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12 In en the meantime hos, when many thousands myrias of the ho crowd ochlos had gathered episynagō · ho so hōste that they were trampling katapateō one allēlōn another , Jesus began archō to say legō ( to pros · ho his autos disciples mathētēs first prōton), “ Beware prosechō heautou of apo the ho yeast zymē of the ho Pharisees Pharisaios, which hostis is eimi hypocrisy hypokrisis. Nothing oudeis · de is eimi covered synkalyptō up that hos will not ou be revealed apokalyptō, or kai hidden kryptos that hos will not ou be known ginōskō. All that hosos you said legō in en the ho darkness skotia will be heard akouō in en the ho light phōs, and kai what hos · ho you said laleō in en · ho private tameion rooms will be proclaimed kēryssō on epi the ho housetops dōma.

I tell legō · de you hymeis, · ho my egō friends philos, do not fear phobeomai those ho who can kill apokteinō the ho body sōma, and kai after meta that houtos have echō nothing more perissoteros that tis they can do poieō. I will show hypodeiknymi · de you hymeis whom tis you should fear phobeomai: Fear phobeomai the ho one who , after meta · ho he kills apokteinō, has echō authority exousia to throw emballō you into eis · ho hell geenna. Yes nai, I tell legō you hymeis, fear phobeomai this houtos one !

Are not ouchi five pente sparrows strouthion sold pōleō for two dyo pennies assarion? And kai not ou one heis of ek them autos is eimi forgotten epilanthanomai before enōpion · ho God theos. In fact alla, even kai the ho hairs thrix of ho your hymeis head kephalē are all pas numbered arithmeō. Do not fear phobeomai; you are worth more diapherō than many polys sparrows strouthion.

I say legō · de to you hymeis, everyone pas who hos acknowledges homologeō en me egō before emprosthen · ho men anthrōpos, the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos will also kai acknowledge homologeō en him autos before emprosthen the ho angels angelos of ho God theos; but de the ho one who denies arneomai me egō before enōpion · ho men anthrōpos will be denied aparneomai before enōpion the ho angels angelos of ho God theos. 10 And kai everyone pas who hos speaks legō a word logos against eis the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos will be forgiven aphiēmi, but de the ho one who blasphemes blasphēmeō against eis the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma will not ou be forgiven aphiēmi. 11 When hotan · de they bring eispherō you hymeis before epi the ho synagogues synagōgē, · kai the ho rulers archē, and kai the ho authorities exousia, do not worry merimnaō: How pōs or ē what tis words should you use in your defense apologeomai? or ē, What tis should you say legō? 12 For gar the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma will teach didaskō you hymeis in en that autos very ho hour hōra what hos it is necessary dei to say legō.”

13 Someone tis from ek the ho crowd ochlos said legō · de to him autos, “ Teacher didaskalos, tell legō · ho my egō brother adelphos to divide merizō the ho family inheritance klēronomia with meta me egō.” 14 But de he ho said legō to him autos, “ Friend anthrōpos, who tis appointed kathistēmi me egō a judge kritēs or ē arbitrator meristēs between epi you hymeis two?” 15 And de he said legō to pros them autos, “ Watch horaō out and kai be on guard phylassō against apo all pas types of greed pleonexia, because hoti one’ s autos life zōē does eimi not ou consist eimi in en the ho abundance perisseuō tis · ho of ek · ho his autos possessions hyparchō.” 16 Then de he told legō a parable parabolē to pros them autos, saying legō: “ The ho land chōra of a certain tis rich plousios man anthrōpos produced euphoreō a good crop . 17 And kai he thought dialogizomai to en himself heautou, saying legō, ‘ What tis shall I do poieō, for hoti I have echō no ou place pou to store synagō · ho my egō crops karpos?’ 18 Then kai he said legō, ‘ This houtos is what I will do poieō: I will tear kathaireō down my egō · ho barns apothēkē and kai I will build oikodomeō bigger megas ones ; and kai I will store synagō there ekei all pas · ho my grain sitos and kai · ho my egō goods agathos. 19 Then kai I will say legō to ho my egō soul psychē, “ Soul psychē, you have echō many polys good agathos things laid keimai up for eis many polys years etos; take anapauō your rest , eat esthiō, drink pinō, be merry euphrainō.”’ 20 But de God theos said legō to him autos, · ho You fool aphrōn! This houtos very ho night nyx · ho your sy soul psychē will be demanded apaiteō of apo you sy. And de what hos you have prepared hetoimazō for yourself , whose tis will it be eimi?’ 21 So houtōs it is with the ho one who stores thēsaurizō up treasures for himself heautou, but kai is plouteō not rich plouteō toward eis God theos.”

