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18 Then, after shalosh shanim (three years),I went up to Yerushalayim to get acquainted with Kefa, and I stayed with him chamishah asar yamim (fifteen days).

19 But other of the Moshiach’s Shlichim I did not see except Ya’akov achi Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Adoneinu [T.N. See p.848 and read Yn chp 7 and you will see that Ya’akov and Sha’ul were both unbelievers before the appearance of the Moshiach to them after His histalkus—see 1C 15:7].

20 Now, what things I write to you, hinei, before Hashem I do not speak sheker.

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18 Then after three years,(A) I went up to Jerusalem(B) to get acquainted with Cephas[a] and stayed with him fifteen days. 19 I saw none of the other apostles—only James,(C) the Lord’s brother. 20 I assure you before God(D) that what I am writing you is no lie.(E)

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  1. Galatians 1:18 That is, Peter