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Then de Jesus Iēsous, full plērēs of the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, returned hypostrephō from apo the ho Jordan Iordanēs and kai was led agō by en the ho Spirit pneuma in en the ho wilderness erēmos for forty tesserakonta days hēmera, being tempted peirazō by hypo the ho devil diabolos. And kai he ate esthiō nothing oudeis during en · ho those ekeinos days hēmera, so kai when they autos were completed synteleō he was hungry peinaō. The ho devil diabolos said legō · de to him autos, “ If ei you are eimi the Son hyios of ho God theos, tell legō · ho this houtos stone lithos to hina become ginomai bread artos.” And kai Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai pros him autos, · ho It is written graphō, ‘ Man anthrōpos shall zaō not ou live zaō by epi bread artos alone monos.’” · ho

Then kai he led anagō him autos up and showed deiknymi him autos all pas the ho kingdoms basileia of the ho world oikoumenē in en a moment stigmē of time chronos. · kai The ho devil diabolos said legō to him autos, “ To you sy I will give didōmi · ho all hapas this houtos authority exousia and kai · ho their autos glory doxa, for hoti to me egō it has been handed paradidōmi over , and kai to whomever hos I desire thelō, I give didōmi it autos. If ean you sy then oun will bow down and worship proskyneō me egō, all pas this will be eimi yours sy.” But kai Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai, · ho saying legō to him autos, “ It is written graphō, ‘ You shall worship proskyneō the Lord kyrios · ho your sy God theos and kai him autos only monos shall you serve latreuō.’”

Then de he took agō him autos to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm and kai set histēmi him on epi the ho pinnacle pterygion of the ho temple hieron and kai said legō to him autos, “ If ei you are eimi the Son hyios of ho God theos, throw ballō yourself seautou down katō from enteuthen here ; 10 for gar it is written graphō, ‘ To ho his autos angels angelos he will give entellō orders concerning peri you sy, to ho protect diaphylassō you sy,’ 11 and kai, ‘ On epi their hands cheir they will raise airō you sy up , so mēpote that you will not strike proskoptō your sy foot pous against pros a stone lithos.’” · ho 12 But kai answering apokrinomai Jesus Iēsous said legō to him autos, · ho It has been said legō, ‘ You are not ou to put ekpeirazō the Lord kyrios · ho your sy God theos to the test .’”

13 And kai when he had completed synteleō every pas kind of temptation peirasmos, the ho devil diabolos departed aphistēmi from apo him autos until achri a more favorable time kairos.

14 Then kai Jesus Iēsous returned hypostrephō · ho in en the ho power dynamis of the ho Spirit pneuma to eis · ho Galilee Galilaia, and kai a report phēmē about peri him autos spread exerchomai throughout kata the ho whole holos countryside perichōros. 15 · kai He autos was teaching didaskō in en · ho their autos synagogues synagōgē, being praised doxazō by hypo everyone pas.

16 · kai He went erchomai to eis Nazareth Nazara where hou he had been eimi brought trephō up and kai, as kata was · ho his autos custom eiōtha on en the ho Sabbath sabbaton day hēmera, · ho he went eiserchomai into eis the ho synagogue synagōgē and kai stood anistēmi up to read anaginōskō. 17 And kai the scroll biblion of the ho prophet prophētēs Isaiah ēsaias was given epididōmi to him autos, and kai when he had unrolled anaptyssō the ho scroll biblion, he found heuriskō the ho place topos where hou it was eimi written graphō, 18 “The Spirit pneuma of the Lord kyrios is upon epi me egō, because hos heineken he has anointed chriō me egō to preach euangelizō the good news to the poor ptōchos. He has sent apostellō me egō to proclaim kēryssō liberty aphesis to the captives aichmalōtos and kai recovery of sight anablepsis to the blind typhlos, to send apostellō the oppressed thrauō away in en liberty aphesis, 19 to proclaim kēryssō the year eniautos acceptable dektos to the Lord kyrios.” 20 · kai When he had rolled ptyssō the ho scroll biblion and given apodidōmi it back to the ho attendant hypēretēs, he sat kathizō down . And kai the ho eyes ophthalmos of everyone pas in en the ho synagogue synagōgē were eimi fixed atenizō on him autos. 21 And de he set archō about telling legō pros them autos, “ Today sēmeron this houtos scripture graphē has been fulfilled plēroō · ho in en · ho your hymeis ears ous.” 22 · kai They were all pas bearing martyreō witness to him autos in that · kai they were marveling thaumazō at epi the ho gracious charis words logos · ho that ho were coming ekporeuomai from ek · ho his autos mouth stoma. Then kai they said legō, “ Is eimi not ouchi this houtos Joseph’ s Iōsēph son hyios?” 23 And kai he said legō to pros them autos, “ No doubt pantōs you will quote legō this houtos proverb parabolē to me egō: · ho Physician iatros, heal therapeuō yourself seautou.’ What hosos we have heard akouō happened ginomai in eis · ho Capernaum Kapharnaoum, do poieō also kai here hōde in en · ho your sy hometown patris.” 24 And de he said legō, “ I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, no oudeis prophet prophētēs is eimi acceptable dektos in en · ho his autos hometown patris. 25 But de in epi truth alētheia I tell legō you hymeis, there were eimi many polys widows chēra in en Israel Israēl in en the ho days hēmera of Elijah ēlias, · ho when hote the ho sky ouranos was shut kleiō up for epi three treis years etos and kai six hex months mēn, as hōs a great megas famine limos spread ginomai throughout epi the whole pas · ho land ; 26 and kai to pros none oudeis of them autos was Elijah ēlias sent pempō, only ei mē to eis Zarephath Sarepta, in the territory of ho Sidon Sidōnios, to pros a widow chēra woman gynē. 27 And kai there were eimi many polys lepers lepros in en · ho Israel Israēl in epi the time of Elisha Elisaios the ho prophet prophētēs, and kai none oudeis of them autos was cleansed katharizō, only ei mē Naaman Naiman, the ho Syrian Syros.” 28 And kai everyone pas in en the ho synagogue synagōgē was filled pimplēmi with wrath thumos when they heard akouō these houtos things . 29 · kai They rose anistēmi up , drove ekballō him autos out exō of the ho town polis, and kai took agō him autos to heōs a cliff ophrys of the ho hill oros on epi which hos · ho their autos town polis was built oikodomeō, so hōste that they could cast katakrēmnizō him autos down . 30 But de he autos passed dierchomai through dia their autos midst mesos and went poreuō on his way .

