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24 But de on the ho first heis day of the ho week sabbaton, at early bathus dawn orthros, the women came erchomai to epi the ho tomb mnēma, bringing pherō the anointing spices arōma that hos they had prepared hetoimazō. They found heuriskō · de the ho stone lithos rolled apokyliō away from apo the ho tomb mnēmeion, and de going eiserchomai inside they did not ou find heuriskō the ho body sōma of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous. · kai It happened ginomai that , while en · ho they autos were wondering aporeō about peri this houtos, · kai suddenly idou two dyo men anēr stood ephistēmi beside them autos dressed in en dazzling astraptō attire esthēs. The women autos were ginomai frightened emphobos · de and kai bowed klinō their ho faces prosōpon to eis the ho ground , but the men said legō to pros them autos, “ Why tis do you look zēteō for the ho living zaō among meta the ho dead nekros? He is eimi not ou here hōde, but alla he has been raised egeirō. Remember mimnēskomai how hōs he spoke laleō to you hymeis, while he was eimi still eti in en · ho Galilee Galilaia, saying legō that hoti it was necessary dei for the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos to be delivered paradidōmi into eis the hands cheir of sinful hamartōlos men anthrōpos and kai to be crucified stauroō and kai on the ho third tritos day hēmera to rise anistēmi again.” Then kai they remembered mimnēskomai · ho his autos words rhēma. And kai returning hypostrephō from apo the ho tomb mnēmeion, they told apangellō all pas these houtos things to the ho eleven hendeka and kai to all pas the ho others loipos.

10 It was eimi · de · ho Mary Maria Magdalene Magdalēnē and kai Joanna Iōanna and kai Mary Maria the ho mother of James Iakōbos and kai the ho other loipos women with syn them autos. They kept telling legō these things houtos to pros the ho apostles apostolos, 11 but kai these houtos words rhēma seemed phainō like hōsei nonsense lēros to enōpion them autos, · ho and kai they did not believe apisteō them autos. 12 · ho But de Peter Petros got anistēmi up and ran trechō to epi the ho tomb mnēmeion; and kai bending parakyptō down he saw blepō the ho strips of linen othonion by themselves monos, and kai he went aperchomai away wondering thaumazō to pros himself heautou what ho had happened ginomai.

13 Now kai on en that ho same autos day hēmera two dyo of ek them autos were eimi on their way poreuō to eis a village kōmē about apechō seven miles stadion from apo Jerusalem Ierousalēm, Emmaus Emmaous by hos name onoma. 14 And kai they autos were talking homileō with pros one allēlōn another about peri all pas these things houtos that ho had taken symbainō place . 15 · kai While en they autos were talking homileō and kai debating syzēteō these things, it happened that ginomai Jesus Iēsous himself autos drew engizō near and kai walked symporeuomai along with them autos, 16 · ho but de their autos eyes ophthalmos were kept krateō from recognizing epiginōskō him autos.

17 He said legō · de to pros them autos, “ What tis are · ho these houtos matters logos that hos you are discussing antiballō with pros each allēlōn other as you walk peripateō along ?” · kai They came to a stop histēmi, looking skythrōpos sad . 18 Then de one heis of them, named onoma Cleopas Kleopas, answered apokrinomai, saying legō to pros him autos, “ Are you sy the only monos visitor paroikeō to Jerusalem Ierousalēm · kai who does not ou know ginōskō the ho things that have happened ginomai there en autos in en · ho these houtos days hēmera?” 19 And kai he said legō to them autos, “ What poios things ?” They ho · de answered legō him autos, “ The ho things about peri Jesus Iēsous of ho Nazareth Nazarēnos, a man anēr who hos was ginomai a prophet prophētēs mighty dynatos in en deed ergon and kai word logos before enantion · ho God theos and kai all pas the ho people laos, 20 that hopōs our hēmeis chief priests archiereus and kai rulers archōn delivered paradidōmi him autos up · ho · ho to eis be condemned krima to death thanatos and kai crucified stauroō him autos. 21 But de we hēmeis had hoped elpizō that hoti he autos was eimi the ho one who was going mellō to redeem lytroō · ho Israel Israēl. Indeed ge kai, besides syn all pas this houtos, but alla it is agō now houtos the third tritos day hēmera since apo hos these houtos things happened ginomai. 22 Moreover alla kai, some tis women gynē of ek our hēmeis group astonished existēmi us hēmeis: going ginomai to epi the ho tomb mnēmeion early orthrinos in the morning 23 and kai not finding heuriskō · ho his autos body sōma, they came erchomai back saying legō that they had horaō even kai seen horaō a vision optasia of angels angelos who hos said legō that he autos was alive zaō. 24 Then kai some tis of those ho who were with syn us hēmeis went aperchomai to epi the ho tomb mnēmeion, and kai found heuriskō it just houtōs as kathōs · kai the ho women gynē had said legō, but de him autos they did not ou see.” 25 So kai he autos said legō to pros them autos, “ You ō foolish anoētos people , · kai slow bradys of ho heart kardia to ho believe pisteuō in epi all pas that hos the ho prophets prophētēs have spoken laleō! 26 Was it dei not ouchi necessary dei for the ho Messiah Christos to suffer paschō these houtos things and kai enter eiserchomai into eis · ho his autos glory doxa?” 27 Then kai, beginning archō with apo Moses Mōysēs and kai all pas the ho Prophets prophētēs, he interpreted diermēneuō to them autos the ho things written about peri himself heautou in en all pas the ho Scriptures graphē.

