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· de In en · ho those ekeinos days hēmera a decree dogma went exerchomai out from para Caesar Kaisar Augustus for all pas the ho world oikoumenē to be registered apographō. This houtos registration apographē first prōtos took ginomai place while Quirinius Kyrēnios was governing hēgemoneuō · ho Syria Syria. And kai everyone pas went poreuō to be registered apographō, each hekastos to eis · ho his heautou own town polis. So de Joseph Iōsēph also kai went anabainō up from apo · ho Galilee Galilaia, from ek the town polis of Nazareth Nazareth, to eis · ho Judea Ioudaia, to eis the city polis of David Dauid, which hostis is called kaleō Bethlehem Bēthleem, because dia · ho he autos was eimi of ek the house oikos and kai lineage patria of David Dauid, to be registered apographō with syn Mary Mariam, who ho was pledged mnēsteuō in marriage to him autos, and who was eimi expecting a child.

And de while en · ho they autos were eimi there ekei, the ho days hēmera were completed pimplēmi for her autos to ho give birth tiktō, and kai she gave tiktō birth to a ho son hyios, her autos · ho firstborn prōtotokos. · kai She wrapped sparganoō him autos in swaddling cloths and kai laid anaklinō him autos in en a manger phatnē, because dioti there was eimi no ou place topos for them autos in en the ho inn katalyma.

· kai There were eimi shepherds poimēn in en that autos · ho region chōra · ho who were living agrauleō out in the fields and kai keeping phylassō night-watch phylakē ho · ho over epi · ho their autos flock poimnē. · kai An angel angelos of the Lord kyrios suddenly appeared ephistēmi to them autos, and kai the glory doxa of the Lord kyrios shone perilampō around them autos, and kai they were terribly megas afraid phobeomai. 10 But kai the ho angel angelos said legō to them autos, “ Do not be afraid phobeomai; for gar behold idou, I announce euangelizō to you hymeis good news of a great megas joy chara which hostis will be eimi for all pas the ho people laos, 11 because hoti this very day sēmeron there has been born tiktō to you hymeis, in en the city polis of David Dauid, a savior sōtēr who hos is eimi Messiah Christos, the Lord kyrios. 12 And kai this houtos is the ho sign sēmeion for you hymeis: you will find heuriskō a baby brephos wrapped sparganoō in swaddling cloths and kai lying keimai in en a manger phatnē.” 13 And kai suddenly exaiphnēs there was ginomai, with syn the ho angel angelos, a multitude plēthos of the heavenly ouranios host stratia, praising aineō · ho God theos and kai saying legō, 14  Glory doxa to God theos in en the highest hypsistos heaven, and kai peace eirēnē on epi earth among en those anthrōpos whom he has favored eudokia!”

15 · kai When hōs the ho angels angelos departed aperchomai from apo them autos into eis · ho heaven ouranos, the ho shepherds poimēn began to speak laleō to pros one allēlōn another , “ Well , let us go dierchomai across to heōs Bethlehem Bēthleem and kai see · ho this houtos thing rhēma that ho has taken ginomai place , which hos the ho Lord kyrios has made known gnōrizō to us hēmeis.” 16 So kai they came erchomai in haste speudō and kai found aneuriskō · ho Mary Mariam and kai · ho Joseph Iōsēph, and kai the ho baby brephos lying keimai in en the ho manger phatnē. 17 And de when they had seen him, they made it known gnōrizō concerning peri the ho message rhēma that ho had been spoken laleō to them autos about peri · ho this houtos child paidion. 18 And kai all pas who ho heard akouō marveled thaumazō about peri what ho had been told laleō to pros them autos by hypo the ho shepherds poimēn. 19 · ho · de Mary Mariam remembered syntēreō all pas that ho had been said rhēma, pondering symballō them houtos in en · ho her autos heart kardia. 20 Then kai the ho shepherds poimēn returned hypostrephō, glorifying doxazō and kai praising aineō · ho God theos for epi all pas that hos they had heard akouō and kai seen, just kathōs as it had been told laleō to pros them autos.

21 · kai When hote eight oktō days hēmera had gone pimplēmi by and it was time to ho circumcise peritemnō him autos, · kai his autos name onoma was called kaleō · ho Jesus Iēsous, the ho name he was called kaleō by hypo the ho angel angelos before pro he autos · ho was conceived syllambanō in en the ho womb koilia.

22 And kai when hote the ho days hēmera were completed pimplēmi for ho their autos purification katharismos according kata to the ho law nomos of Moses Mōysēs, they brought anagō him autos up to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma to present paristēmi to the ho Lord kyrios 23 ( as kathōs it is written graphō in en the law nomos of the Lord kyrios: “ Every pas male arsēn who first opens dianoigō the womb mētra will be called kaleō holy hagios to the ho Lord kyrios”) 24 and kai to ho offer didōmi a sacrifice thusia according kata to what ho is said legō in en the ho law nomos of the Lord kyrios, “A pair zeugos of turtledoves trygōn or ē two dyo young nossos pigeons peristera.”