31 And kai he went katerchomai down to eis Capernaum Kapharnaoum, a city polis of ho Galilee Galilaia. · kai He was eimi teaching didaskō them autos on en the ho Sabbath sabbaton; 32 and kai they were astonished ekplēssō at epi · ho his autos teaching didachē, because hoti his autos message logos was eimi with en authority exousia. · ho

33 Now kai in en the ho synagogue synagōgē there was eimi a man anthrōpos who had echō the spirit pneuma of an unclean akathartos demon daimonion, and kai he cried anakrazō out in a loud megas voice phōnē, 34  Ha ea! What tis do you sy have to do with us hēmeis, · kai Jesus Iēsous of Nazareth Nazarēnos? Have you come erchomai to destroy apollymi us hēmeis? I know oida who tis you sy are eimi the ho Holy hagios One of ho God theos!” 35 But kai Jesus Iēsous rebuked epitimaō him autos, · ho saying legō, “ Be quiet phimoō, and kai come exerchomai out of apo him autos!” And kai when the ho demon daimonion had thrown rhiptō him autos down in eis their ho midst mesos, he came exerchomai out of apo him autos, having done him autos no mēdeis harm blaptō. 36 · kai Astonishment thambos came ginomai over epi them all pas, and kai they said syllaleō to pros one allēlōn another , “ What tis is · ho this houtos teaching logos? For hoti with en authority exousia and kai power dynamis he commands epitassō the ho unclean akathartos spirits pneuma and kai they come exerchomai out !” 37 So kai the news ēchos about peri him autos went ekporeuomai out into eis every pas place topos in the ho surrounding perichōros region .

38 After leaving anistēmi · de from apo the ho synagogue synagōgē, Jesus went eiserchomai to eis · ho Simon’ s Simōn house oikia. Now de Simon’ s Simōn mother-in-law penthera · ho was eimi suffering synechō a severe megas fever pyretos, and kai they made erōtaō a request to him autos on peri her autos behalf. 39 · kai Standing ephistēmi over epanō her autos he rebuked epitimaō the ho fever pyretos, and kai it left aphiēmi her autos. Immediately parachrēma · de she got anistēmi up and began to wait diakoneō on them autos.

40 As the ho sun hēlios was going dynō down , · de all hapas those who hosos had echō any sick astheneō with various poikilos diseases nosos brought agō them autos to pros him autos. · ho · de Placing epitithēmi his ho hands cheir on each hekastos one heis of them autos, he healed therapeuō them autos. 41 Also kai, demons daimonion came exerchomai out · de from apo many polys, crying kraugazō out and kai saying legō, “ You sy are eimi the ho Son hyios of ho God theos!” But kai he rebuked epitimaō them and did not ou allow eaō them autos to speak laleō, because hoti they knew oida him autos to be eimi the ho Christ Christos. 42 When daylight hēmera came ginomai · de he left exerchomai and went poreuō to eis a deserted erēmos place topos. And kai the ho crowds ochlos were looking epizēteō for him autos. · kai They came erchomai to heōs him autos and kai tried to keep katechō him autos · ho from leaving poreuō apo them autos, 43 but de he ho said legō to pros them autos, “ I egō must dei preach the good news euangelizō of the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos in the ho other heteros towns polis as well kai; because hoti for epi this houtos purpose I was sent apostellō.” 44 So kai he kept eimi on preaching kēryssō in eis the ho synagogues synagōgē of ho Judea Ioudaia.

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