18 2 The parable of the unrighteous Judge and the widow. 10 Of the Pharisee and the Publican. 15 Children are of the kingdom of heaven. 22 To sell all and give to the poor. 28 The Apostles forsake all. 31 Christ foretelleth his death. 35 The blind man receiveth sight.

And [a]he spake also a parable unto them, to this end, that they (A)ought always to pray, and not to [b]wax faint,

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  1. Luke 18:1 God will have us to continue in prayer, not to weary us, but to exercise us, therefore we must so strive with impatience, that long delay cause us not to break off the course of our prayers.
  2. Luke 18:1 Yield to afflictions, and adversities, as they do which are out of heart.