20 So Achan answered Joshua and said, “Truly, I have sinned against the Lord, the God of Israel, and [a]this is what I did: 21 when I saw among the spoils a beautiful robe from Shinar, two hundred shekels of silver, and a bar of gold fifty shekels in weight, then I (A)wanted them and took them; and behold, they are hidden in the ground inside my tent, with the silver underneath.”

22 So Joshua sent messengers, and they ran to the tent; and behold, it was hidden in his tent with the silver underneath it. 23 So they took them from inside the tent and brought them to Joshua and to all the sons of Israel; and they [b]laid them out before the Lord. 24 Then Joshua, and all Israel with him, took Achan the son of Zerah, the silver, the robe, the bar of gold, his sons, his daughters, his [c]oxen, his donkeys, his sheep, his tent, and all that belonged to him; and they brought them up to (B)the Valley of [d]Achor. 25 And Joshua said, “Why have you (C)brought disaster on us? The Lord will bring disaster on you this day.” And all Israel stoned [e]them with stones; and they burned them with fire [f]after they had stoned them with stones. 26 Then they erected over him a large heap of stones that stands to this day, and the Lord turned from the fierceness of His anger. Therefore the name of that place has been called (D)the Valley of [g]Achor to this day.

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  1. Joshua 7:20 Lit thus and thus I did
  2. Joshua 7:23 Lit emptied
  3. Joshua 7:24 Or cattle
  4. Joshua 7:24 I.e., disaster
  5. Joshua 7:25 Lit him
  6. Joshua 7:25 Lit and they stoned
  7. Joshua 7:26 I.e., disaster

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