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15 While the people were filled with anticipation[a] and they all wondered[b] whether perhaps John[c] could be the Christ,[d]

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  1. Luke 3:15 tn Or “with expectation.” The participle προσδοκῶντος (prosdokōntos) is taken The people were filled with anticipation because they were hoping God would send someone to deliver them.
  2. Luke 3:15 tn Grk “pondered in their hearts.”
  3. Luke 3:15 tn Grk “in their hearts concerning John, (whether) perhaps he might be the Christ.” The translation simplifies the style here.
  4. Luke 3:15 tn Or “Messiah”; both “Christ” (Greek) and “Messiah” (Hebrew and Aramaic) mean “one who has been anointed.”sn See the note on Christ in 2:11.