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16 And kai when the ho Sabbath sabbaton was over diaginomai, Mary Maria · ho Magdalene Magdalēnē, and kai Mary Maria the ho mother of ho James Iakōbos, and kai Salome Salōmē bought agorazō spices arōma so hina that they might go erchomai and anoint aleiphō him autos. · kai Very lian early prōi on the ho first heis day of the ho week sabbaton, they came erchomai to epi the ho tomb mnēmeion, the ho sun hēlios having risen anatellō. And kai they were saying legō to pros themselves heautou, “ Who tis will roll apokyliō away the ho stone lithos for us hēmeis from ek the ho entrance thura of the ho tomb mnēmeion?” And kai looking anablepō up , they saw theōreō that hoti the ho stone lithos had been rolled apokyliō away for gar it was eimi very sphodra large megas. And kai entering eiserchomai eis the ho tomb mnēmeion, they saw a young neaniskos man sitting kathēmai on en the ho right dexios, dressed periballō in a white leukos robe stolē, and kai they were alarmed ekthambeō. But de he ho said legō to them autos, “ Do not be alarmed ekthambeō. You seek zēteō Jesus Iēsous the ho Nazarene Nazarēnos, who ho was crucified stauroō. He has been raised egeirō. He is eimi not ou here hōde. Look ide, there is the ho place topos where hopou they laid tithēmi him autos. But alla go hypagō, tell legō · ho his autos disciples mathētēs and kai · ho Peter Petros, ‘ He is going proagō before you hymeis into eis · ho Galilee Galilaia. There ekei you will see horaō him autos, just kathōs as he told legō you hymeis.’” And kai going exerchomai outside , they fled pheugō from apo the ho tomb mnēmeion, for gar trembling tromos and kai astonishment ekstasis had taken hold echō of them autos. And kai they said legō nothing oudeis to anyone oudeis, for gar they were afraid phobeomai. · de · ho · ho · ho · de · kai · ho · kai · ho · kai · ho

Now de when Jesus arose anistēmi early prōi on the first prōtos day of the week sabbaton, he appeared phainō first prōton to Mary Maria · ho Magdalene Magdalēnē, from para whom hos he had cast ekballō out seven hepta demons daimonion. 10 She ekeinos went poreuō out and reported apangellō to those ho who had been ginomai with meta him autos, as they were mourning pentheō and kai weeping klaiō. 11 And kakeinos when they heard akouō that hoti he was alive zaō and kai had been seen theaomai by hypo her autos, they refused apisteō to believe it.

12 After meta · de this houtos, he appeared phaneroō in en another heteros form morphē to two dyo of ek them autos as they were walking peripateō along , going poreuō into eis the country agros. 13 And kakeinos when they returned aperchomai, they reported apangellō it to the ho others loipos; but oude they pisteuō refused to believe pisteuō them ekeinos.

14 Later hysteros · de he appeared phaneroō to the ho eleven hendeka themselves autos as they were reclining at table anakeimai; and kai he reproached oneidizō · ho their autos unbelief apistia and kai hardness sklērokardia of heart , because hoti they had pisteuō refused ou to believe pisteuō those ho who had seen theaomai him autos resurrected egeirō. 15 And kai he said legō to them autos, “ Go poreuō into eis all hapas the ho world kosmos and proclaim kēryssō the ho gospel euangelion to every pas · ho creature ktisis. 16 The ho one who believes pisteuō and kai is baptized baptizō will be saved sōzō, but de the ho one who refuses to believe apisteō will be condemned katakrinō. 17 And de these houtos signs sēmeion will accompany parakoloutheō those ho who believe pisteuō: in en · ho my egō name onoma they will cast out ekballō demons daimonion; they will speak laleō in new kainos tongues glōssa; 18 · kai with en their ho hands cheir they will pick up airō snakes ophis; and kan if they drink pinō any tis deadly thanasimos poison it will blaptō in no way ou harm blaptō them autos; they will lay epitithēmi hands cheir on epi the sick arrōstos, and kai they will recover kalōs.” 19 Then oun the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, after meta · ho he had spoken laleō to them autos, was taken analambanō up into eis · ho heaven ouranos, and kai sat kathizō down at ek the right dexios hand of ho God theos. 20 And de going out exerchomai, they ekeinos proclaimed kēryssō everywhere pantachou, while the ho Lord kyrios worked synergeō alongside and kai confirmed bebaioō the ho message logos through dia the ho accompanying epakoloutheō signs sēmeion.

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