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20 1-2 The Lord gave Moses these further instructions for the people of Israel:

“Anyone—whether an Israelite or a foreigner living among you—who sacrifices his child as a burnt offering to Molech shall without fail be stoned by his peers. And I myself will turn against that man and cut him off from all his people, because he has given his child to Molech, thus making my Tabernacle[a] unfit for me to live in, and insulting my holy name. And if the people of the land pretend they do not know what the man has done and refuse to put him to death, then I myself will set my face against that man and his family and cut him off, along with all others who turn to other gods than me.

“I will set my face against anyone who consults mediums and wizards instead of me and I will cut that person off from his people. So sanctify yourselves and be holy, for I am the Lord your God. You must obey all of my commandments, for I am the Lord who sanctifies you.

“Anyone who curses his father or mother shall surely be put to death—for he has cursed his own flesh and blood.

10 “If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, both the man and woman shall be put to death. 11 If a man sleeps with his father’s wife, he has defiled what is his father’s; both the man and the woman must die, for it is their own fault. 12 And if a man has sexual intercourse with his daughter-in-law, both shall be executed: they have brought it upon themselves by defiling each other. 13 The penalty for homosexual acts is death to both parties. They have brought it upon themselves. 14 If a man has sexual intercourse with a woman and with her mother, it is a great evil. All three shall be burned alive to wipe out wickedness from among you.

15 “If a man has sexual intercourse with an animal, he shall be executed and the animal killed. 16 If a woman has sexual intercourse with an animal, kill the woman and the animal, for they deserve their punishment.[b]

17 “If a man has sexual intercourse with his sister, whether the daughter of his father or of his mother, it is a shameful thing, and they shall publicly be cut off from the people of Israel. He shall bear his guilt. 18 If a man has sexual intercourse with a woman during her period of menstruation, both shall be excommunicated, for he has uncovered the source of her flow, and she has permitted it.

19 “Sexual intercourse is outlawed between a man and his maiden aunt—whether the sister of his mother or of his father—for they are near of kin; they shall bear their guilt. 20 If a man has intercourse with his uncle’s wife, he has taken what belongs to his uncle; their punishment is that they shall bear their sin and die childless. 21 If a man marries his brother’s wife,[c] this is impurity; for he has taken what belongs to his brother, and they shall be childless.

22 “You must obey all of my laws and ordinances so that I will not throw you out of your new land.[d] 23 You must not follow the customs of the nations I cast out before you, for they do all these things I have warned you against; that is the reason I abhor them. 24 I have promised you their land; I will give it to you to possess it. It is a land ‘flowing with milk and honey.’ I am the Lord your God who has made a distinction between you and the people of other nations.

25 “You shall therefore make a distinction between the birds and animals I have given you permission to eat and those you may not eat. You shall not contaminate yourselves and make yourselves hateful to me by eating any animal or bird which I have forbidden, though the land teem with them. 26 You shall be holy to me, for I the Lord am holy, and I have set you apart from all other peoples to be mine.

27 “A medium or a wizard—whether man or woman—shall surely be stoned to death. They have caused their own doom.”


  1. Leviticus 20:3 my Tabernacle, literally, “my sanctuary.”
  2. Leviticus 20:16 for they deserve their punishment, literally, “their blood shall be upon them.”
  3. Leviticus 20:21 his brother’s wife. However, marriage to his brother’s widow was required if she had no children. See Deuteronomy 25:5.
  4. Leviticus 20:22 so that I will not throw you out of your new land, literally, “that the land I give you will not vomit you out again.”

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