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16 Then de Jesus also kai said legō to pros his ho disciples mathētēs, “ There was eimi a tis rich plousios man anthrōpos who hos had echō a manager oikonomos, and kai charges were brought diaballō to him autos that hōs this houtos man was wasting diaskorpizō · ho his autos assets hyparchō. So kai he called phōneō him autos in and said legō to him autos, ‘ What tis is this houtos I hear akouō about peri you sy? Hand apodidōmi over the ho account logos of ho your sy stewardship oikonomia, because gar you cannot ou be dynamai my manager oikonomeō any eti longer .’ And de the ho manager oikonomos said legō to en himself heautou, ‘ What tis shall I do poieō, since hoti · ho my egō master kyrios is taking aphaireō the ho management oikonomia away from apo me egō? I am ischuō not ou strong enough ischuō to dig skaptō, and I am ashamed to beg epaiteō. I know ginōskō what tis to do poieō, so hina that when hotan I am removed methistēmi from ek · ho management oikonomia, people will welcome dechomai me egō into eis · ho their autos homes oikos.’ · kai Calling proskaleō each hekastos one heis of ho his heautou master’ s kyrios debtors chreopheiletēs, · ho he said legō to the ho first prōtos, ‘ How posos much do you owe opheilō · ho my egō master kyrios?’ He ho · de said legō, ‘A hundred hekaton measures batos of oil elaion.’ So de he ho told legō him autos, ‘ Take dechomai your sy · ho contract gramma, · kai sit kathizō down quickly tacheōs, and write graphō fifty pentēkonta.’ Then epeita he said legō to another heteros, ‘ And de how much posos do you sy owe opheilō?’ He ho · de answered legō, ‘A hundred hekaton measures koros of wheat sitos.’ He said legō to him autos, ‘ Take dechomai your sy · ho contract gramma, and kai write graphō eighty ogdoēkonta.’ · kai The ho master kyrios commended epaineō the ho dishonest adikia manager oikonomos · ho because hoti he acted poieō shrewdly phronimōs. For hoti the ho sons hyios of ho this houtos world aiōn are eimi more shrewd phronimos in dealing with eis their own heautou generation genea than hyper the ho sons hyios of ho light phōs. · ho · ho And kai I egō say legō to you hymeis, make poieō friends philos for yourselves heautou by ek means of the ho wealth mamōnas of ho unrighteousness adikia, so hina that when hotan it fails ekleipō they may receive dechomai you hymeis into eis the ho eternal aiōnios homes skēnē.

10  The ho one who is faithful pistos in en the smallest elachistos thing is eimi also kai faithful pistos in en something great polys; and kai the ho one who is dishonest adikos in en the smallest elachistos thing is eimi also kai dishonest adikos in en something great polys. 11 Therefore oun if ei in en · ho unrighteous adikos wealth mamōnas you have ginomai not ou been ginomai faithful pistos, who tis will entrust pisteuō to you hymeis that ho which is of true alēthinos value ? 12 And kai if ei you have ginomai not ou been ginomai faithful pistos in en what ho belongs to another allotrios, who tis will give didōmi you hymeis what ho is to be your hymeteros own ?

13  No oudeis servant oiketēs is able dynamai to serve douleuō two dyo masters kyrios. For gar either ē he will hate miseō the ho one heis and kai love agapaō the ho other heteros, or ē he will be devoted to antechō the one heis and kai despise kataphroneō the ho other heteros. You cannot ou serve douleuō God theos and kai money mamōnas.”

14 The ho Pharisees Pharisaios ( who were hyparchō lovers of money philargyros) heard akouō · de all pas these houtos things , and kai they ridiculed ekmyktērizō him autos. 15 And kai he said legō to them autos, “ You hymeis are eimi those ho who justify dikaioō yourselves heautou before enōpion · ho men anthrōpos, · ho but de God theos knows ginōskō · ho your hymeis hearts kardia. For hoti what ho is exalted hypsēlos among en men anthrōpos is an abomination bdelygma before enōpion · ho God theos.

