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Jude Ioudas, a servant of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos and de brother adelphos of James Iakōbos, to those ho who are called klētos, who are loved agapaō in en God theos the Father patēr and kai kept tēreō for Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos: May mercy eleos, peace eirēnē, and kai love agapē be yours hymeis · kai in ever increasing measure plēthunō.

Dear friends agapētos, although I was poieō eager pas spoudē to write graphō to you hymeis about peri · ho our hēmeis common koinos salvation sōtēria, nevertheless I find echō it necessary anankē to write graphō and encourage parakaleō you hymeis to carry on the struggle epagōnizomai for the ho faith pistis that was once for all hapax delivered paradidōmi to the ho saints hagios. For gar certain tis men anthrōpos have stolen in unawares—men who ho long ago palai were designated prographō for eis this houtos · ho condemnation krima ungodly men asebēs who turn metatithēmi the ho grace charis of ho our hēmeis God theos into an excuse for eis blatant immorality aselgeia, and kai · ho deny arneomai our hēmeis only monos Master despotēs and kai Lord kyrios, Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos.

Now de I want boulomai to remind hypomimnēskō you hymeis, though you hymeis once hapax knew oida all this pas, that hoti the ho Lord Iēsous, having saved sōzō his people laos out of ek Egypt Aigyptos, · ho afterward deuteros destroyed apollymi those ho who did not believe pisteuō. And te the angels angelos who ho did not stay tēreō within · ho their own heautou domain archē but alla abandoned apoleipō their ho proper idios dwelling oikētērion, he has kept tēreō in desmos eternal aidios chains desmos in hypo utter darkness zophos for eis the judgment krisis of the great megas day hēmera. Likewise hōs, Sodom Sodoma and kai Gomorrah Gomorra and kai the ho neighboring peri autos towns polis, which indulged ekporneuō in sexual immorality houtos in the ho same homoios way tropos as the angels and kai pursued aperchomai opisō unnatural heteros desire sarx, are exhibited prokeimai as an example deigma by undergoing hypechō the punishment dikē of eternal aiōnios fire pyr.

Yet mentoi in the same way homoiōs these people houtos also kai, relying on their dreams enypniazomai, defile miainō the flesh sarx, reject atheteō authority kyriotēs, · de and de blaspheme blasphēmeō the glorious ones doxa. · ho But de when hote Michael Michaēl the ho archangel archangelos, in debate diakrinō with the ho devil diabolos, was arguing dialegomai about peri the ho body sōma of Moses Mōysēs, he did not ou presume tolmaō to condemn krisis him for blasphemy blasphēmia, but alla said legō, “The Lord kyrios rebuke epitimaō you sy!” 10 But de these houtos people blaspheme blasphēmeō whatever hosos they do not ou understand oida, and de what hosos they do understand epistamai by instinct physikōs as hōs · ho irrational alogos beasts zōon, by en these houtos they are being destroyed phtheirō. 11 Woe ouai to them autos! For hoti they take poreuō the ho way hodos of ho Cain Kain, and kai abandon themselves ekchunnomai to the ho error planē of ho Balaam Balaam for the sake of gain misthos, and kai perish apollymi in the ho rebellion antilogia of ho Korah Kore. 12 These houtos people are eimi · ho blemishes spilas on en · ho your hymeis love-feasts agapē, feasting with syneuōcheomai you without reverence aphobōs, caring poimainō only for poimainō themselves heautou. They are waterless anydros clouds nephelē, swept along parapherō by hypo winds anemos; autumn phthinopōrinos trees dendron without fruit akarpos and uprooted ekrizoō completely dis dead apothnēskō; 13 wild agrios waves kyma of the sea thalassa, casting up epaphrizō · ho their heautou shameful deeds aischunē like foam ; wandering planētēs stars astēr for whom hos the ho gloom zophos of ho utter darkness skotos has been reserved tēreō for eis eternity aiōn.

14 · de It was also kai about these houtos that Enoch Henōch, the seventh hebdomos in descent from apo Adam Adam, prophesied prophēteuō, saying legō, “ Behold idou, the Lord kyrios comes erchomai with en ten thousands myrias of his autos holy ones hagios 15 to execute poieō judgment krisis on kata all pas and kai to convict elenchō all pas the ungodly psychē of peri all pas · ho their autos ungodly asebeia acts ergon that hos they have committed in their ungodliness asebeō, and kai of peri all pas the ho harsh things sklēros that hos ungodly asebēs sinners hamartōlos have spoken laleō against kata him autos.” 16 These houtos people are eimi grumblers gongystēs, malcontents mempsimoiros who follow poreuō · ho their heautou sinful desires epithumia; · kai · ho their autos speech stoma is laleō arrogant hyperonkos, they flatter thaumazō others prosōpon to charin gain advantage ōpheleia.

17 But de you hymeis, dear friends agapētos, must remember mimnēskomai the ho predictions rhēma · ho foretold by hypo the ho apostles apostolos of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, 18 how hoti they said legō to you hymeis, “ In epi the final eschatos · ho age chronos there will be eimi scoffers empaiktēs driven poreuō by kata · ho their heautou own ungodly asebeia desires epithumia.” · ho 19 These houtos are eimi the ho ones causing division apodiorizō, worldly-minded psychikos, and devoid of the Spirit pneuma.

20 But de you hymeis, dear friends agapētos, build epoikodomeō yourselves heautou up in ho your hymeis most holy hagios faith pistis and pray proseuchomai in en the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma. 21 Keep tēreō yourselves heautou in en the love agapē of God theos as you wait for prosdechomai the ho mercy eleos of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos to grant eis you eternal aiōnios life zōē. 22 And kai have mercy on eleaō some hos men who are wavering diakrinō; 23 save sōzō others hos de by snatching harpazō them out of ek the fire pyr; and have mercy on eleaō others hos de with en fear phobos, hating miseō even kai the ho garment chitōn stained spiloō by apo the ho flesh sarx.

24 Now de to the ho one who is able dynamai to keep phylassō you hymeis from stumbling aptaistos, and kai to make you stand histēmi in his autos glorious doxa presence katenōpion · ho without blame and with en great joy agalliasis 25 to the only monos God theos, our hēmeis Savior sōtēr, through dia Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios, belong glory doxa, majesty megalōsynē, power kratos, and kai authority exousia, before pro all pas · ho time aiōn, · kai now nyn and kai for eis all pas · ho time aiōn. Amen amēn.

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