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24 But de on the ho first heis day of the ho week sabbaton, at early bathus dawn orthros, the women came erchomai to epi the ho tomb mnēma, bringing pherō the anointing spices arōma that hos they had prepared hetoimazō. They found heuriskō · de the ho stone lithos rolled apokyliō away from apo the ho tomb mnēmeion, and de going eiserchomai inside they did not ou find heuriskō the ho body sōma of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous. · kai It happened ginomai that , while en · ho they autos were wondering aporeō about peri this houtos, · kai suddenly idou two dyo men anēr stood ephistēmi beside them autos dressed in en dazzling astraptō attire esthēs. The women autos were ginomai frightened emphobos · de and kai bowed klinō their ho faces prosōpon to eis the ho ground , but the men said legō to pros them autos, “ Why tis do you look zēteō for the ho living zaō among meta the ho dead nekros? He is eimi not ou here hōde, but alla he has been raised egeirō. Remember mimnēskomai how hōs he spoke laleō to you hymeis, while he was eimi still eti in en · ho Galilee Galilaia, saying legō that hoti it was necessary dei for the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos to be delivered paradidōmi into eis the hands cheir of sinful hamartōlos men anthrōpos and kai to be crucified stauroō and kai on the ho third tritos day hēmera to rise anistēmi again.” Then kai they remembered mimnēskomai · ho his autos words rhēma. And kai returning hypostrephō from apo the ho tomb mnēmeion, they told apangellō all pas these houtos things to the ho eleven hendeka and kai to all pas the ho others loipos.

10 It was eimi · de · ho Mary Maria Magdalene Magdalēnē and kai Joanna Iōanna and kai Mary Maria the ho mother of James Iakōbos and kai the ho other loipos women with syn them autos. They kept telling legō these things houtos to pros the ho apostles apostolos, 11 but kai these houtos words rhēma seemed phainō like hōsei nonsense lēros to enōpion them autos, · ho and kai they did not believe apisteō them autos. 12 · ho But de Peter Petros got anistēmi up and ran trechō to epi the ho tomb mnēmeion; and kai bending parakyptō down he saw blepō the ho strips of linen othonion by themselves monos, and kai he went aperchomai away wondering thaumazō to pros himself heautou what ho had happened ginomai.

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