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32 but I have prayed for you, Simon,[a] that your faith may not fail.[b] When[c] you have turned back,[d] strengthen[e] your brothers.”

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  1. Luke 22:32 sn Here and in the remainder of the verse the second person pronouns are singular, so only Peter is in view. The name “Simon” has been supplied as a form of direct address to make this clear in English.
  2. Luke 22:32 sn That your faith may not fail. Note that Peter’s denials are pictured here as lapses, not as a total absence of faith.
  3. Luke 22:32 tn Grk “And when.” Here καί (kai) has not been translated because of differences between Greek and English style.
  4. Luke 22:32 tn Or “turned around.”
  5. Luke 22:32 sn Strengthen your brothers refers to Peter helping to strengthen their faith. Jesus quite graciously restores Peter “in advance,” even with the knowledge of his approaching denials.