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11 Now de there was eimi a certain tis man who was ill astheneō, Lazareth Lazaros of apo Bethany Bēthania, the ho village kōmē of Mary Maria and kai her autos sister adelphē Martha Martha. · ho It was eimi · de this Mary Mariam who ho anointed aleiphō the ho Lord kyrios with ointment myron and kai wiped ekmassō · ho his autos feet pous with ho her autos hair thrix, whose hos · ho brother adelphos Lazarus Lazaros was ill astheneō. So oun the ho sisters adelphē sent apostellō word to pros him autos, saying legō, “ Lord kyrios, the one hos you love phileō is ill astheneō.” But de when Jesus Iēsous heard akouō · ho this, he said legō, “ This houtos · ho illness astheneia will not ou lead eimi to pros death thanatos, but alla is for hyper the ho glory doxa of ho God theos, that hina the ho Son hyios of ho God theos may be glorified doxazō through dia it autos.”

Now de Jesus Iēsous loved agapaō · ho · ho Martha Martha and kai · ho her autos sister adelphē and kai · ho Lazarus Lazaros. So oun when hōs he heard akouō that hoti Lazarus was ill astheneō, he stayed menō in topos the place topos where en hos he was eimi for two dyo more days hēmera.

Then epeita after meta this houtos he said legō to the ho disciples mathētēs, “ Let us go agō to eis · ho Judea Ioudaia again palin.” The ho disciples mathētēs said legō to him autos, “ Rabbi rhabbi, just nyn recently the ho Jews Ioudaios were trying zēteō to stone lithazō you sy, and kai are you going back hypagō there ekei again palin?” Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai, “ Are there eimi not ouchi twelve dōdeka hours hōra in ho a day hēmera? If ean a person tis walks peripateō during en the ho day hēmera, he will not ou stumble proskoptō, because hoti he sees blepō the ho light phōs of ho this houtos world kosmos. 10 But de if ean someone tis walks peripateō during en the ho night nyx, he will stumble proskoptō, because hoti the ho light phōs is eimi not ou in en him autos.” 11 These houtos things he said legō, and kai after meta that houtos he told legō them autos, “ Our hēmeis friend philos Lazarus Lazaros · ho has fallen asleep koimaō, but alla I am going poreuō there to hina wake exypnizō him autos from sleep.” 12 The ho disciples mathētēs therefore oun said legō to him autos, “ Lord kyrios, if ei he has fallen asleep koimaō, he will recover sōzō.” 13 Jesus Iēsous, however de, had been speaking legō · ho of peri · ho his autos death thanatos, but de they ekeinos thought dokeō that hoti he was speaking legō about peri · ho sleep koimēsis in the sense of ho slumber hypnos. 14 Then tote oun Jesus Iēsous told legō them autos · ho plainly parrēsia, “ Lazarus Lazaros has died apothnēskō, 15 and kai for dia your hymeis sake dia that hina you might believe pisteuō, I am glad chairō that hoti I was eimi not ou there ekei. But alla let us go agō to pros him autos.” 16 So oun Thomas Thōmas ( called legō the Twin Didymos), said legō · ho to his ho fellow symmathētēs disciples , “ Let us also kai go agō, that hina we hēmeis may die apothnēskō with meta him autos.”

