10 The adversary has stretched out his hand
Over all her precious things,
For she has seen the (A)nations enter her sanctuary,
The ones whom You commanded
That they should (B)not enter into Your congregation.

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And He has violently treated His [a]tabernacle like a garden booth;
He has (A)destroyed His appointed [b]meeting place.
The Lord has (B)caused to be forgotten
The appointed feast and sabbath in Zion,
And He has (C)despised king and priest
In the indignation of His anger.
The Lord has (D)rejected His altar,
He has abandoned His sanctuary;
He (E)has delivered into the hand of the enemy
The walls of her palaces.
They have made a (F)noise in the house of the Lord
As in the day of an appointed feast.

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  1. Lamentations 2:6 Lit booth
  2. Lamentations 2:6 Or feast

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