho Passover pascha lamb , his autos disciples mathētēs said legō to him autos, · ho Where pou do you want thelō us to go aperchomai and prepare hetoimazō for you to hina eat esthiō the ho Passover pascha?” 13 And kai he sent apostellō two dyo of ho his autos disciples mathētēs and kai said legō to them autos, “ Go hypagō into eis the ho city polis and kai a man anthrōpos carrying bastazō a pitcher keramion of water hydōr will meet apantaō you hymeis; follow akoloutheō him autos. 14 And kai wherever hopou ean he enters eiserchomai, say legō to the ho owner oikodespotēs of the house , ‘ The ho Teacher didaskalos says legō, “ Where pou is eimi · ho my egō guest katalyma room , where hopou I may eat esthiō the ho Passover pascha with meta · ho my egō disciples mathētēs?”’ 15 And kai he autos will show deiknymi you hymeis a large megas upper room anagaion, furnished strōnnyō and ready hetoimos; · kai there ekei prepare hetoimazō for us hēmeis.” 16 · kai The ho disciples mathētēs left exerchomai, · kai came erchomai to eis the ho city polis, and kai found heuriskō things just kathōs as he had told legō them autos. So kai they prepared hetoimazō the ho Passover pascha. 17 And kai when it was ginomai evening opsia, he came erchomai with meta the ho twelve dōdeka. 18 And kai while they autos were reclining anakeimai at table and kai eating esthiō, · ho Jesus Iēsous said legō, “ I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, one heis of ek you hymeis will betray paradidōmi me egō, one ho who is eating esthiō with meta me egō.” 19 They began archō to be grieved lypeō and kai to say legō to him autos one heis after kata the other heis, “ Surely mēti not I egō?” 20 He ho · de said legō to them autos, “It is one heis of the ho twelve dōdeka, one ho who is dipping embaptō his bread into eis the ho bowl tryblion with meta me egō. 21 For hoti the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos is going hypagō as kathōs it is written graphō of peri him autos; but de woe ouai to ho that ekeinos man anthrōpos by dia whom hos the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos is betrayed paradidōmi better kalos for him autos if ei that ekeinos man anthrōpos had not ou been born gennaō.” · ho 22 And kai while they autos were eating esthiō, he took lambanō bread artos, and after giving thanks eulogeō he broke klaō it and kai gave didōmi it to them autos and kai said legō, “ Take lambanō; this houtos is eimi · ho my egō body sōma.” 23 And kai when he had taken lambanō the cup potērion and given thanks eucharisteō, he passed didōmi it to them autos, and kai they all pas drank pinō from ek it autos. 24 And kai he said legō to them autos, “ This houtos is eimi · ho my egō blood haima of the ho covenant diathēkē, which ho is poured ekchunnomai out in hyper behalf of many polys. 25 I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, I will not again ouketi drink pinō from ek the ho fruit genēma of the ho vine ampelos until heōs · ho that ekeinos day hēmera when hotan I drink pinō it autos new kainos in en the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos.”

26 Then kai after singing hymneō a hymn , they went exerchomai out to eis the ho Mount oros of ho Olives elaia. 27 And kai Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho All pas of you will fall skandalizō away , because hoti it is written graphō, ‘ I will strike patassō the ho shepherd poimēn, and kai the ho sheep probaton will be scattered diaskorpizō.’ 28 But alla after meta · ho I egō am raised egeirō up , I will go proagō on ahead of you hymeis into eis · ho Galilee Galilaia.” 29 · ho · de Peter Petros said phēmi to him autos, “ Even kai though ei they all pas fall skandalizō away , I egō will not ou!” 30 And kai Jesus Iēsous said legō to him autos, · ho I tell legō you sy the truth amēn, today sēmeron this houtos very ho night nyx, before prin ē the rooster alektōr crows phōneō twice dis you sy will deny aparneomai me egō three tris times .” 31 But de Peter ho exclaimed laleō vehemently ekperissōs, “ Even if ean I egō must dei die synapothnēskō with you sy, I will aparneomai never ou mē deny aparneomai you sy!” And de all pas the others repeated legō the same hōsautōs thing . · kai 32 And kai they went erchomai to eis a place chōrion that hos · ho was named onoma Gethsemane Gethsēmani; and kai he said legō to ho his autos disciples mathētēs, “ Sit kathizō here hōde while heōs I pray proseuchomai.” 