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Leviticus 24:20-22 New English Translation (NET Bible)

20 fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth—just as he inflicts an injury on another person[a] that same injury[b] must be inflicted on him. 21 One who beats an animal to death[c] must make restitution for it, but[d] one who beats a person to death must be put to death. 22 There will be one regulation[e] for you, whether a resident foreigner[f] or a native citizen, for I am the Lord your God.’”


  1. Leviticus 24:20 tn Heb “in the man [אָדָם, ʾadam].”
  2. Leviticus 24:20 tn Heb “just as he inflicts an injury…it must be inflicted on him.” The referent (“that same injury”) has been specified in the translation for clarity.
  3. Leviticus 24:21 sn See the note on v. 18 above.
  4. Leviticus 24:21 tn Heb “and,” but here the Hebrew conjunction ו (vav, “and”) is adversative, contrasting the consequences of beating an animal to death with those of beating a person to death.
  5. Leviticus 24:22 tn Heb “a regulation of one”; KJV, ASV “one manner of law”; NASB “one standard.”
  6. Leviticus 24:22 sn On the Hebrew גֵּר (ger, “resident foreigner”) see notes at Exod 12:19 and Deut 29:11. Several passages emphasize equal standing under Mosaic Law (Exod 12:49; Lev 24:22; Num 9:14; 15:15, 16, 26, 29; 19:10; 35:15; Deut 1:16) or similar obligations (Exod 20:10; 23:12; Lev 16:29; 17:10, 12, 13; 18:26; 24:16; Num 15:14).
New English Translation (NET)

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