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Leviticus 11:13-19 Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

Unclean Birds

13 “You are to abhor these birds. They must not be eaten because they are abhorrent:

eagles,[a] bearded vultures,

Egyptian vultures,[b] 14 kites,[c]

any kind of falcon,[d]

15 every kind of raven, 16 ostriches,[e]

short-eared owls, gulls,[f]

any kind of hawk,

17 little[g] owls, cormorants,[h]

long-eared owls,[i]

18 barn[j] owls, eagle owls,[k]

ospreys, 19 storks,[l]

any kind of heron,[m]

hoopoes, and bats.


  1. 11:13 Or griffon-vultures
  2. 11:13 Or ospreys, or bearded vultures
  3. 11:14 Or hawks
  4. 11:14 Or buzzards, or hawks
  5. 11:16 Or eagle owls
  6. 11:16 Or long-eared owls
  7. 11:17 Or tawny
  8. 11:17 Or pelicans
  9. 11:17 Or ibis
  10. 11:18 Or little
  11. 11:18 Or pelicans, or horned owls
  12. 11:19 Or herons
  13. 11:19 Or cormorants, or hawks
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