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In en the fifteenth pentekaidekatos year etos · de of the ho reign hēgemonia of Tiberius Tiberios Caesar Kaisar, when Pontius Pontios Pilate Pilatos was governing hēgemoneuō · ho Judea Ioudaia, and kai Herod hērōdēs was tetrarch tetraarcheō of ho Galilee Galilaia and de Philip Philippos · ho his autos brother adelphos tetrarch tetraarcheō of the ho region chōra of Ituraea Itouraios and kai Trachonitis Trachōnitis, and kai Lysanias Lysanias was tetrarch tetraarcheō of ho Abilene Abilēnē, when epi Annas Hannas was high archiereus priest , and kai Caiaphas Kaiaphas, the word rhēma of God theos came ginomai upon epi John Iōannēs the ho son hyios of Zechariah Zacharias in en the ho wilderness erēmos. And kai he went erchomai into eis the ho region all pas around perichōros the ho Jordan Iordanēs, proclaiming kēryssō a baptism baptisma of repentance metanoia for eis the forgiveness aphesis of sins hamartia. As hōs it is written graphō in en the book biblos of the words logos of Isaiah ēsaias the ho prophet prophētēs, “The voice phōnē of one calling boaō out in en the ho wilderness erēmos: ‘ Prepare hetoimazō the ho way hodos for the Lord kyrios, make poieō the ho paths tribos straight for him autos. Every pas ravine pharanx will be filled plēroō in and kai every pas mountain oros and kai hill bounos will be leveled tapeinoō off ; · kai the ho crooked places skolios will become eimi straight and kai the ho rough trachus places will become smooth leios roads hodos. Then kai will all pas flesh sarx see horaō the ho salvation of ho God theos!’”

So oun he said legō to the ho crowds ochlos that were coming ekporeuomai out to be baptized baptizō by hypo him autos, “ You offspring gennēma of vipers echidna! Who tis warned hypodeiknymi you hymeis to flee pheugō from apo the ho coming mellō wrath orgē? Bear poieō, then oun, fruits karpos worthy axios of ho repentance metanoia. · kai Do not even begin archō to say legō to en yourselves heautou, ‘ We have echō Abraham Abraam as our father patēr.’ · ho For gar I say legō to you hymeis that hoti God theos is able dynamai, · ho out ek of · ho these houtos stones lithos, to raise egeirō up children teknon to ho Abraham Abraam. Indeed kai, already ēdē · de the ho axe axinē is laid keimai to pros the ho root rhiza of the ho trees dendron; therefore oun every pas tree dendron that does not bear poieō good kalos fruit karpos will be cut ekkoptō down and kai thrown ballō into eis the fire pyr.

10 · kai The ho crowds ochlos asked eperōtaō him autos saying legō, “ What tis, then oun, shall we do poieō?” 11 And de he would answer apokrinomai, saying legō to them autos, “ He ho who has echō two dyo tunics chitōn, let him share metadidōmi with the ho one who has echō none ; and kai he ho who has echō food brōma, let him do poieō the same homoiōs.” 12 Tax collectors telōnēs also kai came erchomai · de to be baptized baptizō and kai they said legō to pros him autos, “ Teacher didaskalos, what tis should we do poieō?” 13 And de he ho said legō to pros them autos, “ Collect prassō no mēdeis more polys than para what ho has been prescribed diatassō for you hymeis.” 14 Soldiers were also kai questioning eperōtaō · de him autos, saying legō, “ And kai we hēmeis, what tis should we do poieō?” · kai He said legō to them autos, “ Do not mēdeis extort diaseiō money from anyone, or mēde accuse sykophanteō them falsely ; and kai be content arkeō with · ho your hymeis wages opsōnion.”

15 Since the ho people laos were filled with anticipation prosdokaō · de and kai all pas were questioning dialogizomai in en · ho their autos hearts kardia about peri · ho John Iōannēs (“ Could he autos perhaps mēpote be eimi the ho Messiah Christos?”) 16 John Iōannēs gave an answer apokrinomai to all pas, saying legō, · ho I egō indeed men baptize baptizō you hymeis with water hydōr, but de there is coming erchomai one ho who is mightier ischuros than I egō, of whom hos I am eimi not ou worthy hikanos to untie lyō the ho thong himas of ho his autos sandals hypodēma. He autos it is who will baptize baptizō you hymeis with en the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma and kai fire pyr. 17 His hos · ho winnowing ptyon fork is in en · ho his autos hand cheir, to clear diakathairō · ho his autos threshing halōn floor and kai to gather synagō the ho wheat sitos into eis · ho his autos granary apothēkē; but de the ho chaff achuron he will burn katakaiō with unquenchable asbestos fire pyr.”

