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Leviticus 25:47-54 Lexham English Bible (LEB)

47 “‘And if the alien or[a] the temporary resident who are with you[b] prosper,[c] but[d] your countryman[e] who is with him becomes poor and he is sold to an alien, a temporary resident who is with you, or to a descendant of an alien’s clan, 48 after he is sold redemption shall be for him; one of his brothers may redeem him, 49 or his uncle or his uncle’s son may redeem him, or one of[f] his close relatives[g] from his clan may redeem him; or if he prospers,[h] he may redeem himself. 50 And he shall calculate with his buyer from the year of his selling himself[i] until the Jubilee; and the value of his selling shall be according to the number of years—it shall be with him like[j] a hired worker’s days. 51 If there are still many years, in keeping with them[k] he shall restore his redemption in proportion to his purchase price.[l] 52 And if there are a few years left until the Year of Jubilee, then[m] he shall calculate for himself; he shall restore his redemption according to the number of his years.[n] 53 He shall be with him as a yearly hired worker;[o] he shall not rule over him with ruthlessness in your[p] sight.[q] 54 And if he is not redeemed by[r] any of these ways,[s] then[t] he and his sons with him shall go out in the Year of Jubilee.


  1. Leviticus 25:47 Or “and”
  2. Leviticus 25:47 Singular throughout this verse
  3. Leviticus 25:47 Literally “the hand produces”
  4. Leviticus 25:47 Or “and”
  5. Leviticus 25:47 Or “brother”
  6. Leviticus 25:49 Literally “from”
  7. Leviticus 25:49 Literally “the direct relative of his flesh”
  8. Leviticus 25:49 Literally “his hand produces”
  9. Leviticus 25:50 Literally “his being sold for him”
  10. Leviticus 25:50 Or “as”
  11. Leviticus 25:51 Literally “to the mouth of them”
  12. Leviticus 25:51 Literally “from the price of his acquisition”
  13. Leviticus 25:52 Or “and”
  14. Leviticus 25:52 Literally “according to the mouth of his years”
  15. Leviticus 25:53 Literally “as a hired worker of a year in a year”
  16. Leviticus 25:53 Singular
  17. Leviticus 25:53 Literally “to your eyes” or “for your eyes”
  18. Leviticus 25:54 Or “in”
  19. Leviticus 25:54 Bracketed words provided from the sense of the context
  20. Leviticus 25:54 Or “and”
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