22 He said legō · de to pros · ho his autos disciples mathētēs, “ Therefore dia houtos I tell legō you hymeis, do not be anxious merimnaō about your ho life psychē, what tis you will eat esthiō, nor mēde about your ho body sōma, what tis you will wear endyō. 23 · ho For gar life psychē is eimi more polys than ho food trophē, and kai the ho body sōma more than ho clothing endyma. 24 Consider katanoeō the ho ravens korax: for hoti they do not ou sow speirō, neither oude do they reap therizō; for them hos there is eimi neither ou storehouse tameion nor oude granary apothēkē, yet kai · ho God theos feeds trephō them autos. Of how posos much more mallon value are diapherō you hymeis than the ho birds peteinon! 25 And de which tis of ek you hymeis by worrying merimnaō can dynamai add prostithēmi a single hour pēchus to epi · ho his autos span hēlikia of life ? 26 If ei then oun, you are dynamai unable oude to accomplish dynamai such an insignificant elachistos thing , why tis do you worry merimnaō about peri · ho other loipos things ? 27 Consider katanoeō the ho lilies krinon, how pōs they grow auxanō. They neither ou toil kopiaō nor oude spin nēthō, yet de I tell legō you hymeis, not oude even Solomon Solomōn in en all pas · ho his autos glory doxa clothed periballō himself like hōs one heis of these houtos. 28 If ei · de God theos so houtōs clothes amphiezō the ho grass chortos in en the field agros, which is alive eimi today sēmeron and kai tomorrow aurion is thrown ballō into eis the oven klibanos, · ho how posos much more mallon will he clothe you hymeis, you people of little faith oligopistos! 29 And kai you hymeis, do not have as an overriding concern zēteō what tis to eat esthiō and kai what tis to drink pinō; · kai do not let such things bother meteōrizomai you . 30 For gar all pas the ho nations ethnos of the ho world kosmos have these houtos things as their overriding concern epizēteō, and de your hymeis · ho Father patēr knows oida full well that hoti you need chrēzō them houtos. 31 Instead plēn, have zēteō · ho his autos kingdom basileia as your overriding concern, and kai these houtos things will be given prostithēmi to you hymeis in addition . 32 Do not be afraid phobeomai, · ho little mikros flock poimnion, because hoti your hymeis Father patēr has determined eudokeō in his pleasure · ho to give didōmi you hymeis the ho kingdom basileia. 33 Sell pōleō · ho your hymeis possessions hyparchō and kai give didōmi alms eleēmosynē. Make poieō for yourselves heautou moneybags ballantion that do not wear palaioō out , a treasure thēsauros unfailing anekleiptos in en · ho heaven ouranos, where hopou no ou thief kleptēs comes engizō near and oude no moth sēs destroys diaphtheirō. 34 For gar where hopou your hymeis treasure thēsauros is eimi, · ho there ekei will eimi your hymeis heart kardia be eimi as kai well . · ho

35  Let your hymeis waists osphys be eimi · ho girded perizōnnymi and kai your ho lamps lychnos burning kaiō; 36 and kai be like homoios men anthrōpos waiting prosdechomai for · ho their heautou master kyrios to pote come analyō home from ek the ho wedding gamos, so hina that when he comes erchomai and kai knocks krouō, they will open anoigō the door for him autos immediately eutheōs. 37 Fortunate makarios are · ho those ekeinos servants whom hos the ho master kyrios finds heuriskō awake grēgoreō when he comes erchomai. Truly amēn I say legō to you hymeis, he will dress perizōnnymi himself for service , · kai have them autos recline anaklinō at table , and kai will come parerchomai and serve diakoneō them autos. 38 If kan he comes erchomai in en the ho second deuteros or kan in en the ho third tritos watch phylakē and kai finds heuriskō it so houtōs, those ones ekeinos are eimi fortunate makarios.

39  Know ginōskō this houtos: · de that hoti if ei the ho master of the house oikodespotēs had known oida at what poios hour hōra the ho thief kleptēs would come erchomai, he would an not ou have allowed aphiēmi his autos house oikos be broken dioryssō into . · ho 40 So kai you hymeis too must be ginomai ready hetoimos, for hoti the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos is coming erchomai at hos an hour hōra when you do not ou expect dokeō him.”