18 And kai with many polys other heteros words he exhorted parakaleō the ho people laos, and evangelized euangelizō them.

19 · ho But de Herod hērōdēs the ho tetrarch tetraarchēs, when he was reproved elenchō by hypo him autos concerning peri Herodias hērōidias, the ho wife gynē of ho his autos brother adelphos, and kai concerning peri all pas the evil things ponēros which hos Herod hērōdēs had done poieō, · ho 20 added prostithēmi this houtos also kai to epi them all pas: · kai he confined katakleiō · ho John Iōannēs in en prison phylakē.

21 Now de when en · ho all hapas the ho people laos had been baptized baptizō, and kai when Jesus Iēsous was baptized baptizō and kai was praying proseuchomai, the ho heavens ouranos were opened anoigō, 22 and kai the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma descended katabainō · ho on epi him autos in bodily sōmatikos form eidos, like hōs a dove peristera; and kai a voice phōnē came ginomai from ek heaven ouranos, “ You sy are eimi · ho my egō Son hyios, the ho Beloved agapētos; with en you sy I am well pleased eudokeō.”

23 So kai Jesus Iēsous, when archō he autos began archō his ministry, was eimi about hōsei thirty triakonta years etos of age, being eimi the son hyios ( as hōs it was thought nomizō) of Joseph Iōsēph, the ho son of Helix ēli, 24 the ho son of Matzot Maththat, the ho son of Levi Leui, the ho son of Melchi Melchi, the ho son of Jannai Iannai, the ho son of Joseph Iōsēph, 25 the ho son of Mattathias Mattathias, the ho son of Amos Amōs, the ho son of Nahum Naoum, the ho son of Esli Hesli, the ho son of Naggai Nangai, 26 the ho son of Maath Maath, the ho son of Mattathias Mattathias, the ho son of Semein Semein, the ho son of Josech Iōsēch, the ho son of Joda Iōda, 27 the ho son of Joanan Iōanan, the ho son of Rhesa Rhēsa, the ho son of Zerubbabel Zorobabel, the ho son of Shealtiel Salathiēl, the ho son of Neri Nēri, 28 the ho son of Melchi Melchi, the ho son of Addi Addi, the ho son of Cosam Kōsam, the ho son of Elmadam Elmadam, the ho son of Er ēr, 29 the ho son of Joshua Iēsous, the ho son of Eliezer Eliezer, the ho son of Jorim Iōrim, the ho son of Matthat Maththat, the ho son of Levi Leui, 30 the ho son of Simeon Symeōn, the ho son of Judah Ioudas, the ho son of Joseph Iōsēph, the ho son of Jonam Iōnam, the ho son of Eliakim Eliakim, 31 the ho son of Melea Melea, the ho son of Menna Menna, the ho son of Mattatha Mattatha, the ho son of Nathan Natham, the ho son of David Dauid, 32 the ho son of Jesse Iessai, the ho son of Obed Iōbēd, the ho son of Boaz Boos, the ho son of Sala Sala, the ho son of Nahshon Naassōn, 33 the ho son of Amminadab Aminadab, the ho son of Admin Admin, the ho son of Arni, the ho son of Hezron Hesrōm, the ho son of Perez Phares, the ho son of Judah Ioudas, 34 the ho son of Jacob Iakōb, the ho son of Isaac Isaak, the ho son of Abraham Abraam, the ho son of Terah Thara, the ho son of Nahor Nachōr, 35 the ho son of Serug Serouch, the ho son of Reu Rhagau, the ho son of Peleg Phalek, the ho son of Eber Eber, the ho son of Shelah Sala, 36 the ho son of Cainan Kainam, the ho son of Arphaxad Arphaxad, the ho son of Shem Sēm, the ho son of Noah Nōe, the ho son of Lamech Lamech, 37 the ho son of Methuselah, the ho son of Enoch Henōch, the ho son of Jared Iaret, the ho son of Mahalalel Maleleēl, the ho son of Kenan Kainam, 38 the ho son of Enosh Enōs, the ho son of Seth Sēth, the ho son of Adam Adam, the ho son of God theos.

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