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Judith 6 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

And it was done, when they had ceased to speak, Holofernes had disdain greatly, and he said to Achior,

For thou hast prophesied to us, and saidest, that the folk of Israel is defended of (or by) their God, (so) that I show to thee, that no god is but Nebuchadnezzar;

when we have slain them all as one man/when we as one man have slain all the sons of Israel, then also thou shalt perish with them by the sword of (the) men of Assyria, and all Israel shall perish diversely with thee in perdition;

and thou shalt prove, that Nebuchadnezzar is lord of all (the) earth; and then the sword of my chivalry shall pass through thy sides, and thou shalt be pierced, and thou shalt fall among the wounded men of Israel, and thou shalt no more breath again, till thou be destroyed with them. [and thou shalt prove, for Nebuchadnezzar be lord of all earth; and then the sword of my knighthood shall pass through thy sides, and sticked thou shalt fall among the wounded men of Israel, and thou shalt no more take breath, to the time that thou be put out of the land with them.]

But certainly if thou guessest thy prophecy sooth, thy cheer (or thy face) fall not down [or fall not down thy cheer]; and the paleness that hath gotten thy face, go away from thee, if thou guessest that these my words may not be fulfilled.

But that thou know, that thou shalt feel this thing together with the children of Israel, lo! from this hour thou shalt be fellowshipped to the people of them, (so) that when they have taken, or suffered, worthy pains of my sword, thou be subject to like vengeance. [Forsooth that thou know, for together with them that thou shalt know by experience, lo! from this hour thou shalt be fellowshipped to the people of them, and when worthy pains of my sword they have taken, thyself shalt under-lie to like vengeance.]

Then Holofernes commanded to his servants to take Achior, and to lead him into Bethulia, and to betake him into the hands of the sons of Israel.

And the servants of Holofernes took him, and they went forth by the field places, but when they had nighed (or approached) to the hilly places [or to the mountains], slingers, or men throwing stones with slings, went out against them.

And they turned away from the side of the hill, and they bound Achior to a tree by his hands and feet, and so they left him bound with ropes [or cords], and they (re)turned again to their lord.

10 And the sons of Israel went down from Bethulia, and they came to Achior, whom they unbound [or loosed], and led him to Bethulia, and they set him in the midst of the people, and they asked [him], what manner of things befell, (so) that the men of Assyria had left him bound.

11 In those days these princes of (the) Jews were there, Ozias, the son of Micah, of the lineage of Simeon, and Charmis, which is also called Gothoniel.

12 Therefore in the midst of (the) elder men, and in the sight of all men, Achior said all the things, which he was asked of (or by) Holofernes, and had told to Holofernes, and how the people of Holofernes would slay him for this word that he had said, [And so in the middle of the elders, and in the sight of all men, Achior said all things, that he asked of Holofernes had spoken, and what manner the people of Holofernes would for this word slay him,]

13 and how Holofernes himself was wroth, and commanded him to be betaken for this cause to the men of Israel, that the while he overcame the sons of Israel, then he commanded that also that Achior perish with diverse torments, for this thing that he had said, (that the) God of heaven is the defender of his people.

14 And when Achior had expounded all these things, all the people felled down on their face(s), and worshipped the Lord; and with common wailing and weeping they shed out to the Lord their prayers of (or with) one will, [And when all things Achior had expounded, all the people fell into the face, honouring the Lord; and with common lamenting and weeping all of one will their prayers to the Lord poured out,]

15 saying, Lord God of heaven and of earth, behold the pride of them, thine enemies, and behold thou to our meekness, and take heed to the face of thy saints, and show that thou forsakest not men trusting in thee, and that thou makest low men trusting of (or in) themselves, and men having glory/and them that have glory of (or in) their own virtue, or strength.

16 Therefore when the weeping was ended, and the prayer of the people by all the day was fulfilled,

17 they comforted Achior, and said, God of our fathers, whose virtue or power thou hast preached, he is (a) rewarder of all goodness, and he shall give thee grace for this while, (so) that thou see more the perishing of them. [they comforted Achior, saying, God of our fathers, whose virtue thou hast preached, he yielder to thee this recompensation shall give, that thou rather shall see the death of them.]

18 And when the Lord our God hath given this freedom to his servants, that we have overcome our enemies, also the Lord be then with thee in the midst or in the middle of us, that as it shall please thee, so thou live with all thy thing(s) [or so with all (of) thine thou dwell].

19 Then after that this council was ended, Ozias, the chief priest, received Achior into his house, and made a great supper to (or for) him. [Then Ozias, the council ended, took him into his house, and made a great supper.]

20 And when all the priests were called together, after that the fasting was (ful)filled, they refreshed Achior and themselves. [And, all the priests called together, the fasting fulfilled, they ate.]

21 And afterward all the people was called together, and they prayed by all the night within the church, and they asked (for the) help of (the) God of Israel. [After forsooth, all the people called together, throughout all the night within the church they prayed, asking help of the God of Israel.]


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