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and kai noticed that hoti some tis of ho his autos disciples mathētēs were eating esthiō the ho loaves artos with hands cheir that were defiled koinos, that houtos is eimi, unwashed aniptos. ( For gar the ho Pharisees Pharisaios and kai all pas the ho Jews Ioudaios do esthiō not ou eat esthiō unless ean mē they ceremonially pygmē wash niptō their ho hands cheir, thus maintaining krateō the ho tradition paradosis of the ho elders presbyteros. · kai They do esthiō not ou eat esthiō anything from apo the marketplace agora unless ean mē it is purified baptizō by washing . And kai there are eimi many polys other allos customs that hos they have received paralambanō as tradition to keep krateō, like the washing baptismos of cups potērion, · kai pots xestēs, · kai copper chalkion bowls , and kai dining klinē couches .)

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