17 Now oun when Jesus Iēsous arrived erchomai, · ho he found heuriskō that Lazarus autos had echō already ēdē been echō in en the ho tomb mnēmeion for four tessares days hēmera. 18 Bethany Bēthania was eimi · de · ho near engys · ho Jerusalem Hierosolyma, about hōs two miles stadion away apo, 19 and de many polys of ek the ho Jews Ioudaios had come erchomai to pros · ho Martha Martha and kai Mary Mariam to hina console paramytheomai them autos in regard peri to their ho brother adelphos. 20 · ho So oun when hōs Martha Martha heard akouō that hoti Jesus Iēsous was coming erchomai, she went hypantaō out to meet him autos, but de Mary Mariam remained kathezomai in en the ho house oikos. 21 Martha Martha then oun said legō · ho to pros · ho Jesus Iēsous, “ Lord kyrios, if ei you had been eimi here hōde, my egō brother adelphos would an not ou have died apothnēskō. · ho 22 But alla even kai now nyn I know oida that hoti God theos will give didōmi you sy whatever hosos an you ask aiteō of · ho him theos.” · ho 23 Jesus Iēsous said legō to her autos, · ho Your sy brother adelphos will rise anistēmi again .” · ho 24 Martha Martha said legō to him autos, · ho I know oida that hoti he will rise anistēmi again in en the ho resurrection anastasis at en the ho last eschatos day hēmera.” 25 Jesus Iēsous said legō to her autos, · ho I egō am eimi the ho resurrection anastasis and kai the ho life zōē. The ho one who believes pisteuō in eis me egō, even kan though he die apothnēskō, yet will he live zaō, 26 and kai everyone pas who ho lives zaō and kai believes pisteuō in eis me egō will never ou mē die apothnēskō. Do you believe pisteuō this houtos?” 27 She said legō to him autos, “ Yes nai, Lord kyrios; I egō firmly believe pisteuō that hoti you sy are eimi the ho Christ Christos, the ho Son hyios of ho God theos, the ho one who was to come erchomai into eis the ho world kosmos.”

28 And kai when she had said legō this houtos, she went aperchomai back and kai spoke phōneō privately lathrai to her autos sister adelphē Mary Mariam, · ho saying legō, “ The ho Teacher didaskalos is here pareimi and kai is asking phōneō for you sy.” 29 So de when hōs Mary heard akouō this ekeinos, she got egeirō up quickly tachus and kai went erchomai to pros him autos. 30 Now de Jesus Iēsous had not oupō yet entered erchomai · ho the ho village kōmē, but alla was eimi still eti in en the ho place topos where hopou Martha Martha had met hypantaō him autos. · ho 31 When the ho Jews Ioudaios, who ho were eimi with meta Mary autos in en the ho house oikia · kai consoling paramytheomai her autos saw · ho that hoti she had gotten up anistēmi quickly tacheōs and kai gone exerchomai out , they followed akoloutheō her autos, assuming dokeō that hoti she was going hypagō to eis the ho tomb mnēmeion to hina weep klaiō there ekei. 32 · ho When hōs Mary Mariam came erchomai to where hopou Jesus Iēsous was eimi and saw him autos, she fell piptō at pros his autos · ho feet pous, saying legō to him autos, “ Lord kyrios, if ei you had been eimi here hōde, my egō brother adelphos would an not ou have died apothnēskō.” · ho 33 When hōs Jesus Iēsous saw her autos weeping klaiō, and kai the ho Jews Ioudaios who had come synerchomai with her autos weeping klaiō, he was deeply moved embrimaomai in his heautou · ho spirit pneuma and kai greatly distressed tarassō. 34 · kai He asked legō, “ Where pou have you laid tithēmi him autos?” They replied legō, “ Lord kyrios, come erchomai and kai see ide.” 35 Jesus Iēsous burst into tears dakryō. · ho 36 So oun the ho Jews Ioudaios kept saying legō, “ See ide how pōs he loved phileō him autos!” 37 But de some tis of ek them autos said legō, “ Was not ou this man houtos, who ho could open anoigō the ho eyes ophthalmos of the ho blind man typhlos, able dynamai to do poieō something so hina that · kai Lazarus houtos would not have died apothnēskō?”