28 When kai they drew engizō near to eis the ho village kōmē to which hou they were going poreuō, · kai he autos made prospoieō as though he was going poreuō farther porrō, 29 but kai they urged parabiazomai him autos strongly , saying legō, “ Stay menō with meta us hēmeis, for hoti it is eimi toward pros evening hespera and kai the ho day hēmera is already ēdē far spent klinō.” So kai he went eiserchomai in to ho stay menō with syn them autos. 30 · kai When en he autos was reclining kataklinō at the table with meta them autos, he took lambanō the ho bread artos, blessed eulogeō and kai broke klaō it, and gave epididōmi it to them autos. 31 At this point de their autos eyes ophthalmos were opened dianoigō, · ho and kai they recognized epiginōskō him autos. Then kai he autos vanished aphantos ginomai from apo their autos sight. 32 · kai They said legō to pros each allēlōn other , “ Were eimi not ouchi · ho our hēmeis hearts kardia burning kaiō within en us hēmeis as hōs he spoke laleō to us hēmeis on en the ho road hodos, as hōs he opened dianoigō to us hēmeis the ho Scriptures graphē?” 33 So kai they got anistēmi up that ho very autos hour hōra and returned hypostrephō to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, · kai where they found heuriskō the ho eleven hendeka and kai those ho with syn them autos gathered athroizō together , 34 saying legō, “ The ho Lord kyrios has indeed ontōs been raised egeirō and kai has appeared horaō to Simon Simōn!” 35 Then kai the two autos explained exēgeomai what ho had happened on en the ho road hodos, and kai how hōs Jesus had been made known ginōskō to them autos in en the ho breaking klasis of the ho bread artos.

36 While laleō they autos were saying laleō these things houtos, · de Jesus himself autos stood histēmi in en their autos midst mesos and kai said legō to them autos, “ Peace eirēnē to you hymeis.” 37 But de they were ginomai startled ptoeō and kai frightened emphobos, and thought dokeō they were seeing theōreō a ghost pneuma. 38 And kai he said legō to them autos, “ Why tis are you eimi so troubled tarassō and kai why dia tis are doubts dialogismos arising anabainō in en · ho your hymeis hearts kardia? 39 Look at · ho my egō hands cheir and kai · ho my egō feet pous, that hoti it is eimi I egō myself autos. Touch psēlaphaō me egō and kai see, for hoti a ghost pneuma does echō not ou have echō flesh sarx and kai bones osteon as kathōs you see theōreō that I egō have echō.” 40 · kai When he had said legō this houtos, he showed deiknymi them autos his ho hands cheir and kai his ho feet pous. 41 While they autos still eti · de could not believe apisteō it for apo · ho joy chara and kai were continuing to marvel thaumazō, he said legō to them autos, “ Have echō you anything tis to eat brōsimos here enthade?” 42 They ho · de gave epididōmi him autos a piece meros of broiled optos fish ichthus, 43 and kai he esthiō took lambanō it and ate esthiō in enōpion their autos presence. 44 Then de he said legō to pros them autos, “ These houtos are · ho my egō words logos which hos I spoke laleō to pros you hymeis while I was eimi still eti with syn you hymeis, that hoti everything pas · ho written graphō in en the ho law nomos of Moses Mōysēs and kai the ho prophets prophētēs and kai psalms psalmos about peri me egō must dei be fulfilled plēroō.” 45 Then tote he opened dianoigō their autos · ho minds nous so ho they could understand syniēmi the ho scriptures graphē, 46 and kai said legō to them autos, “ Thus houtōs it is written graphō, that the ho Messiah Christos is to suffer paschō and kai to rise anistēmi from ek the dead nekros on the ho third tritos day hēmera, 47 and kai that repentance metanoia and forgiveness aphesis of sins hamartia is to be proclaimed kēryssō in epi · ho his autos name onoma to eis all pas the ho nations ethnos, beginning archō from apo Jerusalem Ierousalēm. 48 You hymeis are witnesses martys of these houtos things . 49 And kai behold idou, I egō am sending apostellō the ho promise epangelia of ho my egō Father patēr upon epi you hymeis, but de stay kathizō in en the ho city polis until heōs hos you have been clothed endyō with power dynamis from ek on high hypsos.”

50 Then de he led exagō them autos out exō as heōs far as Bethany Bēthania, and kai lifting epairō up · ho his autos hands cheir he blessed eulogeō them autos. 51 · kai While en · ho he autos was blessing eulogeō them autos, he departed diistēmi from apo them autos and kai was carried anapherō up into eis · ho heaven ouranos. 52 And kai they autos worshiped proskyneō him autos and returned hypostrephō to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm with meta great megas joy chara, 53 and kai they were eimi continually dia pas in en the ho temple hieron blessing eulogeō · ho God theos.