41 Then de Peter Petros said legō, · ho Lord kyrios, are you telling legō this houtos parable parabolē to pros us hēmeis · ho or ē · kai to pros everyone pas?” 42 And kai the ho Lord kyrios said legō, “ Who tis, then ara, is eimi the ho faithful pistos and wise phronimos steward oikonomos, · ho whom hos the ho master kyrios will put kathistēmi in charge of epi · ho his autos servants therapeia, to ho give didōmi the ho food ration sitometrion at en the proper kairos time ? 43 Fortunate makarios is · ho that ekeinos servant whom hos his autos master kyrios, when he comes erchomai, · ho will find heuriskō doing poieō so houtōs. 44 I tell legō you hymeis the truth alēthōs, he will put kathistēmi him autos in charge kathistēmi of epi all pas · ho his autos possessions hyparchō. 45 But de if ean that ekeinos servant says legō · ho in en · ho his autos heart kardia, ‘ My egō master kyrios is delayed chronizō · ho in coming erchomai,’ and kai begins archō to beat typtō the ho male pais and kai · ho female paidiskē servants , and te to eat esthiō and kai drink pinō and kai get drunk methyskō; 46 then the ho master kyrios of ho that ekeinos servant will come hēkō on en a day hēmera when hos he does not ou expect prosdokaō him and kai at en an hour hōra that hos he does not ou know ginōskō about , and kai he will cut dichotomeō him autos in pieces and kai will assign tithēmi him · ho his autos place meros with meta the ho unfaithful apistos.

47  And de that ekeinos · ho servant who ho knew ginōskō · ho his autos master’ s kyrios will thelēma · ho but kai did not get ready hetoimazō or ē act poieō in accord with pros · ho his autos will thelēma, will be beaten derō with many polys blows . 48 But de the ho one who did not know ginōskō, and de did poieō things worthy axios of blows plēgē, will be beaten derō with few oligos blows . Everyone pas · de to whom hos much polys was given didōmi, much polys will be required zēteō from para him autos, and kai to whom hos much polys was handed paratithēmi over , they will ask aiteō more perissoteros of him autos.

49  I came erchomai to cast ballō fire pyr on epi the ho earth , and kai would thelō that tis it were already ēdē kindled anaptō! 50 I have echō a baptism baptisma · de to be baptized baptizō with , and kai how pōs distressed synechō I am until heōs hostis it is completed teleō! 51 Do you think dokeō that hoti I came paraginomai to give didōmi peace eirēnē in en the ho earth ? No ouchi, I tell legō you hymeis, but alla rather ē division diamerismos! 52 For gar from apo now nyn on there will be eimi · ho five pente in en one heis household oikos divided diamerizō, three treis against epi two dyo and kai two dyo against epi three treis; 53 father patēr will be divided diamerizō against epi son hyios and kai son hyios against epi father patēr, mother mētēr against epi · ho daughter thugatēr and kai daughter thugatēr against epi · ho mother mētēr, mother-in-law penthera against epi · ho her autos daughter-in-law nymphē and kai daughter-in-law nymphē against epi · ho mother-in-law penthera.”

54 He also kai said legō · de to the ho crowds ochlos, “ When hotan you see a cloud nephelē rising anatellō in epi the west dysmē, you say legō at once eutheōs, ‘A rainstorm ombros is coming erchomai,’ and kai so houtōs it happens ginomai. 55 And kai when hotan there is a south notos wind blowing pneō, you say legō, ‘ There will be eimi hot kausōn weather ,’ and kai it happens ginomai. 56 Hypocrites hypokritēs! You know how oida to interpret dokimazō the ho appearance prosōpon of the ho earth and kai the ho sky ouranos. How pōs is it that you do oida not ou know how oida to interpret dokimazō · ho this houtos present time kairos? · de

57  Why tis, · de indeed kai, do you krinō not ou judge krinō for apo yourselves heautou what ho is right dikaios? 58 So hōs when you go hypagō with meta · ho your sy opponent antidikos before epi the magistrate archōn, make didōmi an effort ergasia to receive a settlement apallassō from apo him autos on en the ho way hodos; otherwise mēpote he will drag katasyrō you sy off to pros the ho judge kritēs, and kai the ho judge kritēs will hand you sy over paradidōmi to the ho bailiff praktōr, and kai the ho bailiff praktōr will throw ballō you sy into eis prison phylakē. 59 I say legō to you sy, you will certainly not ou get exerchomai out of there ekeithen until heōs · kai you have paid apodidōmi the ho last eschatos penny.”