13 You also say, ‘[a]My, how (A)tiresome it is!’ And you disdainfully sniff at it,” says the Lord of hosts, “and you bring what was taken by (B)robbery and what is (C)lame or sick; so you bring the offering! Should I (D)receive that from your hand?” says the Lord. 14 “But cursed be the (E)swindler who has a male in his flock and vows it, but sacrifices a (F)blemished animal to the Lord, for I am a great (G)King,” says the Lord of hosts, “and My name is [b](H)feared among the [c]nations.”

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  1. Malachi 1:13 Lit Behold it is weariness
  2. Malachi 1:14 Or revered
  3. Malachi 1:14 Or Gentiles