33 And kai he took paralambanō along · ho Peter Petros and kai · ho James Iakōbos and kai · ho John Iōannēs with meta him autos, and kai began archō to be distressed ekthambeō and kai troubled adēmoneō. 34 And kai he said legō to them autos, “ My egō soul psychē is eimi exceedingly sorrowful perilypos, · ho even heōs to the point of death thanatos; remain menō here hōde and kai stay grēgoreō alert .” 35 And kai going proerchomai on a little mikros farther , he fell piptō to epi the ho ground and kai prayed proseuchomai that hina, if ei it were eimi possible dynatos, the ho hour hōra might pass parerchomai him autos by . 36 And kai he said legō, “ Abba abba, · ho Father patēr, all pas things are possible dynatos for you sy. Remove parapherō · ho this houtos cup potērion from apo me egō. Yet alla not ou what tis I egō will thelō, but alla what tis you sy will.” 37 Then kai he returned erchomai and kai found heuriskō them autos sleeping katheudō. So kai he said legō to ho Peter Petros, “ Simon Simōn, are you sleeping katheudō? Were you not ou able ischuō to stay alert grēgoreō for one heis hour hōra?” 38 Stay grēgoreō alert and kai pray proseuchomai so hina that you will not come erchomai into eis temptation peirasmos; the ho spirit pneuma is willing prothumos but de the ho flesh sarx is weak asthenēs.” 39 And kai again palin, going aperchomai away , he prayed proseuchomai, saying legō the ho same autos thing logos. 40 And kai again palin, returning erchomai, he found heuriskō them autos sleeping katheudō, for gar their autos eyes ophthalmos were eimi · ho heavy katabarynō, and kai they did not ou know oida how tis they should answer apokrinomai him autos. 41 And kai he returned erchomai · ho a third triton time and kai said legō to them autos, “ Are you still loipos sleeping katheudō · ho and kai taking anapauō your rest ? Enough apechō! The ho hour hōra has come erchomai. Look idou, the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos is about to be betrayed paradidōmi into eis the ho hands cheir of ho sinners hamartōlos. 42 Get egeirō up , let us be agō on our way ; see idou, · ho my egō betrayer paradidōmi has arrived engizō.”

43 And kai immediately, while he autos was still eti speaking laleō, Judas Ioudas, one heis of the ho twelve dōdeka, appeared paraginomai, and kai with meta him autos a crowd ochlos with meta swords machaira and kai clubs xylon, from para the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho scribes grammateus and kai the ho elders presbyteros. 44 Now de his autos betrayer paradidōmi had given didōmi · ho them autos a sign syssēmon, saying legō, “ The one hos I will kiss phileō, it is eimi he autos. Seize krateō him autos and kai lead apagō him away under guard asphalōs.” 45 And kai when Judas arrived erchomai, immediately he went proserchomai up to Jesus autos and said legō, “ Rabbi rhabbi!” And kai he kissed kataphileō him autos. 46 And de they ho laid epiballō · ho hands cheir on him autos and kai seized krateō him autos. 47 But de one heis of those ho standing paristēmi by , having spaō drawn his ho sword machaira, struck paiō the ho servant of the ho high archiereus priest and kai cut aphaireō off his autos · ho ear ōtarion. 48 And kai responding apokrinomai, · ho Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, “ As hōs against epi a robber lēstēs have you come exerchomai out with meta swords machaira and kai clubs xylon to take syllambanō me egō? 49 Daily kata hēmera I was eimi with pros you hymeis in en the ho temple hieron, teaching didaskō, and kai you did not ou seize krateō me egō. But alla the ho Scriptures graphē must hina be fulfilled plēroō.” 50 And kai leaving aphiēmi him autos, they all pas fled pheugō. 51 And kai a certain tis young neaniskos man was following synakoloutheō him autos, with a linen cloth sindōn wrapped periballō around epi his naked gymnos body ; and kai they tried to seize krateō him autos, 52 but de leaving kataleipō behind the ho linen sindōn cloth , he ho ran away pheugō naked gymnos