25 Now kai there was eimi a man anthrōpos in en Jerusalem Ierousalēm, whose hos name onoma was Simeon Symeōn, and kai · ho this houtos man anthrōpos was righteous dikaios and kai devout eulabēs, waiting prosdechomai expectantly for the consolation paraklēsis of ho Israel Israēl, and kai the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma was eimi upon epi him autos. 26 And kai it had been eimi revealed chrēmatizō to him autos by hypo the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho that he would not see death thanatos before prin ē he had seen the ho Lord’ s kyrios Christ Christos. 27 So kai he came erchomai in en the ho Spirit pneuma into eis the ho temple hieron, and kai when en · ho the ho parents paidion brought eisagō in the ho child goneus Jesus Iēsous, to ho do poieō for peri him autos according kata to the ho custom ethizō of the ho Law nomos, 28 · kai he autos received dechomai him autos in eis his ho arms ankalē and kai blessed eulogeō · ho God theos and kai said legō, 29  Now nyn, Master despotēs, you are dismissing apolyō · ho your sy servant in en peace eirēnē, according kata to · ho your sy word rhēma; 30 because hoti my egō eyes ophthalmos have seen · ho · ho your sy salvation, 31 which hos you have prepared hetoimazō in kata the presence prosōpon of all pas · ho peoples laos, 32 a light phōs for eis revelation apokalypsis to the Gentiles ethnos, and kai for glory doxa for your sy people laos Israel Israēl.” 33 · kai · ho His autos father patēr and kai · ho mother mētēr were eimi amazed thaumazō at epi the ho things that were being said laleō about peri him autos.

34 Then kai Simeon Symeōn blessed eulogeō them autos and kai said legō to pros Mary Mariam · ho his autos mother mētēr, “ Take idou note , this houtos child is appointed keimai for eis the fall ptōsis and kai rising anastasis of many polys in en · ho Israel Israēl, and kai for eis a sign sēmeion that will be opposed antilegō 35 ( and de a sword rhomphaia will pierce dierchomai your sy own autos · ho soul psychē also kai), that hopōs thoughts dialogismos of ek many polys hearts kardia may be revealed apokalyptō.”

36 Now kai there was eimi a prophetess prophētis, Anna Hanna, the daughter thugatēr of Phanuel Phanouēl, of ek the tribe phylē of Asher Asēr. She houtos was advanced probainō in en years hēmera polys, having lived zaō with meta her husband anēr seven etos years hepta from apo · ho her autos virginity parthenia, 37 and kai then she autos was a widow chēra until heōs she was eighty-four ogdoēkonta years etos old. She hos did not ou leave aphistēmi the ho temple hieron, worshipping latreuō night nyx and kai day hēmera with fasting nēsteia and kai prayer deēsis. 38 · kai At that very autos · ho hour hōra she came ephistēmi up and began to give anthomologeomai thanks to ho God theos and kai continued to speak laleō of peri him autos to all pas who ho were waiting prosdechomai expectantly for the redemption lytrōsis of Jerusalem Ierousalēm.

39 And kai when hōs they had completed teleō everything pas · ho according kata to the ho law nomos of the Lord kyrios, they returned epistrephō to eis · ho Galilee Galilaia, to eis their own heautou town polis, Nazareth Nazareth.

40 And de the ho child paidion grew auxanō and kai became strong krataioō, filled plēroō with wisdom sophia; and kai the favor charis of God theos was eimi upon epi him autos.

41 Now kai his autos parents goneus went poreuō · ho year by kata year etos to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm for the ho feast heortē of ho Passover pascha 42 And kai when hote he was ginomai twelve dōdeka years etos old, when they autos went anabainō up according kata to the ho custom ethos of the ho feast heortē 43 and kai had completed teleioō the ho days hēmera, as en · ho they autos were returning hypostrephō, the ho boy pais Jesus Iēsous stayed hypomenō behind in en Jerusalem Ierousalēm, and kai his autos parents goneus did not ou know ginōskō · ho it. 44 Thinking nomizō · de him autos to be eimi in en the ho caravan synodia, they went erchomai a day’ s hēmera journey hodos, but kai then began looking anazēteō for him autos among en their ho relatives syngenēs and kai · ho acquaintances gnōstos. 45 · kai When they did not find heuriskō him, they went hypostrephō back to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm to look anazēteō for him autos.

46 Then kai after meta three treis days hēmera they found heuriskō him autos in en the ho temple hieron, seated kathezomai in en the midst mesos of the ho teachers didaskalos, · kai listening akouō to them autos and kai asking eperōtaō them autos questions. 47 And de all pas who ho heard akouō him autos were existēmi amazed at epi · ho his understanding synesis and kai · ho his autos answers apokrisis. 48 And kai when they saw him autos, they were astounded ekplēssō, and kai his autos mother mētēr said legō to pros him autos, · ho Child teknon, why tis did you treat poieō us hēmeis like houtōs this ? Look idou, · ho your sy father patēr and I kagō have been terribly worried odynaō trying to find zēteō you sy.” 49 And kai he said legō to pros them autos, “ Why tis is it that hoti you were looking zēteō for me egō? Did you not ou know oida that hoti I egō would have dei to be eimi in en · ho · ho my egō Father’ s patēr house?” 50 But kai they autos did not ou understand syniēmi the ho saying rhēma that hos he spoke laleō to them autos.

51 Then kai he went katabainō down with meta them autos and kai came erchomai to eis Nazareth Nazareth and kai was eimi obedient hypotassō to them autos. And kai · ho his autos mother mētēr treasured diatēreō all pas that ho was said rhēma in en · ho her autos heart kardia. 52 And kai Jesus Iēsous advanced prokoptō in en · ho wisdom sophia and kai in stature hēlikia, and kai in favor charis with para God theos and kai man anthrōpos.

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