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11 And these words appeared in their sight as if nonsense[a], and they were not-believing[b] them. 12 But Peter, having arisen, ran to the tomb. And having stooped-to-look, he sees the linen-cloths only[c]. And he went away marveling[d] to himself as to the thing having taken place.

Jesus Meets Two Disciples On The Way To Emmaus And Explains The Scriptures

13 And behold— two of them[e] were going on the very day to a village being sixty stades[f] distant from Jerusalem, for which the name was Emmaus.

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  1. Luke 24:11 Or, idle talk, delirious talk, raving.
  2. Luke 24:11 Or, refusing-to-believe.
  3. Luke 24:12 Or, alone. That is, without the body.
  4. Luke 24:12 Or, wondering.
  5. Luke 24:13 That is, two of ‘the rest’ in v 9.
  6. Luke 24:13 That is, about 7 miles or 11 kilometers.

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