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13 It was just before pro · de the ho festival heortē of ho Passover pascha, and Jesus Iēsous, knowing oida · ho that hoti his autos hour hōra had come erchomai · ho to hina depart metabainō from ek · ho this houtos world kosmos to pros the ho Father patēr, showed his love agapaō to · ho his idios own who ho were in en the ho world kosmos, loving agapaō them autos to eis the very end telos. · kai The ho devil diabolos had already ēdē put ballō into eis the ho heart kardia of Judas Ioudas Iscariot Iskariōtēs, Simon’ s Simōn son, to hina betray paradidōmi Jesus autos. During ginomai the evening meal deipnon Jesus, knowing oida that hoti the ho Father patēr had given didōmi all pas things into eis his ho hands cheir, and kai that hoti he had come exerchomai from apo God theos and kai was returning hypagō to pros · ho God theos, got egeirō up from ek the ho table deipnon, · kai laid tithēmi aside his ho outer himation garments , and kai taking lambanō a towel lention, tied diazōnnymi it around his heautou waist. Then eita he poured ballō water hydōr into eis a ho basin niptēr and kai began archō to wash niptō the ho disciples’ mathētēs feet pous · ho and kai to dry ekmassō them with the ho towel lention tied diazōnnymi around his waist. He came erchomai to pros Simon Simōn Peter Petros, who said legō to him autos, “ Lord kyrios, are niptō you sy going to wash niptō my egō · ho feet pous?” Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai · kai him autos, saying legō, “ What hos I egō am doing poieō you sy do not ou understand oida now arti, but de you will come to understand ginōskō later meta houtos.” Peter Petros said legō to him autos, “ You will never ou mē wash niptō my egō · ho feet pous!” Jesus Iēsous replied apokrinomai, “ If ean I do not wash niptō you sy, you have echō no ou share meros with meta me egō.” Simon Simōn Peter Petros exclaimed legō, “ Lord kyrios, then wash not only monon · ho my egō feet pous but alla also kai my ho hands cheir and kai my ho head kephalē!” 10 Jesus Iēsous said legō to him autos, · ho The ho one who has bathed louō has echō no ou need chreia to wash niptō, except for ei his ho feet pous, but alla is eimi clean katharos all holos over. And kai you hymeis men are eimi clean katharos, but alla not ouchi all pas of you.” 11 For gar he knew oida who ho was about to betray paradidōmi him autos; that was why dia he said legō, “ Not ouchi all pas of you are eimi clean katharos.”

12 So oun when hote Jesus had washed niptō · ho their autos feet pous and kai put lambanō on · ho his autos outer himation garments , · kai he sat down anapiptō at the table again palin and said legō to them autos, “ Do you understand ginōskō what tis I have just done poieō for you hymeis? 13 You hymeis call phōneō me egō · ho Teacher didaskalos!’ and kai · ho Master kyrios!’ and kai you speak legō rightly kalōs, for gar so I am eimi. 14 If ei I egō, then oun, your ho Master kyrios and kai Teacher didaskalos, have washed niptō your hymeis · ho feet pous, · ho you hymeis also kai ought opheilō to wash niptō one allēlōn another’ s · ho feet pous. 15 For gar I have given didōmi you hymeis an example hypodeigma, that hina just kathōs as I egō have done poieō to you hymeis, you hymeis also kai are to do poieō. 16 I tell legō you hymeis the solemn truth amēn, the servant is eimi not ou greater megas than ho his autos master kyrios, nor oude is the one who is sent apostolos greater megas than the ho one who sent pempō him autos. 17 If ei you know oida these houtos things , blessed makarios are eimi you if ean you put them autos into practice poieō. 18 I am legō not ou speaking legō about peri all pas of you hymeis; I egō know oida whom tis I have chosen eklegomai. But alla the ho Scripture graphē must be fulfilled plēroō, ‘ The ho one who eats trōgō my egō · ho bread artos has lifted epairō up his autos heel pterna against epi me egō.’ · ho 19 I am telling legō you hymeis this now apo arti, before pro it takes ginomai place , so hina that when hotan it does take place ginomai you will believe pisteuō that hoti I egō am he eimi. 20 I tell legō you hymeis the solemn truth amēn, whoever ho receives lambanō one tis whom I send pempō receives lambanō me egō, and de whoever ho receives lambanō me egō receives lambanō the ho one who sent pempō me egō.”