53 And kai they led apagō · ho Jesus Iēsous to pros the ho high archiereus priest ; and kai all pas the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho elders presbyteros and kai the ho scribes grammateus came together synerchomai. 54 And kai · ho Peter Petros followed akoloutheō him autos from apo a distance makrothen, right heōs esō into eis the ho courtyard aulē of the ho high archiereus priest , and kai he was eimi sitting synkathēmai with meta the ho officers hypēretēs and kai warming thermainō himself at pros the ho fire phōs. 55 Now de the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho entire holos council synedrion were seeking zēteō testimony martyria against kata · ho Jesus Iēsous to eis · ho put thanatoō him autos to death, but kai they were not ou finding heuriskō any. 56 For gar many polys were giving false pseudomartyreō testimony against kata him autos, but kai their ho testimonies martyria were eimi not ou in agreement isos. 57 And kai some tis, standing anistēmi up , were giving false pseudomartyreō testimony against kata him autos, saying legō, 58  We hēmeis heard akouō him autos saying legō, ‘ I egō will destroy katalyō · ho this houtos temple naos · ho made cheiropoiētos with hands , and kai in dia three treis days hēmera I will build oikodomeō another allos not made acheiropoiētos with hands .’” 59 Yet kai not oude even about houtōs this was eimi their autos testimony martyria in agreement isos. · ho 60 Then kai the ho high priest archiereus, standing anistēmi up in eis their midst mesos, asked eperōtaō · ho Jesus Iēsous, saying legō, “ Are you not ou going to reply apokrinomai to what tis these houtos men are testifying against katamartyreō you sy?” 61 But de he ho remained silent siōpaō and kai answered apokrinomai back nothing oudeis. Again palin the ho high archiereus priest questioned eperōtaō him autos and kai said legō to him autos, “ Are eimi you sy the ho Messiah Christos, the ho Son hyios of the ho Blessed eulogētos?” 62 · ho And de Jesus Iēsous said legō, “ I egō am eimi; and kai you will see horaō the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos sitting kathēmai at ek the right dexios hand of ho Power dynamis and kai coming erchomai with meta the ho clouds nephelē of ho heaven ouranos.” 63 · ho And de the high archiereus priest , tearing · ho his autos garments chitōn, said legō, “ Why tis do we still eti have echō need chreia of witnesses martys? 64 You have heard akouō the ho blasphemy blasphēmia! What tis appears phainō to be right to you hymeis?” And de they ho all pas condemned katakrinō him autos as eimi deserving enochos death thanatos. 65 And kai some tis began archō to spit emptyō on him autos, and kai to cover perikalyptō his autos · ho face prosōpon, and kai to strike kolaphizō him autos, and kai to say legō to him autos, “ Prophesy prophēteuō!” Even kai the ho officers hypēretēs received lambanō him autos with slaps rhapisma to the face.

66 And kai while Peter Petros was eimi · ho below katō in en the ho courtyard aulē, one heis of the ho maid paidiskē servants of the ho high archiereus priest came by erchomai, 67 and kai seeing · ho Peter Petros warming thermainō himself , she looked emblepō closely at him autos and said legō, “ You sy also kai were eimi with meta the ho Nazarene Nazarēnos, · ho Jesus Iēsous.” 68 But de he ho denied arneomai it, saying legō, “ I neither oute know oida nor oute understand epistamai what tis you sy are saying legō.” And kai he went exerchomai out exō into eis the ho exterior court proaulion, and kai a rooster alektōr crowed phōneō. 69 And kai the ho maid servant paidiskē, seeing him autos, began archō again palin to say legō to those ho who were standing paristēmi around , “ This houtos man is eimi one of ek them autos.” 70 But de again palin he ho denied arneomai it. And kai after meta a little mikros while again palin those ho standing paristēmi around said legō to ho Peter Petros, “ Surely alēthōs you are eimi one of ek them autos, for gar you eimi also kai are eimi a Galilean Galilaios.” 71 Then de Peter ho began archō to call down curses anathematizō on himself and kai to swear omnyō, “ I do not ou know oida · ho this houtos man anthrōpos of whom hos you speak legō!” 72 And kai immediately the rooster alektōr crowed phōneō a second time ek. Then kai Peter Petros remembered anamimnēskō · ho the ho word rhēma that hōs Jesus Iēsous had said legō to him autos, · ho Before prin the rooster alektōr crows phōneō twice dis, you will deny aparneomai me egō three tris times .” And kai upon reflection epiballō, he broke klaiō into tears .