16  The ho Law nomos and kai the ho Prophets prophētēs were until mechri John Iōannēs; since apo then tote the good news of the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos is preached euangelizō, and kai everyone pas takes vigorous steps biazō to enter eis it autos. 17 It is eimi easier eukopos · de · ho for heaven ouranos and kai · ho earth to pass parerchomai away than ē for the smallest part of a keraia single heis letter keraia in the ho law nomos to lose piptō its force . 18 Anyone pas who ho divorces apolyō · ho his autos wife gynē and kai marries gameō another heteros woman commits moicheuō adultery , and kai the ho one who marries gameō a woman divorced apolyō from apo her husband anēr commits moicheuō adultery .

19 A certain tis man anthrōpos · de was eimi rich plousios, and kai he was dressed endidyskō in purple porphyra and kai fine byssos linen and he made merry euphrainō every kata day hēmera in a luxurious lamprōs manner . 20 And de a tis poor ptōchos man by the name onoma of Lazarus Lazaros, who was covered with sores helkoō, was laid ballō at pros the ho gate pylōn, 21 · kai who longed epithumeō to eat chortazō what ho fell piptō from apo the ho rich man’ s plousios table trapeza. · ho But alla instead kai, the ho dogs kyōn used to come erchomai and lick epileichō · ho his autos sores helkos. 22 · de The ho poor man ptōchos died apothnēskō and kai he autos was carried apopherō by hypo the ho angels angelos to eis · ho Abraham’ s Abraam side kolpos. The ho rich man plousios also kai died apothnēskō · de and kai was buried thaptō, 23 And kai being hyparchō in en torment basanos in en · ho Hades hadēs, he lifted epairō · ho his autos eyes ophthalmos and saw horaō Abraham Abraam from apo afar makrothen and kai Lazarus Lazaros at en · ho his autos side kolpos. 24 And kai calling out phōneō he autos said legō, ‘ Father patēr Abraham Abraam, have mercy eleeō on me egō, and kai send pempō Lazarus Lazaros to hina dip baptō the ho tip akron of ho his autos finger daktylos in water hydōr and kai cool katapsychō · ho my egō tongue glōssa, for hoti I am in anguish odynaō in en · ho this houtos flame phlox.’ 25 But de Abraham Abraam said legō, ‘ Child teknon, remember mimnēskomai that hoti you received apolambanō · ho your sy good agathos things during en · ho your sy lifetime zōē, and kai Lazarus Lazaros correspondingly homoiōs received · ho bad kakos things ; but de now nyn he is comforted parakaleō here hōde, and de you sy are in anguish odynaō. 26 · kai Besides en all pas this houtos, between metaxy us hēmeis and kai you hymeis a great megas chasm chasma has been put stērizō in place , so hopōs that those ho wishing thelō to cross diabainō over from enthen here to pros you hymeis are not able dynamai, and no mēde one can cross diaperaō from ekeithen there to pros us hēmeis.’ 27 So de the rich man said legō, ‘ Then oun I beg erōtaō you sy, father patēr, to hina send pempō Lazarus autos to eis the ho house oikos of ho my egō father patēr 28 ( for gar I have echō five pente brothers adelphos), that hopōs he might warn diamartyromai them autos so hina that they autos might erchomai not come erchomai as kai well into eis · ho this houtos place topos of ho torment basanos.’ 29 But de Abraham Abraam said legō, ‘ They have echō Moses Mōysēs and kai the ho Prophets prophētēs; let them listen akouō to them autos.’ 30 Then de the ho rich man said legō, ‘ No ouchi, father patēr Abraham Abraam; but alla if ean someone tis from apo the dead nekros goes poreuō to pros them autos, they will repent metanoeō.’ 31 He said legō · de to him autos, ‘ If ei they do akouō not ou listen to akouō Moses Mōysēs and kai the ho Prophets prophētēs, neither oude will they be persuaded peithō should ean someone tis rise anistēmi from ek the dead nekros.’”

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