21 After saying legō these houtos things , · ho Jesus Iēsous became troubled tarassō in ho spirit pneuma, and kai testified martyreō, · kai saying legō, “ I tell legō you hymeis the solemn truth amēn, one heis of ek you hymeis will betray paradidōmi me egō.” 22 The ho disciples mathētēs began to look blepō at eis one allēlōn another , at a loss aporeō to know about peri whom tis he was speaking legō. 23 One heis of ek · ho his autos disciples mathētēs—the one hos Jesus Iēsous loved agapaō was eimi reclining at table anakeimai close beside en · ho · ho Jesus Iēsous. · ho 24 So oun Simon Simōn Peter Petros motioned neuō to him houtos to ask pynthanomai Jesus who tis it was eimi of peri whom hos he had spoken legō. 25 So oun that ekeinos disciple, leaning anapiptō back against epi the ho chest stēthos of ho Jesus Iēsous, said legō to him autos, “ Lord kyrios, who tis is eimi it ?” 26 Jesus Iēsous replied apokrinomai, · ho It is eimi the one ekeinos to whom hos I will give didōmi this ho morsel of bread psōmion after I egō have dipped baptō it in the dish.” · kai Then oun he dipped baptō the ho morsel psōmion and gave didōmi it to Judas Ioudas Iscariot Iskariōtēs, Simon’ s Simōn son. 27 · kai After meta Judas had taken the ho morsel psōmion of bread , Satan Satanas entered eiserchomai into eis him ekeinos. · ho Jesus Iēsous said legō to him autos, · ho What hos you are going to do poieō, do poieō quickly tacheōs.” 28 Now de none oudeis of ho those reclining at table anakeimai knew ginōskō why pros tis he said legō this houtos to him autos. 29 Some tis of them thought dokeō, since epei Judas Ioudas used to keep echō the ho money glōssokomon box , that hoti Jesus Iēsous had said legō to him autos, · ho Buy agorazō what hos we need chreia for eis the ho festival heortē,” or ē that hina he should give didōmi something tis to the ho poor ptōchos. 30 So oun after taking lambanō the ho morsel psōmion of bread , Judas ekeinos went exerchomai out at once; and de it was eimi night nyx.

31 When hote he had gone exerchomai out , Jesus Iēsous said legō, “ Now nyn is the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos glorified doxazō, and kai · ho God theos is glorified doxazō in en him autos. 32 If ei · ho God theos is glorified doxazō in en him autos, · ho God theos will also kai glorify doxazō him autos in en himself autos, and kai he will glorify doxazō him autos at once. 33 Little teknion children , I am eimi with meta you hymeis only eti a little mikros longer . You will look zēteō for me egō; and kai just kathōs as I told legō the ho Jews Ioudaios, ‘ Where hopou I egō am going hypagō, you hymeis cannot ou dynamai come erchomai,’ so now arti I say legō to you hymeis also kai. 34 A new kainos commandment entolē I give didōmi to you hymeis: Love agapaō one allēlōn another . Just kathōs as I have loved agapaō you hymeis, you hymeis also kai must love agapaō one allēlōn another . 35 By en this houtos all people pas will know ginōskō that hoti you are eimi my emos disciples mathētēs, if ean you have echō love agapē for en one allēlōn another .”

36 Simon Simōn Peter Petros said legō to him autos, “ Lord kyrios, where pou are you going hypagō?” Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai, “ Where hopou I am going hypagō you cannot ou follow akoloutheō me egō now nyn, but de you will follow akoloutheō later hysteros.” 37 Peter Petros said legō to him autos, · ho Lord kyrios, why dia tis can I dynamai not ou follow akoloutheō you sy now arti? I will lay down tithēmi · ho my egō life psychē for hyper you sy.” 38 Jesus Iēsous replied apokrinomai, “ Will you lay down tithēmi · ho your sy life psychē for hyper me egō? I tell legō you sy the solemn truth amēn, the rooster alektōr will not ou mē crow phōneō before heōs hos you deny arneomai me egō three tris times .

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