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True Giving(A)

21 As Jesus looked up, he saw some rich people putting their gifts into the Temple ·money box [or treasury; C one of thirteen trumpet-shaped receptacles used to collect offerings]. Then he saw a poor widow putting two small copper coins [C Greek: lepta; worth only 1/128 of a denarius, the daily wage of a worker] into the box. He said, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow gave more than all those rich people. [L For] They gave ·only what they did not need [out of their surplus/abundance]. ·This woman is very poor, but she gave [L But she, out of her poverty, gave] all she had to live on.”

The Temple Will Be Destroyed(B)

Some ·people [or of the disciples] were talking about the Temple and how it was ·decorated [adorned] with beautiful stones and gifts offered to God.

But Jesus said, “As for these things you are looking at, the ·time [days] will come when not one stone will be left on another. Every stone will be ·thrown [torn] down.”

They asked Jesus, “Teacher, when will these things happen? What will be the sign that they are about to take place?”

Jesus said, “·Be careful [Watch out] so you are not ·fooled [deceived; led astray]. [L For; Because] Many people will come in my name, saying, ‘I am ·the One [or he; C the Messiah]’ and, ‘The time ·has come [or is near]!’ But don’t follow them. When you hear about wars and ·riots [uprisings; insurrections], don’t be ·afraid [terrified], because these things must happen first, but the end will ·come later [not come immediately].”

10 Then he said to them, “Nations will ·fight [L rise up] against other nations, and kingdoms against other kingdoms. 11 In various places there will be great earthquakes, ·sicknesses [plagues; pestilences], and ·a lack of food [famines]. ·Fearful [Terrifying] events and great signs will come from heaven.

12 “But before all these things happen, people will ·arrest [seize; L lay their hands on] you and ·treat you cruelly [persecute you]. They will ·judge you in their [drag you into the; L hand you over to] synagogues and put you in jail and force you to stand before kings and governors, because ·you follow me [of your allegiance to me; L of my name]. 13 But this will give you an opportunity to ·tell [testify; bear witness] about me. 14 [L So; Therefore] ·Make up your minds [Resolve; L Put it in your hearts] not to ·worry [or rehearse] ahead of time about what you will say [12:11]. 15 [L For] I will give you ·the wisdom to say things [words and wisdom] that none of your enemies will be able to ·stand against [resist] or ·prove wrong [refute; contradict]. 16 Even your parents, brothers [and sisters], relatives, and friends will ·turn against you [betray you; L hand you over], and they will kill some of you. 17 All people will hate you because ·you follow me [L of my name]. 18 But ·none of these things can really harm you [L not a hair on your head will perish; C a metaphor for living forever with God]. 19 By ·continuing to have faith [your endurance/perseverance] you will ·save your lives [or gain/win your souls].

Jerusalem Will Be Destroyed(C)

20 “When you see armies all around Jerusalem, you will know ·it will soon be destroyed [L its desolation draws near/is at hand]. 21 At that time, the people in Judea should run away to the mountains. The people in Jerusalem must get out, and those who are ·near the city [in the countryside] should not go in. 22 These are the days of ·punishment [vengeance; retribution] to ·bring about [fulfill] all that is written in the Scriptures. 23 ·How terrible it will be for [L Woe to] women who are pregnant or have nursing babies [L in those days]! [L For; Because] Great ·trouble [distress; calamity] will come upon this land, and ·God will be angry with these people [L wrath will come against this people]. 24 They will ·be killed by [L fall by the mouth of] the sword and taken as ·prisoners [captives] to all nations. Jerusalem will be ·crushed [trampled] by Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles is ·over [fulfilled].

Don’t Fear(D)

25 “There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. On earth, nations will be ·afraid [distressed] and confused because of the roar and ·fury [surging waves] of the sea. 26 People will be so afraid they will ·faint [or lose all hope], wondering what is ·happening to [coming upon] the world, because the ·powers of the heavens [or heavenly bodies] will be shaken. 27 Then people will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory [Dan. 7:13]. 28 When these things begin to happen, ·look up [or stand up] and hold your heads high, because ·the time when God will free you [your redemption/liberation] is ·near [at hand]!”

Jesus’ Words Will Live Forever(E)

29 Then Jesus told this ·story [parable]: “Look at the fig tree and all the other trees. 30 When their leaves appear, you [L see for yourselves and] know that summer is near. 31 In the same way, when you see these things happening, you will know that God’s kingdom is near.

32 “I tell you the truth, all these things will happen ·while the people of this time are still living [L before this generation passes away; C either the generation that sees the destruction of Jerusalem (ad 70), or a future generation of the end times]. 33 ·Earth and sky will be destroyed [T Heaven and earth will pass away], but the words I have spoken will never ·be destroyed [pass away].

Be Ready All the Time

34 “·Be careful [Watch yourselves] not to ·spend your time [or become dulled by; L let your hearts be weighed down by] ·feasting [carousing; debauchery], ·drinking [drunkenness], or worrying about worldly things. If you do, that day might come on you suddenly, 35 ·like a trap. For it will come upon all people who live on the earth. [or Like a trap, it will come upon all people who live on the earth.] 36 So be ·ready [alert; watching] all the time. Pray that you will be strong enough to escape all these things that ·will [are about to] happen and that you will be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

37 During the day, Jesus taught the people in the Temple, and at night he went out of the city and stayed on the Mount of Olives. 38 Every morning all the people got up early to go to the Temple to listen to him.