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22 When Gideon realized[a] that it was the angel of the Lord, he[b] said, “Oh no![c] Sovereign Lord![d] I have seen the angel of the Lord face-to-face!” 23 The Lord said to him, “You are safe![e] Do not be afraid. You are not going to die!”

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  1. Judges 6:22 tn Heb “saw.”
  2. Judges 6:22 tn Heb “Gideon.” The proper name has been replaced by the pronoun (“he”) in the translation for stylistic reasons.
  3. Judges 6:22 tn Or “Ah!”
  4. Judges 6:22 tn The Hebrew text reads אֲדֹנַי יְהוִה (ʾadonay yehvih, “Lord [the same title used in v. 15], Lord”).
  5. Judges 6:23 tn Heb “Peace to you.” For a similar use of this idiom to introduce a reassuring word, see Gen 43:23.