38 Then oun Jesus Iēsous, once more palin deeply moved embrimaomai, came erchomai to eis the ho tomb mnēmeion. It was eimi · de a cave spēlaion, and kai a stone lithos was lying epikeimai across epi it autos. 39 Jesus Iēsous said legō, · ho Take airō away the ho stone lithos.” Martha Martha, the ho sister adelphē of the ho dead man teleutaō, said legō to him autos, “ Lord kyrios, by ēdē now the body will smell ozō because gar it has been eimi buried for four tetartaios days .” 40 Jesus Iēsous said legō to her autos, · ho Did I not ou say legō to you sy that hoti if ean you would believe pisteuō you would see horaō the ho glory doxa of ho God theos?” 41 So oun they took airō away the ho stone lithos. · ho Then de Jesus Iēsous lifted airō up anō his ho eyes ophthalmos and kai said legō, “ Father patēr, I thank eucharisteō you sy that hoti you have heard akouō me egō. 42 I egō · de know oida that hoti you akouō always pantote hear akouō me egō, but alla I said legō this for dia the sake of the ho crowd ochlos · ho standing periistēmi here , that hina they may believe pisteuō that hoti you sy sent apostellō me egō.” 43 · kai When he had said legō this houtos, he called out kraugazō in a loud megas voice phōnē, “ Lazarus Lazaros, come deuro out exō! 44 The ho dead man thnēskō came exerchomai out , his ho feet pous and kai his ho hands cheir bound deō with strips keiria of cloth , and kai · ho his autos face opsis wrapped perideō in a cloth soudarion. Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho Unwrap lyō him autos, and kai let aphiēmi him autos go hypagō.”

45 Therefore oun many polys of ek the ho Jews Ioudaios who ho had come erchomai with pros · ho Mary Mariam and kai seen theaomai what hos he had done poieō, believed pisteuō in eis him autos. 46 Some tis of ek them autos, however de, went aperchomai to pros the ho Pharisees Pharisaios and kai told legō them autos what hos Jesus Iēsous had done poieō. 47 So oun the ho chief archiereus priests and kai the ho Pharisees Pharisaios gathered synagō the Council synedrion together synagō and kai said legō, “ What tis are we going to do poieō? For hoti this houtos · ho man anthrōpos is performing poieō many polys signs sēmeion. 48 If ean we let aphiēmi him autos go on like houtōs this , everyone pas will believe pisteuō in eis him autos, and kai the ho Romans Rhōmaios will come erchomai and kai destroy airō both kai our hēmeis · ho holy place topos and kai · ho our nation ethnos.” 49 But de one heis of ek them autos, Caiaphas Kaiaphas, who was eimi high archiereus priest · ho that ekeinos year eniautos, said legō to them autos, “ You hymeis know oida nothing ou at all oudeis. 50 Or oude do you not realize logizomai that hoti it is to your hymeis advantage sympherō that hina one heis man anthrōpos should die apothnēskō for hyper the ho people laos and kai that the ho whole holos nation ethnos should not perish apollymi?” 51 He did legō not ou say legō this houtos · de on apo his heautou own , but alla being eimi high archiereus priest · ho that ekeinos year eniautos he was prophesying prophēteuō that hoti Jesus Iēsous was about mellō to die apothnēskō for hyper the ho nation ethnos, 52 and kai not ou only monon for hyper the ho nation ethnos, but alla that hina · kai he should gather synagō into eis one heis the ho children teknon of ho God theos who ho were scattered diaskorpizō abroad . 53 So oun from apo that ekeinos · ho day hēmera on they planned bouleuō to hina put him autos to death apokteinō.

54 · ho Jesus Iēsous therefore oun no ouketi longer walked about peripateō openly parrēsia among en the ho Jews Ioudaios, but alla went aperchomai from there ekeithen to eis the ho region chōra near engys the ho wilderness erēmos, to eis a town polis called legō Ephraim Ephraim, and he stayed menō there kakei with meta his ho disciples mathētēs.

55 Now de the ho Passover pascha of the ho Jews Ioudaios was eimi near engys, and kai many polys went up anabainō to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma from ek the ho country chōra prior pro to the ho Passover pascha to hina purify hagnizō themselves heautou. 56 They were looking zēteō for · ho Jesus Iēsous and kai were talking legō with meta one allēlōn another as they were standing histēmi in en the ho temple hieron, “ What tis do you hymeis think dokeō? Surely he will not ou come erchomai to eis the ho festival heortē, will he?” 57 Now de the ho chief archiereus priests and kai the ho Pharisees Pharisaios had given didōmi orders entolē that hina if ean anyone tis knew ginōskō where pou Jesus was eimi he should let them know mēnyō, so hopōs they might arrest piazō him autos.

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