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15 Now de all pas the ho tax collectors telōnēs and kai the ho sinners hamartōlos used to eimi come near engizō him autos to listen akouō to him autos. And kai the ho Pharisees Pharisaios and kai the ho scribes grammateus were grumbling diagongyzō, saying legō, “ This houtos fellow welcomes prosdechomai sinners hamartōlos and kai eats synesthiō with them autos!”

So de he told legō them autos · ho this houtos parable parabolē. Which tis man anthrōpos among ek you hymeis, who has echō a hundred hekaton sheep probaton, · kai should he lose apollymi one heis of ek them autos, would not ou leave kataleipō the ho ninety-nine enenēkonta ennea in en the ho open erēmos pasture and kai go poreuō after epi the ho one that is lost apollymi until heōs he finds heuriskō it autos? And kai when he finds heuriskō it, would he not place epitithēmi it on epi · ho his autos shoulders ōmos, rejoicing chairō? And kai when he returns erchomai to eis his ho house oikos, would he not call synkaleō together his ho friends philos and kai his ho neighbors geitōn, and say legō to them autos, ‘ Rejoice synchairō with me egō, for hoti I have found heuriskō · ho my egō sheep probaton that ho was lost apollymi’? I tell legō you hymeis, in the same houtōs way there will be eimi more joy chara in en · ho heaven ouranos over epi one heis sinner hamartōlos who repents metanoeō than ē over epi ninety-nine enenēkonta ennea righteous dikaios people who hostis have echō no ou need chreia of repentance metanoia.

Or ē what tis woman gynē, who has echō ten deka silver drachmē coins , should ean she lose apollymi one heis coin drachmē, would not ouchi light haptō a lamp lychnos, · kai sweep saroō the ho house oikia, and kai search zēteō diligently epimelōs until heōs hos she finds heuriskō it? And kai when she finds heuriskō it, would she not call synkaleō together her ho friends philos and kai neighbors geitōn, saying legō, ‘ Rejoice synchairō with me egō, for hoti I have found heuriskō the ho coin drachmē that hos I had lost apollymi’? 10 Just houtōs so , I tell legō you hymeis, there is ginomai joy chara before enōpion the ho angels angelos of ho God theos over epi one heis sinner hamartōlos who repents metanoeō.”

11 Then de he said legō, “A certain tis man anthrōpos had echō two dyo sons hyios. 12 · kai The ho younger neos of them autos said legō to the ho father patēr, ‘ Father patēr, give didōmi me egō the ho share meros of the ho property ousia that will belong epiballō to me .’ So de he ho divided diaireō the ho estate bios between them autos. 13 · kai Not ou many polys days hēmera later meta, the ho younger neos son hyios gathered synagō up everything pas and left apodēmeō for a journey to eis a distant makros country chōra, and kai there ekei he squandered diaskorpizō · ho his autos property ousia by living zaō recklessly asōtōs. 14 When he autos had spent dapanaō · de everything pas, there was ginomai a severe ischuros famine limos in kata · ho that ekeinos country chōra, and kai he autos began archō to be in need hystereō. 15 So kai he went poreuō and hired kollaō himself out to one heis of the ho citizens politēs of ho that ekeinos country chōra, and kai he sent pempō him autos into eis · ho his autos fields agros to feed boskō pigs choiros. 16 · kai He longed epithumeō to be fed chortazō with ek the ho pods keration that hos the ho pigs choiros were eating esthiō, but kai no oudeis one would give didōmi him autos anything.

17  Coming erchomai to eis himself heautou, · de he said phēmi, ‘ How posos many of ho my egō father’ s patēr hired misthios servants have more perisseuō than enough bread artos, but de here hōde I egō am , dying apollymi from hunger limos! 18 I will leave anistēmi this place and go poreuō to pros · ho my egō father patēr, and kai I will say legō to him autos, ‘ Father patēr, I have sinned hamartanō against eis · ho heaven ouranos and kai before enōpion you sy; 19 I am eimi no ouketi longer worthy axios to be called kaleō your sy son hyios. Take poieō me egō on as hōs one heis of ho your sy hired misthios servants .’ 20 So kai he left anistēmi that place and went erchomai to pros · ho his heautou father patēr. While apechō he autos was apechō still eti · de a long makran way from apechō home, his autos father patēr saw him autos · ho and kai was filled splanchnizomai with compassion ; · kai he ran trechō and fell epipiptō upon epi · ho his autos neck trachēlos and kai kissed kataphileō him autos. 21 And de the ho son hyios said legō to him autos, ‘ Father patēr, I have sinned hamartanō against eis · ho heaven ouranos and kai before enōpion you sy. I am eimi no ouketi longer worthy axios to be called kaleō your sy son hyios.’ 22 But de the ho father patēr said legō to pros · ho his autos servants, ‘ Quickly tachus bring ekpherō out a robe stolē the ho best prōtos one— and kai put endyō it on him autos, and kai give didōmi him a ring daktylios for eis · ho his autos finger cheir, and kai sandals hypodēma for eis his ho feet pous. 23 · kai Bring pherō the ho fattened siteutos calf moschos · ho and make thuō the kill ! · kai Let us eat esthiō and celebrate euphrainō; 24 for hoti this houtos, · ho my egō son hyios, was eimi dead nekros, and kai has come anazaō back to life again ; he was eimi lost apollymi, and kai has been found heuriskō.’ So kai they began archō to celebrate euphrainō.

25  Meanwhile de his autos older presbyteros son hyios was eimi · ho · ho in en the field agros, and kai as hōs he came erchomai and drew engizō near to the ho house oikia, he heard akouō music symphōnia and kai dancing choros. 26 So kai calling proskaleō one heis of his ho servants pais, he asked pynthanomai what tis this houtos might be an. 27 The ho · de servant said legō to him autos, · ho Your sy brother adelphos has come hēkō, and kai your sy father patēr has killed thuō · ho the ho fattened siteutos calf moschos, · ho because hoti he received apolambanō him autos back apolambanō safe hygiainō and sound .’ 28 But de the older son became angry orgizō and kai refused ou thelō to go eiserchomai in . · ho · de His autos father patēr came exerchomai out and began to appeal parakaleō to him autos, 29 but de he ho answered apokrinomai legō · ho his autos father patēr, ‘ Look idou, these tosoutos many years etos I have served douleuō you sy, and kai I parerchomai never oudepote disregarded parerchomai a command entolē of yours sy, yet kai you didōmi never oudepote gave didōmi me egō a young goat eriphos, that hina I might celebrate euphrainō with meta · ho my egō friends philos. 30 But de when hote · ho this houtos son hyios of yours sy came erchomai, who ho has consumed katesthiō your sy · ho estate bios with meta prostitutes pornē, you killed thuō the ho fattened siteutos calf moschos for him autos!’ 31 Then de the ho father said legō to him autos, ‘ Son teknon, you sy are eimi always pantote with meta me egō, and kai everything pas · ho I emos have is eimi yours sos. 32 We had dei to celebrate euphrainō · de and kai rejoice chairō, because hoti · ho this houtos brother adelphos of yours sy, was eimi dead nekros and kai has come alive zaō; · kai he was lost apollymi and kai has been found heuriskō.’”

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