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To his God, the Eternal, Jonah prayed from inside this great fish.

Jonah reveals in his prayer a change of heart: he thanks God for saving him from the angry sea.

Jonah: With desperate cries
        I beckoned the Eternal to hear, and He answered me.
    From the belly, the place of death, I cried out to You,
        and You have responded to my voice.
    You threw me into the watery depths
        and cast me into the middle of the chaotic seas.
    The waters closed in around me;
        Your waves broke over me;
        Your surf swelled as I sank into the depths.
    But then I said to You,
        “I have been driven out from before Your very eyes.
        Still, I know I will gaze again on Your holy temple.”
    The waters swallowed me;
        the deep abyss was covering over me.
    Seaweeds were wrapped around my head, trapping me
        as I sank down to where the mountains are rooted to the earth.
    I went down to the place where death’s gate would lock me in forever.

    Yet You lifted me up from the pit.
        Eternal One, You are my God!
    Only as my life was fading way
        did I remember the Eternal;
    To Your sacred dwelling, Your holy temple,
        my cries did rise to You.
    Those who worship worthless idols
        turn their backs on God and renounce their loyal love.
    But I will sing to You and sacrifice to You
        with a voice filled with thanksgiving;
    Whatever I promised, I will certainly pay it
        because deliverance is from the Eternal alone.

10 Then the Eternal One directed the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto the shore.

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