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The remainder of the grain offering belongs to Aaron and to his sons[a]—it is[b] most holy[c] from the gifts of the Lord.

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  1. Leviticus 2:3 tn Heb “…is to Aaron and to his sons.” The preposition “to” (ל, lamed) indicates ownership. Cf. NAB, NASB, NIV and other English versions.
  2. Leviticus 2:3 tn The words “it is” (הוּא, huʾ) are not in the MT, but are supplied for the sake of translation into English. The Syriac also for translational reasons adds it between “most holy” and “from the gifts” (cf. 1:13, 17).
  3. Leviticus 2:3 tn Heb “holy of holies”; KJV, NASB “a thing most holy.”